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  1. Question on Doctor Aphra. I don't understand her "Watch out for the traps" ability. Is she the one making the hard vigilance check? And if so, why is it counting failures, threats and despairs if successful? I'm not sure how to run this check/resolution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I pre-ordered from FFG directly and UPS says it will be delivered on Thursday.
  3. I've run it a couple times at Con settings and have always finished before the four hour limit. I'd say 3 to 4 hours.
  4. Yes, all three books work well together. The mechanics are the same. Just each book focuses on a different aspect the the Star Wars universe: Edge of the Empire for your smugglers, Age of Rebellion for your soldiers, and Force and Destiny for your Force users.
  5. Amazon says core rulebook available on October 30th, which seems very wrong. And the GM Kit available September 30, which seems wrong as well.
  6. Did you see the boxes next to each player? Are they dice boxes? I don't recognize them.
  7. That's why you are the GM. I don't see any issues with doing that.
  8. I've run the Escape from Mos Shuta in less than four hours at a Con. Most of the players had RP experience, but not with this system.
  9. This seems like a helluva deal, a download of all of Maps Of Mastery's maps. http://maps-of-mastery-store.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/maps-of-mastery-pdf-omnibus-2014 Mine's almost done downloading From the web site: The Complete Package! For a limited time only, you can get the entire digital archive of every map ever published by Christopher West's Maps of Mastery, old and new, in one downloadable set of PDF image files! Includes hundreds of terrain cards and dozens of poster map images--many of them available nowhere else--and all at print-quality resolution. Every side of every poster map in every series... Mass Transit Forsaken Lands Deep Vistas Deck Space Battle Stations Distant Outposts Distant Starscapes all with and without terrain lines! Every terrain card set... Railway Station Tiles Sci-Fi Cargo Tiles 1 & 2 Surveillance Station Alien Starship Tiles Cavern Tunnel Tiles 1 & 2 Night Life Every variation and alternate version Every out-of-print product AND new unpublished maps... Battle Arena Lunar Surface Gray Wasteland 1.53 GB worth of image files in total!
  10. What's the store in Orlando? I have to travel there next week for business and will do so again. Been looking for a place to go check out there. Thanks
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