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  1. Yep but if the result is 75+ and magister is redirecting this one phenomenon?
  2. Hi there!) So the question concerns a Magister Immaterial special ability called Magus Supremus when it is used to redirect the result of Psychic Phenomena table roll is it possible by spending infamy point to redirect the Perils Of Warp?
  3. He gets +30 from mark according to Tome Of Excess Table 2–8: Expanded Ritual Modifiers pg.57. And he pretty well roleplayed usage of ritual kit and aetheme blade)
  4. Hi there! So the point is, i have a PC with Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) +30 and Good Craftsmanship Cerebral Implants which gives him +20 to any Lore test. So he is trying to create Daemon Weapon and this -60 F.L. (Daemonology) test. Now he uses ritual kit +10 to test an athame blade +10 and he has mark of Tzeentch so this gives him +30 so he's summoning Lord Of Change). Am I right in final test difficulty +40?
  5. So the problem is in his Weapon Training (Bolt, Plasma, Melta, or Power) talent. So what is the meaning of "or" is it Bolt,Plasma,Melta or Bolt,Plasma,Power? Thx for ur answers!)
  6. Does Machine trait grants a char immunity to fear or immunity to telepathy?
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