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  1. I would buy these. Hint hint FFG! I would love them if they were larger too, like a 1/4 sheet so you could get more info on them... Chris
  2. OK, update on this. I finally got my book, screen and dice last night. The irony is, I caused such a stir in the game store for this game that they had to order up to meet the demand. They went from selling nothing to selling out. I love it that there is such excitement from everyones groups!
  3. I announced my intent to run the beginner game module at my local game store, and the news was met with much "meh". The day came and only one person showed up, so I had to do some carnival barking to get 2 more people in the store to fill out the group. All 3 players were giving me the "this better not suck" face as I dove right in, no rules tutoring, no book to read, no explanation of the dice first, I just started reading the crawl! 2 hours later, I had three people asking me if I could run a campaign for them as soon as the book hits shelves. You have a winner on your hands, FFG, make some noise about it! Chris
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