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  1. One of the weird things I have noticed about this game is that when I win a game, it's because I am just that much better than my scrublord opponent. However, on the rare occasion that I lose, it is only ever because my dice abandoned me. Does anyone else strictly lose due to luck? /s
  2. I wonder if the flechette cannon projectiles are tipped with smiley faces.
  3. For Star Wars purposes: Tie defender with as many high powered laser and maneuverability upgrades as I could fit on it. I would play hit and run space sniper like I do in most video games. If it was a modern use hypothetical, and assuming I could refuel/repair the ship somehow, then I would haul freight in a yt-1300. You would be able to enter the upper atmosphere and achieve incredible speed. Assuming that flying these ships is extremely safe, you make a few cross-world cargo runs a day. Companies would pay very good money to say, have you fly from Hamburg to Shanghai to Atlanta and make deliveries over about 2 hours total time. Furthermore, because you would be just working your own airspace and have vtol, you could promise an extremely short delivery window. Actually, I would just take a Decimator and turn it into an Uber taxi. Wake up in Chicago and decide you and your posse of incredibly rich friends want to be in Paris in an hour? Sure, no problem, that'll be $5 grand a person.
  4. Primary Weapon only. Also requires target lock, which Cluster Missiles spend to fire. Wow my reading comprehension is horrible today.
  5. 3 tempest squadron pilots with cluster missiles, advanced targeting computer, and captain jonus. this will be a thing, and it will be the end of large base ships. I dun read gud Maybe 4 tempests with cluster missiles and accuracy correcter. Nobody wants to get hit with 16 hits in one turn.
  6. Advanced targeting computer and cluster missiles yes please
  7. I've scouted before. Not in x-wing but often in 40k. I would generally pick an army I wanted to play as my fun list, and then bring my 110% tryhard meta army as well. If the game group was more laid back, I busted out the fun list. If it was hardcore day, I would tryhard all day.
  8. Ahh yes, I too feel people should risk bodily harm and crippling injury while playing a sport for my amusement as I sit on my couch drinking beer and eating corn chips. And the more risks they take the better. Helmets that cut down on head injuries? No, unmanly. These men must bleed for my entertainment. Also, padding is generally used as a weapon, same reason people can hit harder with gloves on in boxing. I used to do muay thai boxing, everytime the 'hurr durr rugby is for men football is for *******' comment comes up I shake my head and laugh.
  9. Wait til the pain that is a Mara Jade decimator shows up. I already miss the days of fat han.
  10. In my experience, the rebel ace ships tend to win mirror matches against their imperial counterparts
  11. Yeah we really don't need high tech planes to fight people with ak-47s, if China wants to attack they call in our debt and crash the economy, Russia turns off its gas supply etc. Look we are a short tempered violent bunch of apes that have advanced tech more that we have our society there will be wars, but it's hard to imagine another conventional world war. You need a military that's a sad truth but the American defender budget is bigger than the next fifteen countries combined and all of them are allies it's insane. China won't attack us, they don't have the same sort of aggressive worldview The Western World does. And if they crash our economy, which is something I don't think a country can just do, they will ruin their own.
  12. Defense industry is a cancer on humanity, no matter what country you are from. He's a Commie! Lynch him!! *ahem* But yes, it's always confused me how the US can have such a hard on for socialised military, but be so dead set against socialised medicine. Socialisation and government protection for the rich and free market capitalism for the poor. The founding fathers would be laughed at today for having extremely backwards morals.
  13. Ive been playing this off and on for 4 months now. I call it The Manfight List. It's sometimes fun, but loses almost every game.
  14. Why not Wedge in a Phantom? Or Luke. Or Corran Horn Or Tycho Celchu in a tie defender. Really, shows you how pilots are designed almost exclusively for one ship.
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