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  1. Looks fun. I probably won't see this pack for another month or so here, but I can't wait to get my hands on it.
  2. As a fellow non-native speaker, I agree it may appear semantically ambiguous. DukeWellington is correct, though. And a VD deck is going to be quite powerful in the long run.
  3. It's already been pointed out, but Silver Harp just fixed the Mirror's one drawback.
  4. I like the pack overall. Many good cards for the discard mechanic. I'm not sure how I feel about Elf-Friend. Thematically it's nice, but I feel like in practice it's just going to lead to broken and/or unthematic combos. Eowyn decks are going to be running Light of Valinor and then use Fair and Perilous for attack. I do see the point of it allowing e.g. Aragorn to equip Lorien cloaks.
  5. While I'm not sure it rivals Foundations of Stone, Celebrimbor's Secret deserves a mention. We got Galadriel, Nenya, the Mirror, Orophin (who brings great stats and ally recursion to Silvan decks), Heir of Mardil (great readying effect if you hold off on e.g. Steward of Gondor until later), Cloak of Lorien (much-needed defense boost for elves), Wandering Ent (fantastic ally for low cost, like most ents), and the Handmaiden, who is a great quester and provides -1 threat for any player. The tactics cards I haven't actually tried so I can't vouch for them.
  6. I've thought about this possibility too. As monkeyrama says, it sure would be an immense boost for Thalin - but maybe we need a stronger incentive for questing with just 1 WP these days. It could be a way of re-actualising older cards and helping with Toughness. Maybe a new Dúnedain or Noldor hero will have an ability like this?
  7. Does anyone know if parts of Númenor are still above sea level in the lore or whether Matt and Caleb are taking some liberties? I know some places in Beleriand remain in the Third Age, but I had the impression Númenor was completely underwater. It's an awesome idea either way - I guess they won't throw in actual Númenoreans as allies or heroes, but there's plenty of opportunity for events and attachments that refer back to their lost civilisation.
  8. You're the worst, MNT is a champion, with good analysis, good custom cards and is funny as heck. I guess I'm helping derail the topic now, but I'm with joezim007 100%. Being active and posting interesting custom creations does not make up for an unpleasant attitude. It's obvious from other posts here that different users have different ideas of what constitutes bad behaviour, so I'm not sure there's much point to speaking ill of the banned. If at all, a discussion on decent conduct on the forums could take place in a new topic.
  9. The Fellowship drink from a cup when they leave Lothlórien as well, so I guess that's where it comes from. Also the reason Galadriel's Handmaiden is holding a cup - Caleb talks about this in Team Covenant's "Celebrimbor's Secret" unboxing. And the art is fantastic. I do wish the card was more playable. I never use it as it pales in comparison to Eowyn's ability, Protector of Lorien or even Star Brooch though it's more restricted.
  10. Agreed, that art is fantastic. I really like what they seem to have done with this scenario and how they tie this new adventure into Tolkien's existing lore on the kingdoms of Arnor. This is shaping up to be my favourite cycle so far!
  11. Erestor+Boromir is interesting, haven't thought of that. I'm not sure I'll be using Tactics and Elven Spear much, though - not now when Fair and Perilous is out. I have yet to receive the Ettenmoors pack and try it, but it's going to be an immense help to Spirit elf decks. Someone like Elladan will probably be killer with Elven Spear, though.
  12. As more Noldor cards are released, I guess we'll see how the discard pile is supposed to work. An Erestor deck burns through 50 cards in exactly 11 rounds, an Erestor+Cirdan deck in 9 rounds (and this disregards other effects like Daeron's Runes and Ancient Mathom). The question is whether it will be a good thing for certain cards to stay in the discard pile and a Noldor player should simply build thicker decks, or Will of the West is going to become a key card as cards you couldn't afford the first time round can just shuffle back and show up again. I proxied Erestor with Elrond and Glorfindel again yesterday and tried new cards like Elven Jeweller, and it works all right already - but the main problem is that you get 10 cards on round one and have absolutely no way of using them all, particularly if you don't get a Protector of Lorien or something. Now we have a reverse problem - it hurts to throw away A Test of Will and Arwen just because I needed Asfaloth more. Which is why I'm excited about how cards in the discard pile is going to affect play - this is very obviously an archetype-in-progress.
  13. Disclaimer - I haven't played past Encounter at Amon Dín except for VoI and Intruders in Chetwood, though I own all Ringmaker packs. In no particular order: The Road to Rivendell (Love the narrative - only downside is I can't use my Arwen ally. It's only that one treachery card that drags this scenario down.) The Watcher in the Water (Great theme, great art. Love the tentacle enemies and effects. Good difficulty level. Gate mechanic is a bit random, though.) The Long Dark (I have a love-hate relationship with Moria in all Tolkien writings and adaptions, but I really dig this scenario. Too easy for a DL7, though.) Peril in Pelargir (This kicked me and my friends all the way back to the Shire for so long, but it is a well thought-out scenario. It's a breath of fresh air after the first two cycles and the Thug enemies are fun.) Intruders in Chetwood (This is a fun quest with great theme - I love Bree in the books. I hated this quesr at first, but my hatred has moved on to the Weather Hills - which I can't seem to beat, at least not in solo play.) Honorary mention: The Steward's Fear (I've only played this once, but I'm going to go back right now! Fun theme and it seemed to have excellent replay value.)
  14. That's right, according to the product page. Updating my first post. That page also says it contains "many" player cards that "lend additional strength and definition to the Noldor trait" - sure we get Elven Spear and the Weaver, but I'm hoping for at least one more thing. I saw that some Spanish retailers already seem to have it, but I guess we'll have to be a bit patient for spoilers.
  15. Thanks for linking; these are amazing! That Glorfindel/Balrog one has great colouring. Also, Fingolfin... meh, who needs armour?
  16. Thanks for the summary, PsychoRocka. That's right, the Leadership side quest remains. I hope Erestor comes with an additional card that kickstarts discard pile shenanigans - maybe one of the lore cards? As for Scout Ahead, I must disagree. To me, that's the most powerful side quest so far or possibly on par with Gather Information. Even if you don't run a victory display deck, in a solo game Scout Ahead allows you to remove one card and control exactly in which order things are going to show up for the next four rounds so you can quest/prepare accordingly.
  17. Sorry, which player cards have already been spoiled besides Erestor? - Reinforcements - [Leadership side quest] - The Door is Closed - - Galadhrim Weaver - - Elven Spear - -
  18. I argued in a similar thread recently that the Black Riders box can be very difficult even when you own everything released, so Easy Mode is probably your best option. Hope you enjoy the game!
  19. I was thinking earlier today that I really enjoy putting decks together in my mind or on paper, but when I build them they often don't perform quite as well as I'd like. I took a dwarf power deck against the Weather Hills today and lost, then lost even Passage Through Mirkwood with a new spirit/tactics Gondor Dúnedain deck. I've come to realise I like thinking about new combos and strategies, but I actually sit down to sort and play quite rarely and most of my decks never make it past the planning stage because I lose interest in the theme or need to do something else.
  20. I'm "just" buying into the LotR LCG - but, by estimation, I've spent thousands on this game by now so I do feel like a faithful customer. It really is the theme, cooperative aspect and gorgeous art that sell it for me.
  21. NM packs seem well on the way to catching up with regular ones. Maybe the plan is to eventually release a NM scenario just a short while after the standard version.
  22. And "Noldo" of Elrond, Galadriel, Gildor etc. Noldor and Sindar are plural forms. As for lineage, Gandalf tells Pippin in RotK that the blood of Númenor runs true in Denethor and Faramir. So calling him a Dúnadan is no great stretch, I think, though we certainly don't often think of him as one. It literally means "Man of the West". edit: And the image does look very similar!
  23. It is a shame that spirit Glorfindel is so disliked by some players, and that he certainly can be considered overpowered. I almost always play him, but I've always played him for the theme and not for his power. Glorfindel is one of my favourite characters in the lore, Spirit is my favourite sphere and to me that card's artwork is one of the best in the game. I understand some of this weariness of Glorfindel is due to players putting him in decks where he has no thematic reason to be, but in a theme deck (which is what I always build - I cannot bring myself to play with unrelated characters for the sake of power) he is a hero like any other. And in multiplayer, one player running Glorfindel doesn't make a huge difference. It's not like he provides a universal boost like Dain.
  24. This AP is now available at the Book Depository! I haven't wanted to get my copy from the states due to shipping costs, but now I've finally placed an order.
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