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  1. Empire strikes back is my favorite. Vadar was just trying to keep the peace. I could have done his job better.
  2. On the forum for the 2nd edition there was a combat variant using combat dice from the newest version of descent 2nd edition. It was great and really sped up gameplay. Does anyone have this variant. Please help, for my duck has no legs : (
  3. I always enjoyed this game, but was never a fan of the official combat method. Even the official dice variant left too much lag time in figuring out the outcome of each battle. After coming across your variant, I ordered myself some 2nd edition descent dice(since my 1st edition weren't quite doing the job). This old favorite has been given a revival and it's actually fun to go through combat as well(though it'll likely mean a quicker death). Either way, thank you very much for making an old favorite even better.
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