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  1. eBay is always a good alternative to Amazon for things like the Core set. Check eBay.UK for your needs HuwBacca.
  2. 1) Understand that. Sorry, could not do more since I had not asked permission to do so. Personally, I do not like it when folks use me by actual name as an authority reference without asking first and then I get blind-sided by someone I do not know later about it out of the blue. Especially so when I am referenced out of context; yes, an extremely bad experience in the mid-90s dealing with a really rich American gamer and the old management at GW-US. I will NOT go into the matter so do not even think about asking. 2) So that is how he rolls. We were wondering when all roads led to him. Additionally, "interesting" was more in the Chinese use of the word than the Western. 3)Not a problem. If I am wrong, so be it. I REALLY hate rumor-mongering and G&P was acting out the worst of it. And really Sparrow, what is the harm of keeping one's mouth shut about things like this? Who was asking? I read nothing of the sort. Furthermore, based on GW's late track record, the odds are HUGE against this new WFRPG having anything to do with the Old World. To do an AoS RPG, a new company with no history in the game would be the best solution. 4) Just had not bothered ... yet.
  3. Thank you for being gracious deraforia. So far, I have not enjoyed the changes to the forums; they feel clunky. This merger with the frenchmen at Asmodee Group was supposed to benefit the American gamer how‽‽‽ Maybe being stuck in the "wilds" of Idaho currently might make me have tunnel vision, but I am really not seeing any benefit. Or is it my age? Most gamers give it all up before their sixth decade for a myriad of other interests. Or both‽ In an emoticon mood.
  4. 1) His name is Drew and for the case of his own PerSec that is all I will give any of you Sparrow. Why? Because I never asked him if it was alright with him to name him here. Furthermore Sparrow, how is it exciting‽ It is simply fact. 2) "Interesting" was the word he used thrice in our conversation, "interesting" was what how we both felt about G&P's appeal to authority for his comment, "interesting" was also how we perceived the situation, when after ten minutes of intense WEB searching, every lead about what G&P claimed was happening always went back to G&P's own site after following it and lastly, "interesting" was how a guy, where G&P is at, getting "secret" information from the licensing department in Lenton - not impossible, but not b*^^#!y likely either. 3) No beef against Cubicle 7 Sparrow. I already mentioned that in an earlier posting in this thread. What I am against is rumor mongering which is wildly happening and too acceptable these days. Dan Rather lost years of employment and prestige for that and more so one would think that folks would have learned something from his error. Yes, they are listed as the holder-on-record at the OneBookShelf sites, but there was no industry announcement made, so that definitely could be an error. 4) Thank you Sparrow for the information on Chris Pramas. I might send a note his way asking about his writing for Osprey if the book gets delayed ... again.
  5. What is Chris Pramas up to, if at all? Is he still with us, yes? I ask because I have had his third book of the Open Series (OBK) by Osprey on pre-order for 13 months now. Release date keeps getting kicked back; it is now in June of this year. Additionally, I have had his fourth book in this series pre-ordered for 11 months now, and we will just have to wait and see when that will be released. I ask because the first two books came out right when projected, but about 10 months ago everything with him that I was/am aware of went to Hell in a handbasket.
  6. deraforia is correct; almost no one has in-house writers anymore. 20-30 years ago things were different in this industry, but even then, there was work turned in by folks that were not part of the company's own stable. Such was my entrance into the industry in the '80s. Art was heavily out-of-house and would imagine it still is. Some few studios had a few artists (e.g. TSR/WOTC, FASA, GW) but almost no one had every artist they needed. My wife worked for three companies as an illustrator and matte artist, and she was never a line item; just an "Other" line item like so many other artists. Then the amount of art requested by firms in the game industry that never saw the light of day due to product cancellation or re-imagining would make most of you howl. Two major projects that come to mind that my wife was involved with that died in production was the Crimson Skies: Tinseltown Exposé by FASA and Dead Man's Chest, aka 21 Men aka some other title or three, a pirate skirmish game that was ramrodded by at least four different companies, including Geo-Hex over six years time. Covers were done and completely new ones requested when there were new developers and a whole bushel of interior art. At least she got paid despite nothing coming out the other end of the tube, but that was the life of an artist in this industry. With all the irregularity in the end result, she went off and became a middle school art teacher and left it all behind; she saw more regular results with those "precious beasts" than she ever did in the industry. Game design though is still done in-house, yes? Back in the 20th I can only think of one successful game design that was not done in-house, and that was Vor, the Maelstrom; cannot remember the guy's name; still had all the rights to it when FASA shuttered in '01. I imagine that, unlike writing and art, that is still done in-house with most of the successful end products. FASA's Crimson Skies was developed technically both in- and out-of house; it was done by folks, who worked other duties or developed other games for FASA, on their own time, but at work under the working title of "Corsairs!". Well enough of the musings and memories of the geriatric crowd. ;^) Thank you "gentlemen" for answering my questions and being polite. I do appreciate the easy talk without the personal/cloaked agendas. Not sure I like the new "feel" to the forum structure the new owners have imposed; it feels slightly off like most new things. Only time will tell if it works, especially in this industry!
  7. Can you pull them up though? Click on the titles. I get the error message I posted before. And my point was that no matter who was listed as the publisher, the doer, they were coming up as an error just as they have since September or August. I have heard this from others, and I know of one gamer back East, that plays another game I play, who has said he would never buy another product connected with them ever again due to his own horrible experience. These are their, meaning Cubicle 7's, creations? Or are they just more products of other persons just in English to start off with? Thank you for confirming what I heard about Yggdrasil. Are the other three also Valla's work? Thank you lordmalachddrim, for answering my questions without both/either gunning for my scalp and/or pursuing some ill-disguised personal/professional agenda.
  8. Been doing RPGNow since long before OneBookShelf bought up the place (since 2001/02 or so that I can prove from my library). Curious, none of my WFRPG files come up no matter who they are listed under; when I click on each and every one of them, RPGNow says "We're sorry. This title is unavailable" So, no change from FFG, no change from Green Ronin, no change from back in the day when Black Industries had the IP. How is "unavailable", simply with a change of doer, any improvement Daniel? I was looking through my Library and realized I have not bought any product of Cubicle 7's. I thought I had so I looked at my orders from RPGNow & DriveThruRPG and the two main brick and mortar stores I use in the US and Canada. What I have bought are items that TAG, PIG and the like designed and then had Cubicle 7 dealt with the POD end of things for them. Therefore, I can say from my personal experience, that Cubicle 7 prints other company's game products' files well and then binds them into physical booklets well. Nothing positive beyond that. Furthermore, I cannot find a single gamer I know personally that plays anything of theirs either. How long have they been around Daniel? A couple of the guys here have looked at Yggdrasill, but Daniel, that is not really theirs even, is it? Don't they just handle the English translation duties on that game? The designer is that Valla guy in France, yes? What has Cubicle 7 come up with and then developed on their own?
  9. Well Daniel, I just re-read what you wrote after I posted and then what I posted from the point of view of what you posted. Do a lot of people blame you for things? I would only take what I posted the way you insinuated it in your posting after your posting. All I can say is "Wow."; you must get blamed for a lot in the view of folks around you. If so, I feel sorry for you. Everyone else, anyone who ever bought the WFRPG .pdfs from any OneBookShelf site, have you found your files restored if they vanished after the late Summer '16 announcement?!? You know, like Daniel evidently did? I know there were complaints here about the files now being unavailable to purchase, but I do not recall anyone saying they could not access the files they had already acquired. If the matter has changed for you, sing out please. Lastly, Daniel, you know what is interesting in all this ? Every word about this matter, no matter where on the WEB, all leads back to http://www.grimandperilous.com - your site. Just an interesting factoid. Having worked in this specific industry before, for only a few years, as in a significant portion of the late 20th C, I find that to be quite interesting. What is a fact here is I am not saying you cannot be correct; the way you are going about it though - well, it stinks like old fish. <<ADDITION>> Moreover, after having woken up an old industry associate in the UK rather early his time (in my defense - actually only 45 minutes earlier than his habit - early 'morning' runner [is it truly 'morning' in the civilian world if there is no light out?]) I referred him to this discussion and to your site Daniel. 'Interesting' was the word.
  10. Anyone who has been here for any reasonable amount of time knows about FFG not continuing with GW's IP G&P. And from FFG's point of view, they lost nothing but a headache; ask any FFG full-time staffer. What is the issue, thanks to you G&P, is whether or not Crucible 7 now has the rights to market WFRPG. G&P, until someone can buy a WFRPG item from Crucible 7, directly or from an outlet like DriveThru, do they really have the rights? Anyone in marketing and/or the industry would tell you "NO." They might be in negotiations, but they do not have it unless they can make money from it. Furthermore, when GW makes a deal, they love to shout it from the rooftops! No shout G&P. And doing an Old World WFRPG is another issue entirely! Not b*^^#@y likely either from GW's track record of the last two years.
  11. And as to Cubicle 7 and WFRPG, there is bupkis about it on their WEB site too despite there being news posted today about their Dr. Who game.
  12. I am not seeing anything from GW themselves that says the license for the Old World is available for publication, story advancement and/or anything else. All I am seeing about the Old World on the Net and at cons is wishful thinking from fan-dom.
  13. Is this what Trump calls "Fake News"? I just searched at both RPGNow and DriveThruRPG in Cubicle 7 Entertainment's area and bupkis was there for Warhammer anything! See attached pic for DriveThruRPG. G&P, please explain? As to a European manufacturer of WHFRPG, do not bet on it being in the Old World. Every license about the Old World that GW can kill, they are killing; the game Total War seems to be the only Old World holdout. This new Euro-made WHFRPG will be AoSified - NO DOUBT!
  14. Thank you for the referral Nimsim. Those pics answer a great number of questions. They do not answer "what something is" though. Like on Core Set 2 - what are the persons in the top row second and fourth from the left? They do not match any of my creature cards. Has anyone gone through and made a list of which stand-ups are in what set? I can make some educated guesses from the pics and what the books from the box sets I have sort of say, but help! I take it from the pics there are a lot more Tzeentchian creatures on the creature cards than are depicted on stand-ups in the Winds of Magic box. Is this true? Like there is no Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Disc of Tzeentch, Sorceror Lord of Tzeentch, Herald of Tzeentch or Sorceror of Tzeentch. Help please?!?
  15. Sisters & Brethren, Is there a list available - somewhere - that indicates which creature stand-ups are in which one of these WFRPG sets by FFG? I have the list one can download here at FFG that indicates how many of what size stand-ups are in what sets, but that is not my question. For example, in the Edge of Night box there are: Grey Seer, Clanrat(2), Gutter Runner(2), Rat Ogre. Another example, in the Game Master's Toolkit there are: Rat Ogre(2), Clanrat(2), Gutter Runner, Orc, Snotling(2), Giant Wolf(2), Imp(2), Flesh Hound(2), Fury, Marauder, Gor(2), Ungor(2). A list like this for all of the boxes would make it easier for me to decide which of the FFG WFRPG items I need to pursue more than others. Why do I need this list? I play a lot of the original Warhammer Quest (WhQ) and sometimes these WFRPG stand-ups are just easier to use for some of the Monsters. Moreover, sometimes one rolls up just one or two more of a Monster at a single time than one may have toy soldiers for and the stand-ups provide unquestionable back-ups in the event of a lack. Furthermore, the large stand-ups represent large Monsters that the model made by GW just does not really fit well on a WhQ tile or map so the stand-ups are very handy. Thank you in advance for any and all assistance any or all of you can provide in this matter.
  16. What this all sounds like is the proverbial American v. British/European argument. Why else do you all think that those Disney movies do not look at all like the Grimm/Andersen/whomever stories they are "based" upon? Having studied, taught and lived history through a goodly portion of the 20th and all of the 21st so far, I find GoldenIslandsonYouTube to very 21st Century American in his(?) view. On the flip side, many of the others that have posted go for the neo-sophist, almost neo-Calvinist, attitudes of the European way of thinking over the last 20 years. It is obvious why most Europeans and Americans get along like wet cats; their life philosophies have almost no common ground. Personally, I am in between the two, probably because I have had to live in both worlds most of the decades of my life. Born American from a very serious Welsh House and boisterous Scots Clan. No, I will not build up any more ire with my kinsmen by identifying my bloodlines. Now, why would anyone adventure where there is no way to get ahead in the life? If light has no chance of success, why would anyone strive? How did Job's wife put it? "Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die." If all there is darkness, death, destruction, depravity and disease, why do anything beyond the basic minimum to get through the day? Adventuring is far more than the minimum. On the other hand, people, with no power beyond the ends of their fingers will live in oppression for generations without doing anything real about it as obviously shown by tableau of history because they have been able to scratch out a bearable life despite those who take advantage of them. Remember, at the start, nearly all of the American revolutionary/rebel (which term for which side of the Pond you are on) leaders were quite rich men. The main folks thrusting the French Revolution forward were also rich men just with little-to-no noble blood. Only prosperous men seem to have the available resources and the discretionary time to plot revolution. Gee, sounds like the Burghers of Marienberg, yes? Pollyanna. That is what GoldenIslandsonYouTube's Warhammer world reminds me of. Sorry GoldenIslandsonYouTube, your world got so cloying, I could not read any your complete postings. Yes, the sun will rise tomorrow boyo, but it will do so on the good and the evil. I agree GoldenIslandsonYouTube, the Warhammer world needs some, and I only mean some, brightening up. But I feel it has more to do with the strength and intellect of a man to make more of his life than to make the world around him more idyllic. Basically, a more real or down-to-earth version of the Horatio Alger stories is the requirement. That is the quality, the why, that so many people found appealing in Bill King's Warhammer novels. One can do more than just one was born into. Why I am commenting at all here is that no one seems to understand that GoldenIslandsonYouTube cannot understand you darker people at all, and you darker people, who are happy with your less than happy view/experience/whatever of real life, are unable to see the "higher" joys that GoldenIslandsonYouTube strives for in both his play life and his real life. GoldenIslandsonYouTube might as well be writing in a foreign tongue for how little some of you can comprehend what he is writing. On the other hand, GoldenIslandsonYouTube simply has not had the life experience in the same way some of you have had to understand at all how you are happy with the Olde Worlde as it was before The End Times. Personally, if I had the money, (not sure if it, in fact, would require a time machine before the money), Age of Sigmar, with all of its negative baggage along with the damned Wardian doctrine, would be out the nearest Chaos portal and WFB would go to a revised Fifth, but not in the direction Sixth took it. More the tone of First thru Third, but with the more uniform playing rules of Fifth would be my ideal version. Also, a notice to the sculptors that we are trying to sell quality toy soldiers of a set scale, not small form art pieces of varying scales. I am all for fine detailed toy soldiers, but too many of GW's offerings of today are no longer toy soldiers, but rather some odd person's many-replicated pipe dreams of art. Nagash and his Mortarchs are the perfect examples of what went wrong. http://www.solegends.com/citcat1996usfb/c1996usfbp0155-02.htm vs. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Deathlords-Nagash http://www.solegends.com/citcat1996usfb/c1996usfbp0153-02.htm vs. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Deathlords-Mortarchs-Arkhan and so forth. Wargamers need toy soldiers that can fall over on the tabletop a couple or more times and not shatter into unusable shards like I have seen some of these modern pieces do. Furthermore, I would bring back the Chaos Dwarf army (leaving them as just Chaos's prime artillerists is disrespectful) in WFB. Moreover, the Squats would return in Sci-Fi! Now, I am a real renegade! I can go on, but I have said my piece. Let the duelling now begin!
  17. Read the announcement again. FFG is not dumping anything. GW is not renewing the licenses!!! GW is bringing everything into its Age of Sigmar crap and the new way they going for in the 40K schema. If you are not with them, GW is cutting you loose. Welcome to the new GW! Sadly, it is no surprise is one has been paying any decent attention to GW in the last while.
  18. My first question would be are you looking for this adventurer to be a Raven Shaman or a Wolf Shaman? There is a definite difference between the two.
  19. You too FT. As in what you originally posted . And it applies double for our Tzeentchian friend afore you!
  20. I see that I was right in my original reply to you. Should have kept it there. I just had too much faith. And to have gratitude does not mean one is a fan because, indeed, they are two separate issues. And if you do not understand that, you are the one trying too hard to make "... ridiculously over-broad ad hominem attacks ...". Indeed Pot v. Kettle with words like "tear", "accuse" and so forth. Makes the signature and the apology perfectly disingenuous. Causes one to wonder what else is too. As to not knowing you all, 600 & 399 posts reveal a great deal about people. If you do not think so, oh well. And lastly "faith" is only confusing to those that have none. They get it confused with so much garbage. I see my original post arrived no where where it was intended or meant evidence by all of the shooting that has resulted. Since it has all been in naught, I shall not bother further. Y'all've won. Be happy.
  21. Well, I guess that can be called "feisty" nicely. I find young people today confuse being forthright with argumentative for some unfathomable reason. And lastly, gratitude is not an opinion; it is a state of being thankful. There is nothing wishy-washy as opinion within gratitude.
  22. Understand what you are saying, but what you say appears to be a search for something. "The other guy was mean to me so I can do whatever I want in return." thing. You can always use the excuse of someone else's bad behavior to rationalize your own, but that never makes you right. Personally, I am grateful that Andy Jones, Gav Thorpe, Ian Pickstock, et al created WhQ. Furthermore, I am grateful that someone(s) at GW Studio considered the development of WhQ was worthwhile. Moreover, I am grateful that someone(s) at GW Office financed the production of WhQ. Additionally, I am grateful to the GW Staff members, who on their own time, donated their efforts to playtest WhQ. Simply, I am grateful to "GW" for my fun at playing WhQ. Pony up the real reasons for why you do (not) what you do (not) and live with the consequences. Do not blame others for your decisions, prejudicial or not, when indeed they were simply your own choices.
  23. FatherTurin, For one, fine, you had a bad day; we all have them. For two, a 30 year old vette with a lot mileage and no options? Come one, get with the analogy properly FatherTurin. The actual WhQ game would be a ~20 year old classic Aston Martin DB7. Sure it has some mileage, but it still had the wherewithal to go whereever you want to go in the Warhammer Olde World at any speed you want and get you & three or more friends there in style and comfort. Sure the Shelby can smoke the DB7 on a track, but why are you limiting yourself to a track? On the open road, the Shelby will be left in the dust by the Aston Martin! For three, as to being done with 'GM, its "Chevy" division or any other part of GM' (rather GW), well, you can play the original WhQ game as an ungrateful sot-of-a-player with no gratitude for all of the design work GW did with "after market parts" from several companies out there and give GW not a single penny. As for myself, well, I place gratitude where it belongs because without GW making this game, I would not have the fun I do and there would a lot fewer, if any, of the "dungeoncrawl" design copycats that are out there today for others to have fun with including this game. I find more and more folks these days just have no handle on the ideal, let alone the term, of gratitude in any form or fashion whatsoever. You might not be one of those folks FatherTurin, but in all honesty, you have to admit there is this problem these days. For four, as to wanting just a Subaru, where is the joy in that? It looks like GW is going to have FFG kill this game due to background design clashes. Personally, pretty much expected that since AoS reared its ugly head, but this game came out and no expansions were specifically talked about at the beginning. I mean really, what company does that these days other than GW? The FFG fanboys/girls always talk about how open FFG is, but it was acting like GW about this game from the beginning. So, I bought not and only play it at the local Hobbytown with their store copy. AND I will continue to buy not & only play there until I see actual expansion(s) on store shelves; I do not have the disposable income like I see so many here have to buy into dead ends. So, within this analogy, I see a semi-cheap back-from-somewhere-on-the-high-prairie-made car designed by some unknown to me engineers of one of the Big Three makers that has potential, but seems to only last for about 45,000 miles and really is not that all family friendly in actuality. Why buy in and why stress? And lastly FatherTurin, the "Aston Martin" meets the three criteria you started this thread with. It is a reliable mode of transportation with time-tested features and gets you there in kick-ass style. In the end, that is, of course, for you to choose to purchase or not. Your prejudice against "Chevy" may be robbing you of a seriously fun drive after absolutely magnificent drive though. As for me, I will just stay with my Aston Martin, have fun and encourage others to do so as well.
  24. Wow, what a response. Oyster irritants & Suidae evidently since I did meet the original three criteria specified by FatherTurin with the original WhQ suggestion and simply defended my position after that. That is life though in the 21Century on-line apparently. Good luck people.
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