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  1. thanks for the replies guys. I'll talk this over with the group.
  2. Hello, my players and GM were wondering about melee combat. One of the players thought it made more sense to have melee combat be an opposed check where the badguy lent his skill ranks and ability ranks as difficulty and challenge dice. We were wondering if that was appropriate. The GM said if we wanted to play it that way then if the player loses the roll he takes damage, if the player wins the roll the badguy takes damage. Most of the players, the GM and I feel it is inappropriate to make melee an opposed check like that but this 1 player feels it makes more sense. I wanted to get the communities feedback.
  3. shaved wookie showed up, which was great, we did some preliminary planning about what setting to run a campaign in and what systems to use (morality, obligation, or duty) and made some plans to recruit other players, I will be putting together a meetup group some time this week. *baldwookie* sorry
  4. your hired! ill GM for the foreseeable future. sounds like you know your way around Boise! >: D anyways your invited too if you want to play. I'll try the friday night at 7 thing first. baldwookie, Vulf, I'll be the guy who is tall, blond haired, with glasses and an EOTE, F&D, and AOR stacked on the table, I will also be wearing a white hoodie that says "save yourself mammal! we will fend off the asteroids!" see you may 27th.
  5. I cant find any players in my city! I have checked with the clerks at the FLGS and facebook, meetup.com, and the forums here, all I can see is pbp. My city is Boise Idaho.
  6. sorry if I was on your last nerve. Anyway I kinda feel like you could peruse a fisher scientific catalogue while window-shopping inside a sporting good store and come up with everything an explorer would be looking for to do microbiology, chemistry, hiking, mountaineering, forestry, and ecology easily enough. I didn't see that much equipment in the enter the unknown splatbook though. just my thoughts.
  7. are they going to have new gear for exploring type characters? it sounds like they have a super big pile of gear for exploring in that book. But if it is just a reprint of everything in the "enter the unknown" splatbook i'm going to be sad.
  8. I am having trouble justifying a build I have. I was thinking if other players have the same problem we can put it on the forums for a group discussion, sort of a "many heads are better than 1" situation. anyways for my part I have a shadow that has a rank in the recruit universal specialization (from age of rebellion) the easy justification for a rebel campaign is "he joined the rebellion" but it gets harder if he is in an EOTE campaign or FaD for both of those the things I can come up with is "took recruit training to be a local constabulary" or "took recruit training during the clone wars" or "took recruit training to be a bounty hunter" (since when do bounty hunters have bounty hunter college!??!) anyways what do you guys think? have any characters you are in a crunch with? maybe we can work out your crunched character too. (within reason, entertainer turned tech specialist, turned bounty hunter, turned rebel commander, turned mystic seems kinda off the wall)
  9. so I have a question about the book "keeping the peace" and "special modifications" the supplement for EOTE. if I buy one or the other will I be able to cobble together some ideas about how to run crafting for the supplement I didnt get? For example say I pick up "keeping the peace" and using the tables for armor crafting, make tables that are non-standard for building droids or blasters... does anyone think its a better idea to just pick up both supplements? (my library is getting full to the point i cant carry around all the books!)
  10. oh i know! that one...sibling 8 guy tries to copter away on his broken saber and it breaks some more and he falls to his death! classic! ezra, hoodie guy, asoka and cain are all like "i am not impressed" then walk away.
  11. I would make a case for kyber crystals being used in holocrons regardless. holocrons and kyber crystals both react to force users (otherwise you couldnt attune your lightsaber) the holocron just has a program that has the copy of a force users conceousness as the gatekeeper, as well as the ability to share memni through telepathy. so we have a telepathic, force powered computer. great!.... >.> <.< anything else that is force powered? well not force powered but kyber crystals react to the force...so there you go, kyber crystals could be used to make holocrons. theres also the force sabers from waaaaaay back during the infinite empire, rakata technology itself (rakata were all force sensitive and used the force together with their technology, refered to in "the old republic" video game). lastly there is that thought bomb that detonated at ruusan. I forgot also, the empire made some "force scanners" that used a kind of crystal, cant remember what kind but it wasnt a kyber, or maybe it was but it wasnt ever used in lightsabers, anyways the scanner was electronic so a regular joe could use it, but it would detect force users and light up and the imperial official with the scanner would then cart the force sensitive away for nefarious purposes.
  12. we had long long....long discussions about this on the forums at wizards of the coast when they made starwars d20. and we had lots of these discussions, did i mention they were long? anyways the game developers over there finally weighed in and said "treat it like normal sight, its just an interesting description, the real interesting situation is that miraluka start the game with the force sensitive feat automatically." I expect the same sort of rules will occur for FFG. even though in edge of the empire and age of rebellion purchasing force sensitivity meant purchasing a... i forget what it was called but i know it wasnt a feat.
  13. I am with superarppis and the others that think "its just for cools" and wouldnt allow it in my game as GM, if i were a player and another player started doing it i would sunder his saber on principal! i remember feeling like shmendrek tied to the douglas fir when it comes alive and saying "oh gawd im engaged to a douglas fir! help help!" when i saw those guys coptering around. it was pretty rediculus. anyways we could do rocket boots or a boba fette/jango fette jetpack and do the same thing right?!?! right!?!? uugggh. sorry if this post seems somewhat grouchy but it wasnt intended, except for the next part: cudos for the spoiler about hoodie guy being darth maul.
  14. It makes sense for them to not reduce the effectiveness of the other. Stimpacks are really drugs and such in the blood stream, where having more of the same wouldn't really help in the long run. Using heal on a person is merely helping the cells rebuild themselves with nothing but the power of will. This is probably the best reason for Force Healers to be in the galactic military, since they can rapidly treat the wounded and thereby save lives. but it is more than the power if will young padawan, it is THE POWER OF THE FORCE!
  15. in F&D they also refer to the Jedaii building metal bladed swords that were augmented such that they could deflect projectiles like lightsabers, and cut through things they shouldn't be able to cut through, but they did thanks to them being "force imbued" during their forging, then we don't get any rules for how to represent that in game, uggghh.
  16. I was wondering if there was a "master list" of what races have been published by FFG in all 3 versions of starwars RPG. I just have the 3 RCRs and a few supplements. I would be interested to know if anyone has found stats on the omwat out there, or any species they have found that is interesting in any of their supplements. to my knowledge: FD = Force and Destiny, EOTE = edge of the empire, NP = nexus of power, DC = dangerous covenants, AOR = age of rebellion, ETU = enter the unknown, SOF = suns of fortune. Crean FD human all Kel Dor FD mirialan FD nautolan FD togruta FD twilek FD, EOTE zabrak FD aleena NP bardottan NP devaronian NP gungan NP aqualish DC klatooinian DC weequay DC Bothan AOR, EOTE Droid AOR, EOTE Duros AOR, ETU Gran AOR Ithorian AOR Mon Calamari AOR Sullustan AOR Chiss ETU Toydarians ETU Drall SOF Selonian SOF Corellian human SOF Gand EOTE Rodian EOTE Trandoshan EOTE Wookie EOTE
  17. If I remember right from the old x-wing v tie fighter video games and other starwars video games that feature the x wing and the y wing and other lore sources (specifically NOT WEG). They mentioned the first fighters the rebellion could get their hands on were y wings for interplanatery flight. They also could get their hands on z-95 head hunters but that craft was an airspeeder, they had to mod the z-95 to get it to fly in space or use hyperdrives. After the x wing design defected to the rebellion they could put the z-95s in mothballs and use the y wing for other things that "main fighter" since the x wing was now the "main fighter". This meant the Y wing became "kind of a bomber" then when the B wing rolled around it was a more dedicated bomber than the Y wing. So I agree with your interpretation of the Y wing as a general purpose workhorse. When I used a B wing in the x-wing v tie fighter video games it is just as fast in a straight line as a Y wing. it is SLIGHTLY more manoeverable than a y wing but not enough to handle a tie intercepter, basically it is manoeverable enough to keep jinking out of a tie-ln's guns LOTS of payload though, and LOTS of ioncannons, the thing had 3 laser canons and 3 ion cannons 1 of each at the end of every wing cannard, and the ion cannons did more damage. the y wings ion cannons were smaller and just 2 of them.
  18. It is more than just tradition. Part of it is the age of the people who are going there to get the crystal to build their first light saber. So are you going to send a youngling to someplace wher they are going to have to fight a dangerous beast 80 to 99% of the time so someplace safer? it clears out the riffraff >: D also guys can wander around croissant or tatoo-weenie untill they get enough xp to fight the dangerous beast! >: D (just kidding I agree with you, send the kids to the less dangerous planet on an outing/picknick to get their saber crystals.
  19. well the sith do exist they say the name "sith" in episode 1,2, and 3. so its there, how much of "the sith" is there besides the name and darth sidious, count doku, darth maul, and darth vader, I don't know. I don't even know if Korriban or the idea of the sith empire is there... was it mentioned in the clone wars? also wouldn't that mean the galaxy map as we have come to know it is also non cannon? we haven't seen that map plastered on a navicomputer in the movies, for all we know tatooine might be right next door to naboo rather than hundreds of lightyears away.
  20. I don't see this EotE dice roller. Are you guys talking about the dice app? I don't have an android phone or an Iphone. Is this what Tremayne was talking about when he said "the die roller embedded in the character sheet."?
  21. none of the stores in my city have the book available, one of the clerks even said "all our warehouses say they are sold out of that item!" so for me all I can say is "wow" who is buying all these books?!?! and do any of you live in the Boise Idaho area? but I haz a secret weapon. shhhhh! come closer.... >.> <.< i have the beta book
  22. can the roll20 website handle the ffg dice with their lack of numbers and all those weird symbols? I have been thinking for some time about putting together a campaign on roll20 since I can't find players in Boise Idaho.
  23. You can modify their starting morality by 21 points or start off with more XP/credits. You start with 50 Morality, and either get more XP/credits or start off as a Dark Sider (-21 Morality) or a Light side Paragon (+21 Morality). -EF So my character gets xp and credits and my morality is 50, or I can be a light side paragon or a dark side whatever? Thanks, that clarifies it alot, I had a post about this on the beta forms but nobody explained it very clearly to me. do I get XP AND credits? Is it chose xp only? chose credits only?
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