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  1. Uncontrolled Geomancer in a unit of Reanimates with Lingering Dead for a unit that can blow itself up again and again and again...
  2. Except that File Leader enables your unit to attack all units that charge in while the unit has melee revealed - not just the first. It's not a delay to the attack. The melee might have been activated (with the modifier hit) when revealed plus enabling further attacks against all other units that later charge in on the flanks.
  3. Good spot - this is the rule that enables he moving unit to be nudged sideways to avoid a collision if only the moving unit's connectors overlap. So I stand corrected, fortunately. The moving unit above has the choice of whether to collide or not, regardless of the length of the move. If the unit chooses not to collide then it is nudged ever so slightly away so that, wherever it finishes, it will not be touching.
  4. I'm going to go with 'maybe'. It depends how far the unit charged. So, the charging unit will never overlap the target unit so section 55.3 will never trigger - so no collision. However, if the unit is touching at the end of the movement then section 18 will trigger a collision (touching an obstacle that you weren't touching before). Also, remember that your side connectors are deemed not to exist while moving forwards. It's a weird case where a long charge would fail but a short charge would succeed. Definitely weird. Conversely, a short move would result in a collision (and panic) but a long move would get clear. Between this and the terrain issue, I'm beginning to dislike the way that section 18 is written. I'm very open to other interpretations on this one.
  5. There's also section 51.1: "Players resolve abilities that add or remove dice before the Roll Dice step of the attack.". And section 51.2: "Abilities that add dice are resolved before abilities that remove dice". Blight is not an ability, but then 83.1 comes into play: "An effect that changes the number of dice in the attack pool is resolved during the “Roll Dice” step of an attack.". So, as per 51.1, the Ventala ability to add dice occurs before the Roll Dice step while, as per 83.1, the Blight effect to remove dice occurs during the Roll Dice step (but still "before the dice as rolled" as per the description of blight). Prince Faolan's modifier dial adds a dice but is not an ability - and the description doesn't mention the timing of when the dice is added to the pool. But I'd go with adding it before inviting the other player to activate blights - following the intention outlined above. I can't think of any other mechanics that add dice that aren't abilities (preceded by either a melee or ranged icon).
  6. There is another approach - let's take orcs. Release an orc warrior group and a orc dinosaur cavalry group - with rules to enable these to be added to existing factions. For example: Daqan "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" - orc units must deploy within 1-3 of a Daqan hero. Latari "Allies of Convenience" - orc units must deploy at least 5 away from Latari; and vice versa. Uthuk "Sacrificial offering" - after deployment, lose 1 orc per two trays. Waiqar "An unhealthy shade of green" - orc unit starts with an immobilize token and a stun token. Do this for a couple of different new races - creating mini-factions that every existing player might buy and use. Then over time, expand each mini-faction until it has enough to be a fully fledged faction. Theres many options for mini-factions: orcs, goblins, dwarves, catfolk, deep elves, dragon-kin, gnomes, or other factions of humans. This also reduces the risk for each faction - if the initial units don't sell then it never becomes a full faction.
  7. I want a unit of rune golem bulls. Going the other way, a Ventala hero would make a fine centaur-piece for my Latari.
  8. That was one of my hopes when the game first came out. Even Rune Golems could be removed from the trays - which makes no sense in Runewars but could be useful to reuse models for a miniatures game. However, there is now Legion. I doubt FFG would launch another skirmish game so soon after.
  9. However, that would encroach on the Ventala design space. Another option is a unit of rune bulls with magical eye lasers. Mostly slow but with a single long late straight charge, a moderate ranged attack, and the melee ability to push back enemy units. I could see Zakareth happily leading such a unit.
  10. It could... but the figure upgrade is far too expensive for that to be viable. The other part of the figure upgrade grants the Saviour/Betrayer condition to the unit and, combined with the white die upgrade, comes in at 21 points. To make that cost-effective in Oathsworn, you'd also need Simultaneous Orders to activate both the condition skill plus the Fire Rune skill. Now, Fire Rune plus Betrayer plus Zacherath figure upgrade gives you a threat 0-4 attack with a white and a red/blue dice - which is quite nice. But, you'd need a minimum of six trays so that's 76 points for that unit. And that unit must advance in a straight line while using the skill due to the blue skill modifier and is only using fire rune and harvesting vitality. Zachareth can be effective in Oathsworn - with Betrayer activated and used then they would get a base melee of white, and three reds. But, I'd sooner take Hawthorne for an extra point because that provides a white, two reds, and a blue without needing to stun a friendly unit. So, this leads me to suspect that we'll see a cavalry unit for Daqan which can function in a support role - mobile; with a white skill modifier and ranged attack. A potential counter argument is that Daqan and Waiqar are the factions of big heroes - so the figure upgrade versions never provide value for money because the intention is to encourage players to run them as independent heroes. So, maybe it doesn't matter that Zachareth's cavalry upgrade card isn't viable because it's not intended to be used competitively.
  11. I agree regarding Daqan: Baron Zachareth has a cavalry upgrade that reads: [melee] [ranged] You may replace 1 dice with a white dice. Much like Maegan's cavalry upgrade that included a ranged ability prior to the announcement of Ventala, I think that Daqan will receive some cavalry with a ranged attack.
  12. My pleasure. I prefer to have these discussions outside of a game. My reasoning for the double hit being two icons is because both hit and mortal strike have entries that read "X is a dice icon that...", while there is no entry for "Double hit is a dice icon that...". "One dice icon" is the phrase used on Spirit Sword. Annoyingly, surge "an icon found on dice, modifier dials, ...". But I've learnt something today too in re-reading the attack steps: there's a set order to resolving dice icons types: surges, accuracy, mortal, hits, morale. Whereas my local group tends to spend in an order of the attacker's choosing: frequently spending hits to remove the back ranks so that the mortal strikes can then target the figure upgrades. Thank you.
  13. It removes one single icon from the pool of icons. That's why I said 'not icon type'. So, if the die roll plus modifiers/abilities resulted in a pool of double hit, hit-surge, hit, and mortal wound then you could choose to remove one hit icon (each hit icon on a double hit die face is a separate icon) or one surge icon or one mortal wound icon.
  14. Oh, and worth noting that the remove icon step comes after the modifier enhancement and after the add icon step. So, Death Knight's mortal wound modifier dial and Aliana's ability to add a mortal wound icon occurs before the remove icon ability - and can be removed again with the Spirit Sword.
  15. Remove Icon: When an icon is removed, it is ignored and cannot be spent. To track which icons have been removed, players can set aside the die that contains that icon or rotate that die—if an icon is removed from a face with multiple icons—to a face without the removed icon showing. From the rulebook 51.4. So, it means to remove one icon, not die face or icon type.
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