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  1. No, that was my exact point. Even with a complete card pool, AKitD can be a very difficult quest. Easy Mode is probably ynaca's best bet.
  2. This looks great! Good luck on your adventures; I'll check in frequently for sure! edit: As for Easy Mode, my friends and I are slowly accepting that this is what we'll probably turn to, even though we've run some power decks as well. I don't think we've ever survived past the second or third round of Into Ithilien... I'm already resolved EM is how I'll play the game with my fiancée. It's simply more enjoyable if you can build thematic decks and still stand a decent chance of winning.
  3. We struggled through it in over 4 hours with 3 players, using Gondor, Silvan and Ent decks. Two of the decks were defeated and the third one (ents) managed to win with one remaining hero and 48 threat. And we use all packs and spend quite some time deckbuilding. So if it is possible, it's going to be very, very difficult.
  4. If you are 4 people, I really recommend two core sets. It gives you one threat tracker each, more tokens and cards, and all players can go multi-sphere. It's not like one player has to pay for everything if everyone wants to get started. If you get serious about the game, it's highly possible you'll all want your own core set eventually.
  5. As gandalfDK brings up a linguistic aspect, I might mention that since "varg" is the most common word for wolf in Swedish, the translation of The Hobbit that I grew up with calls wargs "ulvar" to set them apart from normal Wolves - but the word is a cognate to ModE "wolf". The translation has had to flip it around. I haven't checked, but it's likely the Norwegian and Danish translations are the same.
  6. Japan, according to his profile. I have two core sets and would probably be willing to spare a Lórien guide, but it would have to be sent from northern Europe and I'm not sure what the delivery would cost and whether it would really be worth it. Personally, if I do use that card nowadays it's in very specialised decks and rarely more than two copies of it.
  7. The way Jekzer has translated it, it's an effect that can be triggered after a character is committed to a quest. If the correct original text reads "after a hero commits to a quest...", I'm open to your interpretation. There's a semantic difference between the action and its following state.
  8. That Steed doesn't seem to have a limit. If you need to get rid of it, 3 discarded cards will eat through e.g. The East Bight - so long as it's not immune. edit: I really like the artwork on the dwarf ally.
  9. I have barely used those attachments myself, but I've always been under the impression that this enables you to play the discarded card for free. I don't think I've played with anyone who has played it differently. If it is not what the designers intended, it should be clarified (and mono-sphere takes a serious hit, in my opinion).
  10. I think Elrond + Vilya is part of a different strategy than the new Noldor, though - at least from what we've seen so far. Erestor and Cirdan render the Stargazer pretty much useless since you're going to be drawing 5 cards anyway. Unless some unknown event or attachment keeps her relevant, I doubt she'll find a way into discard decks. I love Elrond but I'm not convinced Vilya fits with Erestor. Not saying every card slot in a Noldor deck has to contribute to the discard mechanic (and in a way I suppose every card does in a simple sense), but as I believe I've mentioned earlier I don't think Cirdan+Elrond+Erestor is a good hero line-up unless you've got tons of threat reduction. Then again, I'm a bit tired of depending on Spirfindel for this... we'll most likely have several new heroes to choose from once TGH and Dreamchaser starts coming out, and in new spheres. addition: One thing I really like about discarding cards is that with Map of Eärnil, Tome of Atanator etc, we're going to be playing expensive events like Fortune or Fate, Grim Resolve and Dooms Hangs Still much more easily.
  11. Since the Dreamchaser cycle is going to take us to the "ruins of Númenor", I think we can rest assured this cycle is not the end of new Dúnedain support. All we can discuss is how the trait is being developed so far - we have no idea how the archetype will function once fully fleshed out.
  12. It is perhaps inevitable yet rather inconvenient for our wallets that cards with synergy are spread out as much as they are. I would love to have Children of the Sea, but I can't bring myself to pay 12 Euro when I'm not interested in the pack for any other reason. TBoG and TMV are the only two packs I don't have.
  13. Arwen is by far my favourite ally, so if she shows up as a hero I'll be torn. The scenario in itself looks amazing. Really looking forward to seeing how this cycle plays out.
  14. Before I thought we had too few Noldor heroes, and now there will be a whole bunch to choose from...! My only complaint about Erestor + Cirdan is that I will have to scrap Elrond as the third hero - 35 is too high if a Galadriel deck has to mind its own business.
  15. Considering the trait and theme, it would be great if we had at least some minor resource acceleration so Harbor Master can have some new life blown into him. Or he was a dud and should've been part of the discard mechanic. Time will tell. Matt and Caleb keep coming up with such awesome ideas, so I have every faith in this. So much to look forward to now!
  16. He should be Sindar, but then again so should Legolas and Celeborn. I realise they can only have so many traits floating around. (heh, floating...) Can I just very *humbly* say I called the idea of ships in a thread about 6 months ago: edit: But I fear a unique Beard attachment may not make it past the brainstorming stage.
  17. And with Map of Eärnil, it's easily reusable. The map is even a thematic fit.
  18. Right, I wasn't sure. Haven't played past the first quest in Heirs of Númenor and the scenarios before that reveal little that could help us tell the time. Just realised, with just one copy of Fair and Perilous, Cirdan attacks for 6. With two copies, he attacks for 10. (It doesn't seem to have a limit?)
  19. Well, as I understand it the deluxe expansions and cycle packs are supposed to take place between The Hobbit and the trilogy. So hypothetically if the year is around TA 2980 we could get Thorongil (Aragorn) as an objective-ally or something and witness the sack of Umbar.
  20. I think I need to lie down... this is beyond what I have been hoping for! edit: Nope, still can't get over how awesome this is.
  21. I don't think there's much point in bashing a trait that hasn't been fully developed. Silvan didn't become viable until the whole cycle was out, and now it's one of the strongest archetypes around. We haven't exactly seen much Noldor so far, for a cycle that promises to make that playable. I'm expecting lots of elf goodness in the latter half of the cycle. For comparison: there are 16 Silvan allies including Legolas, but only 13 Noldor (and two of them are Elrond and Galadriel, who I vastly prefer as heroes) and 12 Dúnedain allies. Disagree. Tactics Aragorn is phenomenal in a combat-focused deck. I think Loragorn is the most powerful version, followed by Tactics.
  22. Yeah, Fair and Perilous is supposed to be in the Ettenmoors. That and Wellinghall Custodian will boost my Ent and Noldor decks immensely.
  23. Road to Rivendell is one of my favourite quests, but we exclusively play it in easy mode as an ill-timed Sleeping Sentry can cost you the game for no good reason. My group really play for the atmosphere and cooperative features and not for reading up on the metagame and tailoring their decks to stand a better chance of winning. A poorly designed card like this is different from an all-round tough scenario - we beat A Knife in the Dark in standard mode recently and that was simply tough in itself. The quest let us make decisions and we never felt any particular effect was unbalanced.
  24. Very well put, flightmaster. I'm fond of the diversity of the cards and quests released so far. And either Nate always had a plan for each trait, or Caleb and Matt are very good at making older, seemingly stray cards parts of new archetypes. Dúnedain engage and Noldor discard, for instance. There is a great blend of mechanics and theme. I hope Caleb and Matt will stay on as developers for as long as they can.
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