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  1. Ok so no new points until July according to the Facebook site
  2. Ok, so when you receive the token that is the point of be ionized, and the effect starts.
  3. another situation In the combat phase. Poe has an ion cannon fires at wedge gets an ion hit, wedge receives an ion token, fires back. Airen Cracken then fires at Poe is in range 1 of wedge, his ability allows him to give wedge an action, is wedge at that point ioned and limited to a focus or is there a point in the sequence of play that you become ioned.
  4. I have 2 ships on initiative 2 with the coordinate action, second ship is initiative 4 that received an ion token on the previous turn. Can the coordinating ship coordinate any action other than the focus action to the ioned ship since it is before the ioned ship is actually activated.
  5. Just talking in general. since Fed we have seen the links to by the N1 and the Solo play, nothing about anything else
  6. I think they have forgotten that X-Wing exists. No points, no articles, no streams
  7. So will we get a points change or not.
  8. Can Jake use vectored thrusters to do a daredevil boost. I dont thin so, but just want to be sure.
  9. Well I dont know if it was worth ordering it or not. First I did not receive my code, I was to be and Adepticon attendee. So when I did not get a code I sent them an email. then today I receive an email reminder that I had not used my code, so I respond to that and they finally sent me a code tonight at 9:30 PM, I immediately get online after I find it at 11:30. Fill out the form and promptly get a message that postal code does not match my state. and that therefore my shipping addresses will not validate . I double check everything and everything is correct, I have only lived at this zip code and state for 25 years. So I have responded to their email sending me my validation code with the hope that will be accepted. Hopefully I will hear something tomorrow verifying that they can accept my order tha way. But this has been very frustrating from day 1. Just venting I guess. We all have much more important things to worry about as do they. Stay safe all.
  10. Did anyone who registered for AdeptiCon and the system open get an email, I registered for both, but have received nothing yet.
  11. Maybe a T70 would be better suited for luke, without a pilot slot ability he might be hitable
  12. Lukes abliity would have to change in an E-wing, probably a new pilot might work better, a force user will have to be well tested before it is used.
  13. E-Wing for the B-Wing, already received pilot and wings for the B-Wing
  14. Ah Luke in an E-Wing Vader in a Defender.
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