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  1. Burning Brand is only for "Lore characters". So any hero or ally in lore, but I don't think it could be attached to Gloin even with a song. For a deck like this, Balin is probably a good option.
  2. Tactics is unparalleled in combat - I don't think Spirit can rival it. In my experience, neither of these spheres is particularly viable as mono-sphere decks in solo play. In this game (and I find this good and very thematic) plurality is always rewarded - Tactics should be paired with e.g. Spirit, either in the same or another deck. But with A Good Harvest or songs, you could play StwB and ally Faramir to boost willpower even in a straight-Tactics deck. To be fair, Tactics is my least favourite sphere and I rarely use it - but I find it fitting that brute force does not win the day on its own. It does one thing, and it does it very well. With recent cycles' cards dealing out more damage and enemies having higher attack, Tactics plays an important role that Spirit never could and vice versa.
  3. Not sure who you're referring to with "everyone"; I wouldn't mind more willpower boosting for Tactics in the slightest. Tactics also has a workaround for questing via Legolas+Arod, Trained for War etc. In my mind Spirit is the most essential sphere for success, and as I always end up playing support since everyone I play with prefers combat-based decks, this is exactly the kind of card I need for getting in on the action a bit as well.
  4. Fair and Perilous will be a huge boost to my Lore/Spirit deck. As for upcoming cards, I would be thrilled about a new healer ally. Warden of Healing is fantastic, but I'd love something related to Noldor/Rivendell (yes I remember Lore of Imladris but I'd like something that is reusable and uses Elrond's boost). We don't have too many healing allies (though I suppose the Wellinghall Custodian might be taking up that "slot" in the foreseeable future).
  5. Thought so, thanks for finding it. And sorry, but why is the Jeweler good with Caldara?
  6. I have been hoping for Cirdan as well, but he could be the unspoiled Spirit hero or he could show up in pretty much any cycle like Elrond and Glorfindel. I do find it hard to believe they wouldn't complete the set with all three Elven rings and their bearers. I'm curious about Elven Jeweler. if the discard mechanic is the equivalent of O Lorien and Heir of Valandil, I'm also hoping we'll see a universal Noldor stat boost soon. And some more recursion or something that lets us play cards from the discard pile. (Feels like I've asked this before, but has the latter been confirmed?)
  7. I love this pack. Rossiel is going to become a favourite for sure - I need a solid quester/defender in my support deck. Deciding between hers and Erestor's mechanic will be difficult if I don't want to scrap cornerstones like Elrond. Great cards overall, really looking forward to this.
  8. I had forgotten Imrahil is Boromir's and Faramir's uncle. A Leadership Faramir would be great! But it would have to be pretty special to compete with his core set ally. We do have a Leadership Dúnadan confirmed for Carn Dûm, so there will be an abundance of rangers this autumn.
  9. Fair guesses. Regarding RotK part 2, shouldn't Cirith Ungol be in The Land of Shadow already? Frodo's and Sam's journey in RotK is basically a drag across Gorgoroth and up the slopes of Orodruin, and then home to the Shire.
  10. More Tactics Ent cards have been confirmed? Man, we've seen Wellinghall Custodian spoiled for lore and Ent decks are already quite powerful. My girlfriend loves playing hobbits + ents in multiplayer, so this is going to be fun. edit: I was hoping for Tale of Tinúviel in the first or second pack, but it looks like we'll be waiting until Dread Realm. Quite excited about the new Lore hero, though!
  11. This pack looks fun. Sword-Thain can be game-changing in the right deck, but I remain unconvinced e.g. Beorn's ability can be triggered if you don't go through with shuffling him back. Will be interesting to see a ruling on this. edit: Because if this is actually the case, there is no way I won't run him and 3x Sword-Thain in a Vilya deck.
  12. There is absolutely no way we can know either way at this point, so let's just wait and see. The art is amazing, whatever card it's going on.
  13. This would be fantastic! Big fan of Giacobino's work in this game.
  14. Excellent colour use! Do you have other paintings to show? Glad you enjoyed the scenario - it sure is both a fun and tough one.
  15. It's only from now on. Wastes of Eriador and all following APs will be packaged like this, as well as reprints of older scenarios. I haven't received my WoE yet, so I'll reserve judgement.
  16. If it enters play as a result of a location being travelled to, you shouldn't need a resource match, no.
  17. Sorry, I haven't read through the whole thread - does the Brandybuck's "Forced" effect trigger even when he's still in a player's hand? It doesn't actually specify that he needs to be in play. This would make him a lot less useful; if I draw him and then a location is explored, do I have to put him into my deck?
  18. I'm refreshing these forums several times a day for spoilers. Does anyone know which cards have been confirmed for this pack, other than Spirit Merry and Ranger of Cardolan? I'm not sure how to interpret cards being displayed in the various articles. I'm hoping for Scout Ahead, and Song of Tinuviel (which just has to be awesome!)
  19. This sounds really great! I'm excited to experience the Day/Night mechanic. Also looking forward to more info on Mount Gram already - the hero in it hasn't been spoiled, for one!
  20. Great! I can really recommend Team Covenant's subscription service for this - takes barely a week after release from their store in Oklahoma to my mailbox in Sweden. Looking forward to spirit Merry and all the unspoiled cards.
  21. Yeah, I only made this decision because we're pretty much guaranteed to receive Noldor abilities that allow us to play things from the discard pile, but Map of Eärnil is the only way it could be useful as of now. (Maybe Eärnil's map from the Minas Tirith archives points to the location his ancestor Tuor met Ulmo and learnt about the fall of Gondolin? Bit of a stretch.) And correct, it should definitely have Victory 1 or something, though that contradicts the Map's final effect.
  22. Yeah, I just like John Howe and wanted a picture of Ulmo as it was he who first helped the Noldor to Valinor and the sea is so important to them. edit: But isn't the Man in the picture Tuor, bringing word to Turgon that Gondolin would soon fall? That was what I seemed to remember, hence the defence effect. I might be mistaken.
  23. Made this for tricky situations. Only playable with Map of Eärnil, with the current card pool. Encourages Spirit decks, and helps them a bit with combat.
  24. I had a go at The Weather Hills today, for the second time. Haven't beaten it yet. A few questions: 1) I should know this by now, but is a location considered "explored" even if it leaves play as non-active? Ancient Causeway raises your threat by 2 when it is "explored" - I put progress on it with Asfaloth and never travelled there, but I raised my threat for it anyway. 2) Are side quest effects constant as long as the cards are in the staging area? Search the Ruins raises your threat by 2 each round, and Orc Ambush boosts orc enemies. Do these effects apply even if I don't select either quest as active? The rules insert isn't very clear on this. 3) And, as it barely deserves its own topic, Pelargir Shipwright - does he gain an additional Willpower when I put e.g. Vilya on Elrond or a Song of Travel on any non-Spirit hero? Or is a "printed resource icon" supposed to be literally printed on the hero card from the beginning? How does this work with heroes like Oin? I think I'm beginning to understand how this scenario works, and I imagine the orc deck is easier to deal with in multiplayer due to its design. Thanks for reading.
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