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  1. TRamsey

    Gozanti Cruiser

    Gosric, your ships were the inspiration for the build.
  2. http://www.plastruct.com/Pages/CementGuide.html The styrene glue is what you need is forms a chemical weld that is stronger than superglue.
  3. What about these for the figures? http://www.tamiyausa.com/items/plastic-model-series-20/1-350-scale-ship-24000/1-350-crew-set-(144-pcs)-12622
  4. TRamsey

    Gozanti Cruiser

    Nice make sure you post progess picture of your build.
  5. TRamsey

    Gozanti Cruiser

    Hahaaa. no I wish more people would do custom builds for me to follow.
  6. TRamsey

    bounty hunter ships

    Degar used a jumpmaster 5000.
  7. TRamsey

    Gozanti Cruiser

    Thanks for your comments on this project.
  8. TRamsey

    Gozanti Cruiser

    On to the next project..
  9. The engine flames are an awesome Idea..I LIKE IT!!
  10. TRamsey

    Gozanti Cruiser

    Ships complete minus some minor detail paint.
  11. TRamsey

    Gozanti Cruiser

    What is this ship called?
  12. TRamsey

    Gozanti Cruiser

    Thanks I wanted to do something to compete with the CR 90.
  13. TRamsey

    Gozanti Cruiser

    as this build winds down time to consider my nest project. Something else for the empire I think in the 120 to 150 meter range. Suggestions?
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