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  1. Thank you Albert. Just what I needed to know and was hoping so. Yeah we're going to add in all the packs that replace tokens as we at the expansion to them. And mostly all of the ally packs, and any Villains who make sense. The big boxes, not adding hoth or jabba until those campaigns, probably doing so to the others. Was easily learned, not concerned with that. Fun fact, just she'd this into be BG Stats app and it's my 99 the game lol (not counting any expansion for any.. so all of IA is 1 game in count)
  2. So, I just went halfway "all in" on the game, ordering the bulk of it at once. If we start a campaign now, then when I order the rest in two weeks, if I add it to the Collection, will it appear in our already saved campaign? (Not even mid-game, just at mission/world select or whatever.) Or is there no reason to start one now if we wish to include the majority for variation?
  3. Earlier today I just ordered the core game, and couple random Ally packs for the heck of it. I wanted Hoth but I'm buying mostly for the app and Jabba had a campaign so that was going to be ordered this Friday.. Guess I get to order Hoth first afterall. ...Not like I wont buy every bit of the game by spring anyways :/
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