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  1. Got an idea couple of days ago for a mini expansion (or should i call it a module?) so i quickly made a board and couple of cards. The module consist of a ship called Celestra (research ship in the colonial fleet) and 10 research cards. Players can go to Celestra and draw a research card and activate it on 1 of 2 positions (alpha or beta). They continue game as normal, with a slight difference. Between action and crisis phase, current player may add 1 skill cards to one of the researchs. Skill points on that cards go towards finishing the research. Once there is enough skill points in one of the research projects players can activate it and get transported to sleeping quarters. Activated cards are in play untill the end of the game and rules on that card supercede base game rules. Board and 10 research cards: http://imgur.com/a/SABmz any thoughts/comments/ideas? p.s. picture on the celestra board taken from: https://gmd3ddesigns.wordpress.com/tag/classic-battlestar-galactica/
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