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  1. Looks fun indeed! Lore/Spirit are my favourite spheres but I haven't tried an all-women deck myself. Since these heroes are not all terribly beefy (save Idraen, and Rossiel's defense if you get it set up), I would go for more allies even if it's just for chump-blocking. You're not going to get great benefit out of Silvan Tracker among allies, but she (?) does heal Rossiel and Mirlonde so I understand the inclusion. West Road Traveller could be an option, possibly at the expense of Ithilien Pit. I have rarely found a use for that card, but maybe your experience differs. I would also run 3 Light of Valinor to increase draw chance, remove Warden of Arnor (I don't consider it worth it) and maybe add some Lembas. 3x Unexpected Courage will definitely make life easier. A Test of Will and Hasty Stroke are staple cards for me. edit: What kind of deck are you planning to pair this with? I'd say it would need both combat capabilities and threat reduction. Elrond's Counsel could be a good idea in this deck.
  2. One simple explanation that I think may even be found in The Council of Elrond is that the mission must rely on stealth, and Glorfindel is so powerful that Sauron would sense him coming a hundred miles away. (In an early note about the LotR, Tolkien recounts Frodo's companions: Gandalf, Trotter (Aragorn), Sam, Odo, Folco, Merry, Glorfindel, and Burin son of Balin. This was way before he seemed to lean towards Glorfindel of Gondolin and Rivendell being the same character.) edit: There is also that Gandalf simply would rather trust to friendship than great wisdom. He says "Even if you [Elrond] chose for us an Elf-lord, such as Glorfindel, he could not storm the Dark Tower, nor open the road to the Fire by the power that is in him." -The Fellowship of the Ring p. 359, HarperCollins (1991).
  3. Some good ideas, thanks. I guess a more apt term in Lore decks would be cost reduction rather than resource gathering. I'd really like to make Master of Lore work, but I can never seem to justify spending 3 resources just for cost reduction long-term. (And he was also more playable before the errata.) Zigil Miner is indeed a good option with Spirit access. Do you really have nothing better to do?
  4. I like running support decks but often find myself short of resources without Steward/Horn of Gondor. Has anyone made Love of Tales work (cheating loop decks aside)? I'm not sure there are enough Song cards out to warrant it - letting neutral ones take up card slots feels unnecessary and if I get Leadership access for e.g. Durin's Song I might as well be running some other kind of acceleration. I'm asking because it would be nice to occasionally have a few resources over to ready Warden of Healing - I have never used that ability, but there are many instances (particularly in multiplayer) when we really needed it. Bifur is one option for more Lore resources, but my girlfriend is currently using him in a tri-sphere deck.
  5. Yeah, Leadership is equal parts rounding up allies and buffing them (and other players' characters). Leadership allies are still coming out e.g. for Gondor and Dúnedain in the Lost Realm and AA. If you only have the first two cycles and want to build an efficient ally-swarming deck, dual-sphere is your best bet. edit: And regarding ally cost - Lore really is the cost-reducing sphere. As Leadership has the best resource acceleration, it shouldn't be able nor really need to reduce card cost on its own. Combined with Lore, though, you can get quite many cards on the table in a short time.
  6. I'm not saying you're wrong about the numbers, but are you trying to build a mono-sphere deck? Mono-sphere isn't really viable until the Against the Shadow cycle, and at that point there are more allies to go round. Why not pair Leadership with one of the other spheres so you don't have to compromise with deck building?
  7. With treacheries and surges getting seemingly more common and newer encounter decks thinner, I really wouldn't mind more ways of reliably cancelling effects. There are only so many ways to recycle the same Test of Will. I think giving us options for that outside of Spirit would be fun for a change - there are still core set staple cards that I wish I could find some alternative to but never manage to build without.
  8. Sure, Scout Ahead is a good option but unique. I would like to see a third 1-cost lore event to complete the set. Out of the Wild is barely worth it out of Secrecy, I think. But maybe Secrecy is the preferred play style with scrying anyway.
  9. Do you think we'll see a player card that adds Treacheries to the VD as well? Thinning out the encounter deck of locations and enemies will bring back Treacheries more often, and When Revealed effects are usually what causes headaches for my group.
  10. I need to vent somewhere. My fiancée, best friend and I got together last night for the first multiplayer game we've played in a few months. We settled on A Knife in the Dark, as that was the next saga quest we should take on chronologically. I ran a tri-sphere Silvan deck with Elrond/Celeborn/Glorfindel, my fiancée tri-sphere with Galadriel/Gimli/Bifur and my friend Leadership/Lore with Boromir, Imrahil and Faramir. We play quite rarely and the decks are not always well coordinated, but we cheerfully gave it a try. Stage 1 and 2 went relatively well - Gondor increased threat to 38 to engage Ferny and then used Galadriel's ability, and usually held its own with enough resources and a few Lore of Imladris to heal heroes. I had frustratingly unlucky draws with the Silvan while Galadriel and the dwarves slowly gathered an army of ents. Stage 3 was - I'm trying to find the English word for it - absolutely bonkers(!) Boromir was the first to fall. My elf deck had to go full-on kamikaze and take undefended nazgûl attacks just to buy time for the other two. Elrond and Arwen died at 47 threat. The ents downed the witch-king in a single hit, and then Imrahil and Faramir purposefully refrained from questing to threat out and return engaged nazgûl to the staging area for the ents to deal with. Failed questing got the Galadriel deck to 48 threat. Unwilling to defend attacks with enraged Booming Ents, my fiancée sacrificed both Bifur and Gimli to the nazgûl and then finished off the last one with Treebeard and his friends. All-in-all, the Galadriel deck won at 48 threat and we cheered like crazy. Play time: approximately 4½ hours, from 18:30 to 23:00. We had seen the Nightmare edition at a local game store earlier in the day, but I don't think that's a good idea for us... Anyway, we were euphoric and convinced that the minstrels of Middle-Earth will be singing of this until the breaking of the world! Do you have similar stories with the Black Riders, or is this just us needing to practice more?
  11. Same. I've never known him outside these forums so I haven't the foggiest. I seem to remember he made a post or two late last year, but not sure if he expressed an interest in the game or returning to the website. Great guy.
  12. JC, I really urge you to just drop it. The majority of responses on the page before this are unwarranted. I have no idea when common sense and courtesy went out the window. It's a good idea to provide a source when you quote or paraphrase something. If a source is missing, please ask for one in a civil manner and don't draw ill-informed conclusions.
  13. I really don't know much about the Woodmen, other than them being descended from the Men of the First Age. They were hardy and brave, but most likely had shorter lifespans than the Númenoreans.
  14. Gizlivadi, what is that art piece please? It's gorgeous.
  15. Sorry, that's right. It's even more restricted than I thought. I got the impression Emberhair lowered the cost of all attachments just because Beregond was in play, but maybe I misunderstood.
  16. Yeah, I think I'm staying out of this one.
  17. Hey, welcome to the game! It's always rough at first, before you really get into the strategy and scenarios. A few things to remember is that Beregond only lowers the cost for attachments played on himself (so Steward of Gondor would be attached for free on him but not on anyone else) and that Boromir's Attack boost only applies to allies - so Aragorn wouldn't get it, even with the Gondor trait. Looking forward to your next report!
  18. One of the largest game stores here has as of recently increased the expansion price from about €24 to €30 and AP price from €12 to €15. It hasn't happened in all local stores, though.
  19. If this were a larger website and fanbase I would tell myself life's too short to acknowledge squabbles like these, but seriously - both of you, get a grip on yourselves. I have no idea what you think you're going to achieve with your insults and inferences. A healthy community revolves around the ability to keep a civilized tone even if you feel provoked. For the record, I am excited about Ettenmoors as I haven't proxied None Return and I'm curious about the new Tactics hero. Also, my 4-player group may eventually use easy mode to get through AtS and Ringmaker, as we live far apart and only play once every other month on average. Everyone is excited about the Angmar scenarios, but, when some don't have time to keep up with the cycles, the road to the newest pack becomes pretty long.
  20. Yeah, I'm only now getting ready to order Fog on the Barrow-Downs! This Belegost scenario looks fantastic, though. Great art and new mechanics! Can't wait to play it (in a year or so).
  21. Yeah, I did some quick digging and most posters in old threads seem to agree with jnicol's reasoning. I'm not on board with the logic that a new resource icon grants new sphere affiliation (I've always read "Lore character" as synonymous with "character with a printed Lore icon") but it does seem like a legal play.
  22. Intuitively, I've always thought songs etc grant resource icons but that doesn't change a hero's sphere. Gloin is a Leadership character, even with a Song of Wisdom attached. Each sphere has its own way of countering shadow effects, and making A Burning Brand available to non-lore characters would make it way too powerful in my opinion. But I haven't seen a ruling on this - maybe Caleb reasons differently.
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