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  1. Dunno if this will help, but I'm working on a Final Fantasy conversion for this system, and I've already designed the Monk tree. A friend in my Star Wars campaign is playing a Talortai force asthetic, and the tree is working quite well with him. https://www.dropbox.com/s/egqt7mi3qb8uyw8/Priest.docx You can find it here. If you download it, it will actually work. It should be a little down there.
  2. They don't really reference how that works. If you wanted to specifically aim to disarm someone, they can use the Setback Dice specific aim version. Then, on a success, the item is disarmed, but it does no damage to the player. But, perhaps if they roll 3 advantages or a triumph, you can make it damage the player as well, as the reverse of what happens with a regular attack.
  3. Since the weapon is long, I do like toying with the idea of making them better against other melee weapons for their length. I use the "Reach" quality on a bunch of similar weapons on a Fantasy conversion I am doing with this system. It basically gives them Defensive 1 against non-reach Melee weapons and causes people attacking them in short range with melee weapons incur the regular penalties for fighting in engaged, since they still have to be careful due to the unexpected and unpredictable length and danger of the weapon. I could see the Force Pike having this ability.
  4. No, but you could commit each to a separate one. For example, in the Sense power, you can commit one to the offensive version and one to the defensive. You could not commit two to the Defensive one to upgrade the check four times, and you could not commit two to the Offensive one to upgrade the check four times, but you could commit one to each to upgrade attacks and incoming attacks by two each.
  5. I would give base womp rats either a 2 or 3 in cunning with Survival and Perception as group skills as well. Gundarks and Rancors have it, and that only seems to make sense because those are very "natural" abilities. Womp Rats are prey. They would NEED to have those skills to survive. And have you seen those ears? I'm sure they aren't just for show .
  6. The SWTOR and KOTOR 1 and 2 soundtracks make excellent background music.
  7. If you can find the talent tree, you also might consider some stuff from the Spy in Age of Rebellion. I don't know what it looks like, but I feel like an Infiltrator might be good?
  8. Does their microscopic vision need to have game stats? Trandoshans don't get any benefit from their infrared vision, and Wookiees get nothing from their claws. Sometimes a race has a trait that just isn't that significant. Well, that's the thing. Trandoshans do get something for their infared vision. They get a free rank in Perception, correct? And in Wookiee culture, to use one's claws is to be branded as a permenant exile from Wookiee society. It is understandable that a Madclaw wouldn't be the typical Wookiee. If I had a player that wanted to use his claws regularly though, I would let him, and just say that he has claws ala Trandoshans or a Combat Knife that can't be disarmed and uses Brawl. So, sadly, those are not necessarily good examples XD. I see what you mean, but it seems like their intense vision is rather important, since it aids their mechanical expertise (which it also does in my interpretation.) Does their microscopic vision need to have game stats? Trandoshans don't get any benefit from their infrared vision, and Wookiees get nothing from their claws. Sometimes a race has a trait that just isn't that significant. I somewhat agree. I can't say I'm too familiar with the canon behind the Verpine, but their vision seems like a less important feature than their mechanical prowess, so I'm not sure if it's important enough to be represented explicitly. Another possibility: - Drop WT to 9 - Verpine start with 1 rank in Enduring - Remove Microscopic sight - Keep rank in Mechanic and Gearhead EDIT: In light of this thread http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/86214-cover-and-armor/ , if Verpine are to be given defense, I think it should increase defense by 1, so that it stacks with armor. Otherwise, this feature would not be particularly useful. I think perhaps 1 soak would be better, to avoid the issues regarding defense. Changed my suggestion above accordingly. I apologize. It would be a stackable defense that increases defense by 1. I play with all defense sources stacking in my game because I think it makes sense, so I didn't even consider that. Sorry XD. Simplifying it by making it soak would work, and just giving them gearhead would work too, but I feel like that's almost a bit of a cop out in this case. I dunno. I just feel like I would rather see them get something more unique, since this particular case doesn't really fit in my opinion with those pre-existing circumstances. Obviously you guys are free to do as you wish, but I'll probably have Verpine work how I did it from now on, if anyone wanted to play one.
  9. I don't think I'd want that for every game, but it's not necessarily such a bad idea. In effect, you'd just be playing character generation rather than doing it before play starts. You wouldn't necessarily need to characterize that as learn on the fly. It might just be a revelation of skill the character already possessed. Player A: "Nobody is able to shoot that rifle proficiently?" Player B: <Marks off 5 xp> "I am. We all hunted womp rats back on Tatooine. Give me the rifle." I would have someone try to shoot the rifle anyways, and if they hit, then I'd let them spend XP on it on the fly. If they miss, then they have a drive to get better now don't they?
  10. Ahh, right. While I like the idea of them having something else making them good at making ****, it is kinda hit or miss. With the big three things that we are trying to give them: -Tough Exoskeleton -Good at Tech -Microscopic Vision We are pretty much dealing with too much stuff. So, unfortunately, I would say that Gearhead probably has to go to maintain balance. However, the more I look at it, the more I actually don't think soak is good enough. The entry on their carapace leads me to think Deflection, not Absorbsion. So instead, this is what I suggest. -Drop WT to 9. -Drop Gearhead -Add racial ability Carapace: Verpine have 1 defense from their hard exoskeletons -Modify racial trait to just add Boost to all checks involving small details - including certain Mechanics, Perception, etc. checks. Their microscopic vision should help them way more than in extremely specific places. I like this a bit more. If they get hit, they get hit. But, they tend to not try to do that. Plus, I buffed the micro vision thing a bit because with just that ability, they were a little light on stuff. I think this will make a bit more balance species. What do you think?
  11. Can't blame her. They basically invalidated her work. As a writer, that would make me mad too. But yeah, though they are making a Corellian human class, I would be inclined to TRY to make a Mandalorian race, but there, as they mentioned, isn't a true mandalorian race. I've made a write up for the Taung, but that wouldn't apply during Empire era because they kinda don't exist anymore. I would just do what everyone else has suggested. It is the best way to do it in my opinion, though you don't have to restrict yourself to one kind of weapon or another. Some mandalorians used pistols (Jango) and some preferred the use of melee weapons. The most important thing is for all of that gear to be top of the line, and for you to be a badass. XD
  12. That's not even a house rule. The weapon has Cumbersome 5, so using it without that is nearly unfeasible because of the difficulty upgrade. Remember everyone, "Yes, but..."
  13. I personally have blast be especially effective against minion groups. If I throw a stun grenade at a group of 5 storm troopers, and it blasts them each for 8 damage, I would go 8 damage, -5 soak each = 3 damage each. 3 damage x 5 targets = 15 damage. 15 damage/5 wounds per stormie = 3 stormies down from the blast. Two manage to duck and cover, but most of the group is out cold. Scatterguns would work the same way.
  14. Honestly, I think you guys are on the right track. When it comes to balance, it doesn't seem like the Verpine in the USM are getting the full bang for their buck. They are down 10 EXP from a typical non-human 1 and 3 race, but they only get Gearhead and a remove setback on a very specific set of perception checks. I like the Enduring talent, but they are themselves pretty small and weak. Their carapace is just about the only thing they have going for them in defense. Besides that, I figure they aren't particularly good at taking a hit. Here's what I'd do from the USM entry as a base, personally. -Drop WT to 9. -Add Enduring talent. -Modify racial trait to just add Boost to all perception checks - their microscopic vision should help them way more than in extremely specific places. You could possibly add another ability that allows them to have a silent "handheld comlink" that allows them to speak to any Verpine within several hundred kilometers using radio waves. Or, you could just kinda do that as a GM. I don't figure that should be too important, and I don't think that should be accounted in with their stats, since it seems like an ability too niche to worry about stating and counting for experience.
  15. My skill as a sniper (I have two ranks in Sniper Shot) has given me the uncanny ability to yell at you from 25 meters away. Sorry, I can't really explain why. I guess it is a good thing that I am quick and lithe for an Ithorian, though, because if I was burly and had a high constitution, or if I was really good at talking to people, I wouldn't be able to yell nearly as effectively.
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