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  1. With the new points being out a month now, will FFG being adjusting the threat levels now.
  2. What do we have to sacrifice
  3. Well I sent a rules question to FFG the day I first posted and still have not received a response, which is almost a month now.
  4. Have used the sticky dot for years and have not lost an obstacle.
  5. I posted it to the rules email the same day Istarted the thread and have not received an answer yet.
  6. Well I guess if we all read the new rule, including me we might not have this thread. that seems to resolve my initial question.
  7. R4 has to do a check somewhere for speed, since it only works on speed 1 or 2 So it would seem to fall at the point that Ficlke pointed out. Cova is based on the dial prior to maneuvers being done.R4 would not take place until the point that the speed is determined.
  8. Interesting because Cova says when you reveal a red maneuver, that is why I was wondering the order of operation, since R4 just says it reduces the difficulty, not changes the dial? Thanks
  9. How would this interaction work, Since R4 decreases the difficulty, does that change the dial or can Cove reveal a red, get the advantage for getting an extra die and then have the decrease in movement ?
  10. OK I see they are just a reference point, scared me for a minute.
  11. I saw the old version 1 assault missiles and harpoon missiles in the new designer journal???
  12. Yes saw that on upgrade card.
  13. I ran on to a copy of the electro proton bomb for wave 4 what are your thoughts on it. Electro-Proton Bomb Types: Device, Bomb At the end of the Activation Phase, this device detonates. When this device detonates, each ship and remote at range 0–2 rolls 4 attack dice. Each ship loses 1 shield for each blank result, gains 1 ion token for each focus/hit result, and gains 1 disarm token for each crit result. Each remote loses 1 shield for each blank result and suffers 1 damage for each focus/hit result.
  14. librarian101

    card list

    I noticed on some of the upcoming items they are starting to list the cards included in the product.
  15. I used mouse pads at first and then tried the ones from Sweden, both work fine. the muse pads ae a little cheaper, but require some work to cut.
  16. librarian101

    Playstyles Poll

    Munition Alpha-Strikes x-wing e-wing
  17. I missed the jump from one to the other.
  18. Looks like Autoblaster is 1-2 on card, what card did you cut and past from?
  19. Looks like Autoblaster is 1-2 on card, what card did you cut and past from?
  20. I would think that Crynyds ability still stands, as a specific, otherwise why would he even be in the game.
  21. Problems with app. Hyperspace, no expert handling, no spare parts listed. When you leave the app on my computer the items being worked on do not disappear they are still there when you reload. All old hyperspace lists are deleted. It seemed fine til this upgrade, maybe next time release it a couple of weeks early were the real testers(the players) can find the bugs.
  22. Thanks for all the comments, that certainly looks like the correct procedure
  23. If launched at that velocity will it damage any ships that it passes through?
  24. Thats what I thought, but a new opportunity for an x-wing to use a new weapon on a ship following you.
  25. When dropping the Debris field with the spare parts container do you use the same method as when dropping the regular debris field, I did not see any special instructions?
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