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  1. maclis

    Quest Log?

    I asked Sydtrack the author of RingsDB about it, and he said that he is working on RingsDB quest log, and he finish it "soon".
  2. I asked Sydtrack (author of RingsDB) about your idea. When he will answer my question, I will inform about it.
  3. maclis

    Quest Log?

    I moved on this topic in this place (https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/224453-actualization-of-lotr-quest-log/). I wanted to contact with FFG, and ask somebody about quest log. But I don't know how to contact with them.
  4. maclis

    The Sands of Harad

    I see that, FFG decided to come back to side quests. They are absent in the last cycle, and in The Saga Expansions. The idea of side quests is very good, and I am happy that Angmar Awakened wasn't a last cycle in which you can complete side quest. This new side quest seems to be very powerful. I agree that in this expansion we recieve new Gimli and Legolas.
  5. maclis

    Actualization of LotR Quest Log

    I asked Sydtrack if he is making RingsDB Quest Log. And he replied that he was making this feature, but he had to interrupt work for some time. Don't worry. He also said that quest log will be finished soon. I don't know when is "soon", but I think that it will be finished in few months.
  6. maclis

    Actualization of LotR Quest Log

    I can contact with Sydtrack and I will do it. But I also want to contact with somebody from FFG, Is FFG have an email adress or topic on this forum, where fans can contact with them?
  7. maclis

    Actualization of LotR Quest Log

    I am new on this forum, and I don't know exactly who is Sydtrack. His nick on this forum is Sydtrack or maybe he has other nick on this forum (or he is not on this forum)? When I learn how to contact with him I will try to do it.
  8. Anybody know, when the Flame of West will be realased, and when we could fight on the Pellonor Fields?
  9. maclis

    Actualization of LotR Quest Log

    Maybe we can do something with this problem? I may write to somebody from FFG support, but I don't know to whom specifically.
  10. I used to record my games in FFG LoTR Quest Log. But I cannot record quests from Land of Shadow and The Grey Havens. Also heroes from this expansions are absent. This tool haven't been actualized since last year. In previous years, actualizations of the Quest Log were often. But what happened in this year? Is the FFG stopped to improve this tool? Do you know where is the problem?