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  1. So, I believe I have a decent grasp on how a network encounter works. But, I would like to ask y'all for verification and refinement. I'm asking for someone to write up how the encounter would go, action for action, if a hacker was hacking into the Haas Bioroid system that is shown in the Beanstalk book. I'm not looking for anything regarding advantage or threat or triumphs or despairs. For the sake of this request assume there is only the hacker and the sysop(defender). I want to see how it looks when the hacker breaks one of the subsystems that has 1 layer of ice as well as the sub that has 2 layers. No # of successes. Just the hacker either succeeds or fails and what a resulting action would/could be. Thanks.
  2. What I am looking for is something similar to a canister full of "gas" that I can roll into a room and have people in the room fall unconscious. In the Rebellion core book they have the synthetic anesthetic which sounds exactly like what I am looking for. But, the mechanics don't support it. Is there something in any of the other books for what I want? Amazingly enough to me there is nothing like it in the Spy book. Or, has anyone created something like what I am looking for? After "liquidating" lots of people during my Togruta spy's career so far, I am now looking for non lethal ways of getting past obstacles.
  3. That is an incredible chart. Cthulhu bless math nerds.
  4. So, when the opposition is 2 purple dice and 2 setbacks what combination of yellows and greens would you all expect to have somewhere between a 50-75% success rate?
  5. Mogloth

    New Talent

    So, I am currently running the Ruins of Azlant AP using Genesys mechanics. They are just now really getting into the underwater portion of the story. I have been using setbacks and upgrades to resemble the difficulty of fighting and casting underwater. I am wanting to create a couple of talents that would allow them to negate these penalties. Would you all think that Tier 1 or 2 would be better?
  6. And considering that I will be running a Shadowrun themed game following my current Ruins of Azlant (Pathfinder) game using the Genesys mechanics? This is absolutely perfect for me.
  7. Been waiting for news of this book to finally hit. Now, to wait for a release date.
  8. I was reading and believe I saw to make casting spells underwater have an upgrade in difficulty. I went with giving the melee people a setback. This doesn't really seem fair. I sorta justified it by saying that melee people will swing their weapon more often than spellcasters will cast a spell. Regardless, melee people can get past it by adding an item quality I made up to their weapon - Aquatic. How can spellcasters get past the upgrade cost of casting underwater?
  9. Mogloth

    Underwater Magic

    Yeah, my goal is to be a cinematic GM. Don't let the rules get in the way of a good story. I was wondering how things like fireball and lightning bolt could work underwater. I am running the Pathfinder AP Ruins of Azlant and they are about to hit the first of many many many underwater parts. Ice and *snicker* water are easy enough. Wind you can figure out. Fire makes sense when you frame it as scalding hot water. Electricity is the real hangup. Well, electricity at a distance. *thinks about it* Would it be as simple as saying the electricity is wrapped in an "air bubble" as it makes its way to the target?
  10. Mogloth

    Underwater Magic

    Scalding hot water. *slaps forehead* I never would've thought of that.
  11. Mogloth

    Underwater Magic

    If I've missed a part in the rule book that addresses this, then please let me know what page to look on. So, how would you all handle underwater magic? Do spells still work the same? How does fire work underwater? Electricity?
  12. *shudders at the thought of the title* Anyway, I have a question regarding this creature. It has a special ability called Monstrous Limbs. I want to make sure that I understand this correctly. I make one combat check against a PC. Based on just straight successes I use the damage from the claws, correct? Or do I get to choose which "weapon" I am using? And in order to add in the rest of the limbs I have to have the correct advantage?
  13. Mogloth

    Upgrade dice pool

    Besides the limit of only being able to spend 1 destiny per dice roll, is there any time where you can't flip one to add/upgrade your roll?
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