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  1. "Rotations are for card games not miniature games." Interesting I noticed on the updates for new releases that all X-wing 2ed is now listed under the card and board game area rather than the miniatures area.
  2. All good points, but at the same time FFG can and probably will re-release the old ships as version 2 models as they already have with some. So the middle road of re-releasing the V1 as V2 will help both bases in the long run, keeping current players happy and giving the new players new avenues to expand their collections.
  3. Thank you very kindly for your definition, when I need a dictionary I will let you know.
  4. Not sure how you can say it changes the flux for the worst, it actually gives you more variety and choices to play, less chance of becoming stagnant. With Hyperspace you have fewer choices to work with. Aiso since many seem to worry about the sales potential, the extended creates more ships for a larger base to purchase from than the Hyperspace restricted base.
  5. All things being equal people should pick the format that they like, it is not our responsibility to make money for FFG, it is their responsibility to present a product that appeals to the players and that the players will buy to fit their(the players) needs. Thats how they make money. If the players dont like the product why should they buy it. Companies dont win by forcing products on consumers, the win by having a product the consumers want.
  6. If it goes to the secondary market, all it means is that FFG already received their money, somebody paid the primary supplier FFG for the product to begin with.
  7. Well I am not sure at this point that money is the issue, since all of the ships are included in extended, so at this point you dont have to buy special ships for hyperspace. Business being business, I really dont see just putting special ships for hyperspace, you just limit the purchases to part of your base. To keep the base at its max you want everything egilble for extend and then draw from that.
  8. The real question is why do we need Hyperspace? Is it because the new factions dont have enough variety, with the limited number ships? Is it because all of the ships are not balanced properly, if they were would their need to be Hyperspace? Is it too complicated to allow all the rules interactions? If these are some of the reasons is the next step, in order simplify everything, to create "tournament ships", or maybe the quick build cards. I dont mind multiple formats. I really enjoy the Hanger Bay concept. I guess it is the limited part I dislike, have seen it happen before in games and have watched it die.
  9. We have ships and cards out there that the players have paid good money for and should be able to use them. I dont care for Hyperspace at this time, because I like to fly ships that are not on the list, B-wing, E-wing, Z95 among them. If FFG did not want all of the ships available then they should not have put them in the expansion kit, and should have told the players that they would not be available in 2.0, but they did put them in and by doing that gave us the idea that all ships would be available. Each and every player should have the opportunity to play the ships of their choice in qualifying for prizes and tournaments. Many of those lists from outside the meta probably will not be competitive, but the player should be the one to decide. We dont need to different forms of the same game. Do I expect to win with some of the lists I build, no, but I do expect to be able to fly ships I have purchased and fly them in tournament and at least have the opportunity to try.
  10. librarian101

    Now that all factions only have about 4 ships for tournaments...

    I dont mind hyperspace, but I also want the ability to use other ships in events. I have been waiting for 2nd edition to give me a chance to use E-Wings and other ships. I really dont give a dam if they are in the movies or not. If they wanted to end some of the ships for 2.0 they should have announced it and not put those ships into the conversion kits. They did however include them, therefore many people have spent the money to have the ability to play those ships, maybe they would not have spent that money if they knew those ships were not going to be available. At present they seem to have two tiers off play Hyperspace and Extended. that is fine as long as both are supported and have the same opportunities, both in local events and national events. I expect my game store to run a combination of events that will satisfy the needs of all the players.
  11. librarian101

    Now that all factions only have about 4 ships for tournaments...

    Because it is not an E-Wing or A-Wing, do they fly the same , do they have the same abilities, why does it have to be "close enough" to your choice, why cant yours be close enough to my choice.
  12. librarian101

    The force card hate.

    Sorry I wasnt clear in the title.
  13. librarian101

    The force card hate.

  14. librarian101

    The force card hate.

    So this is a generic force card. Can any force user use it? The card says on it the Dark Side, is there a dark side user only?
  15. librarian101

    Pivot Wing

    Thanks, thats what I thought, but with all the changes who knows