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  1. You know my opinion. I just ordered a pack. Lets see, perhaps I suprise the heroes next time. *Muhahahaha* <- evil laughter
  2. And what do they do? Does the OL finally gets a Bonus he does not need to draw?
  3. I was a little while off, so I lost the turn of events, in this discussion I started^^. Sorry about that. In the meanwhile I bought the Labyrinth expension and I must say I am doing much better as OL! The only thing is that I don't let the players choose Tara, Syndrael, and the Bow woman (which makes extra speed, just forgot her name). Since these two seem to be able to hit too fast and too hard. As mentioned I am only concentrated on the mission, never on knocking heroes down, if this is not part of the goal. I have a big question (since I am playing the german game, I might just be mislead), but what are the Plot cards? And when are they coming into play (and in which expansion?). And would you suggest playing with rumor cards and the whole stuff entailed with the first expansion?
  4. Thats sad, and sometimes my feeling. And I am not sure if I can play as a hero (again), since I now would feel sorry for the OL. But you just cant "play soft". My group is very tactical experienced (OL (also others) and heros) and the heros take their time to plan everything and are prepared for everything. Even if there is a time constraint it just is not enough. I am also close to Ebaying it off, but I want to talk about it here and perhaps there will be, someday, a hint of FFG what they intend to do for this game. @FFG: Your game can be easily broken by good thinking heroes! And worse, as OL you only get a card as reward, thats just not encouraging.
  5. That are exactly my points. First of all, the OL is sooner or later getting steamrolled (and dont just say: why do you give them all the time to loot?) with their gadgets. Secondly, the OL do NOT get any toys like the heroes do. The Overlord is just NOT advancing the way they do. Each hero advances quite nice, and there are up to four of them, while the OL ist getting ONE card (if he saved up a few Exp!). And, just to make sure for everyone: I am also GMing, playing several tactical tabletops and board games, so guys, you can expect me, and my hero crew to play it the hard way not nice and soft or forgetting things. P.S.: What heroes get for 200 Gold is enough to turn the favor, they do not need 375 gold, but of course it makes it only worse for the OL (With this much money, the OL will not be able to turn the tides again).
  6. Which Mimic card? And where do I get it from? Is it in some add on?
  7. Sorry, I cant agree with this part. Since I am worrying. I want to talk about it here, so FFG can have some feedback for balancing making the game better.
  8. @ DeeJay: Thanks for the long post. But I really would like to know your combos for OL. Nevertheless, thanks for the answer. Perhaps I miss something. I always thought, that Relics could only do to the specified lieutnants. @Silverhelm: What do you mean with Sentinels on Dawn Blade? The Hybrid Sentinels with a Relic (dont know the Dawn Blade, since playing the German version).
  9. I saw a fun idea. Heroes pick archetype at random and then their character at random. This forces them to reevaluate how they go about the game. They can't pre plan synergy.You are forced to rediscover the game. This problem wouldn't exist if people would just play the game Sorry i'm at it again Aw Man! Come on. If you just play the game and don't want to win, to really kick some evil/hero ass, where is the fun. This is a dicussion threat about the game balance. Please don't just say: "Just ignore that there are problems and have fun with them." Some of us are discussing here, to get FFG listening and releasing a nice Add On which solves some flaws in the game. Sorry, if this post sounds too harsh. @Kunzite: I have played several campaigns with very intelligent (strategic) people and they did not get slowed down much, by using this. Even WITHOUT any healer they are very very powerful. In the end, they might loose the final due to not having a healer (they did win), but it is not very funny for the OL to constantly are being bashed. Does your group has a OL with really likes the game? Besides sitting alone and are not able to plan with anyone always only gets small rewards and very, very, very few loot.
  10. I won't blame you for anything. At least, you know what you are doing and you are not blaming the game. There presently are two active threads, starting for one on the premise that the OL is OP and for the other that the OL does not stand a chance. Call that cosmical balance or whatever, to me it shows that blaming the game for being as a whole unbalanced in only one side's favour is not very serious - until deicisive, general reasons are given, rather than anecdotical or very localized (i.e. limited to a single group of players) references. And I fully agree that the aim of all gaming is fun. Oh, thanks. But I was not only complaining about the game balance. I stay with the idea that the heroes advance much faster. I also mentioned, that the OL does not have the same possibilities in advancing. While the heros loot, buy, level you only get to choose one single card (or not). And you even can be beaten before you draw it. To love this game again, I only would like the OL to get more choices. To but skills and gear for his minions (e.g. the red ones). And in act 2 the monster definitly need more power (damage AND health). With 3 dice (sometimes 4, if you have the priest) you definitly can kill EVERYTHING very fast.
  11. +1 Totally agree. In fact, I think, that the Overlord is a good guy, giving the Heroes a formidable oponent and a enjoyable evening. So please give him more choices, more punch!
  12. To clearify: I would like the Overlord to have a chance to boost his monsters permanently with some Equippment he is using. Like always one HP more (which would be not very much) or making more damage. This could be realised with a set of OL cards which he can by and lay out in front of him, like a Hero Skill Card, or only stuff them to a group of monsters.
  13. Xrm said: It would be really nice if there was an Overlord-centric expansion that would give more options to the Overlord. It would be great if I could, say, equip a master monster with a special weapon, or give him a card that would give him a permenant increase in HP or defence or damage or something. Or have some kind of enviornmental obsticle or something. Yes, exactly! Making a Overlord Pack would be great! Giving all Red monsters a bonus! @poet101: Yes, at least in act 2 the heroes can literally kill everything whenever they want. And the Overlord is just feeling unimportant. The monster in act 2 MUST be getting better, by far, if the game should be balanced. Nobody can say, that with just common sense the heroes just become killing machines in act 2. A Red Dragon should be more then just a one round obstacle. And eve if it survives it just cant do anything important, since it cant kill a hero alone. ****, it is a red Shadow DRAGON!!
  14. bringweed said: As an OL in my group i can say that i don't feel even the tiniest bit unhappy about my "loot" at the end of a quest. Indeed it's not much, but it's enough for you to work with and be able to cast your vengeance upon the heroes. I only finished one campaing so far with my group, which is admit i lost in the end but only because it was 5am in the morning and 4 minds are better than one and other reasons (i won't say which), but other than First Blood in act I i have one every single quest, and then because of my mistakes again i lost the Interlude. After that i was indeed pretty much steamrolled until the end of the campaing. But my opinion is not that the OL doesn't advance as much as the heroes do, in fact i think he is more versatile throught the campaing than the heroes are. Look at it this way, the heroes get to pick a class and a character at the start of the campaing and they play until the end with those, althought they do indeed level them up and get better gear; gear which is always randomly drawn from the deck and can never know if will be of anyhelp. True that you can hoard the gold for a few quests and hope for that overpowered item you were waiting and saving money for 3 quests ago, but if it never drops i don't see how the hero is OP over the OL. The OL on the other hand has a whole pool of spells, monsters, traps and w/e else he has in his sleeve to throw at the heroes at every single turn, and if you'll say "but bringweed, the OL has a whole deck of card to draw from", then i'll tell you that you can reduce it to a number of 15 (most powerfull or w/e you like) if you don't know how to put to good use every card in the game and increase your chance of draw. It is indeed true that later in the game a hero can one shot almost every monster on the map, but he OL should not play to have monsters alive on the map at the end of the day and try kill the heroes, because that is never the objective. The OL should always look at his monsters as a meat wall that can throw a punch at the heroes and make them feel hurt a little step by step. I think that a good OL will always look at what he has and think his moves 3-4-10 turns away in advance and always know what the heroes will do. As the OL, i would say your greatest weapon is not your "advancement" in terms of spells, monsters and w/e else the OL has in hand, but a great mind to help put to good use those means of making the heroes suffer. Hope this helps, just my opinion on the topic. Cheers. First of all, please, use interpunctation and line breaks. No offense. Second, you should try it a few times. You will see, that you will eventually get steamrolled, after the heroes get the three dice weapons in act 2. Just saying. @ Dalthor-san: Get yourself as much three dice weapons as possible and DO NOT LET YOU DISTRACT, than you will win.
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