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  1. No, this is from before The Mountain of Fire came out so he focuses on that. Otherwise, he mostly talks about the general design process on LotR and his interest in other IPs. 

    My interest in the game has waned a bit in the last year, mostly because of lack of time and energy, but I just had a look at the Upcoming page on FFG.com for the first time in a long while and with all the reprints they're doing I see why there hasn't been much talk of future stuff yet. 

  2. I was very hyped when Arkham was announced. Only just got into the original Lovecraft stories at that point and hadn't played any previous AH boardgames, but I knew FFG would deliver. I've played through the core set with my fiancée and we really enjoyed it. She prefers gameplay in AH over LOTR because of the strong story aspect and how there's barely any mental arithmetic. Once you've built up your "army of allies" in LOTR, 90% of the rest of the game consists of just keeping track of numbers, particularly in 3-4-player games. Having one investigator and up to one ally is refreshing. I also like what they've done with locations compared to LOTR, even though setup is a bit fiddly. (So can LOTR's setup be, particularly in newer scenarios where you may have a separate enemy deck and certain cards set aside etc.)

    The only real downside for me when it comes to AH LCG is the deckbuilding and how it relates to story progression. On the one han I like the sense of accomplishment when you can upgrade e.g. equipment or a spell in AH, but it's all tightly connected to the narrative of a specific campaign. Deckbuilding is a lot more flexible in LOTR and I enjoy just putting a deck together and using it in any scenario without having to worry about progression. (Though we never know what the growing card pool of AH might change down the road.)

  3. - Attachments overpowering heroes. Attachments have now limited number of uses, so permanent boosts are no longer a thing. They are also restricted by the number of slots an investigator has, so no more double armor, double axes with a bow, etc.




    -Threat count. The threat mechanic was an interesting feature, but most of the times it caused confusion. One of the most common misstakes a newcommer did was to forget to increase their thread at the end of the round. It was a good way to put pressure on the players and balance the heroes out, but after more cards were released, thread became more managable to the point it stopped being a real thread. Doom seems to be a better system, placing a token on the agenda is a lot more classy and helps keep the pressure on the players regardless of the choosen investigator or the card pool.

    To be fair, most Weapon and Armour attachments are Restricted, which is supposed to represent "slots" or hands. You're probably thinking about the Rivendell Bow, which isn't Restricted. It definitely should've been. All other bows in the game require a slot. It is indeed possible to power up a single hero with lots of non-Restricted attachments like readying effects, but it's a strategy that requires time and resources to set up and since effects like Unexpected Courage and Light of Valinor represent abstract concepts I don't really have a problem with it.


    As for threat vs doom, there may well be player cards in the future that allow us to counter doom similar to threat. So it does seem like a greater problem now, but we'll just have to see what the future brings.


    Agree with the rest of your post. Great summary and looking forward to the game.

  4. I think it is a parody of sexist jokes.

    It ridicules the reader's automatic expectation of being served some "filth". If anything, I would say it is a statement against sexism.

    It's not in any way a parody of sexist jokes. The "anti-joke" idea is a crude excuse to normalise a warped view of women.


    1) You did not reject the term when quoting Gizlivadi, which you should explicitly have if you did not agree with the sentiment.

    2 and 3) You have not provided any kind of explanation as to why you leave this content up online when all the female characters have fallen victims to this. It's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing - the memes promote objectification and ridicule of women. Bad humor is not an excuse for bigotry. My fiancées only reaction when I showed her the pictures was "this kind of jokes only confirms my stereotypes of the average male boardgamer".

    I'm done with this thread too, and I'm certainly done with your Facebook page.

    edit: for reference, I thought I would add that I'm about as conservative as it gets according to my country's standards and unlike most I'm not a feminist. If you ever travel to Northern Europe with this kind of gender perspective, good luck...

  5. It's beyond me how anyone can disagree with speaking out against blatant sexism. I'm confused the content hasn't been taken down yet.

    edit: I'm non-native and had to google the meaning of "SJW". I find it sad that such a well-known podcast resorts to name-calling when they can't defend an argument.


    Cool initiative, some of them are pretty funny. But I am bothered by every single one with a female character just being a sexist joke. You could make great memes with Galadriel and Idraen without being derogatory.


    Not to argue for sexist jokes, but I argue that the ones you're referring to (if I'm thinking of the right ones) are actually using the first line setup to subvert expectation of a sexist joke, only to instead deliver an anti-joke. Which actually highlights how the female characters in question are awesome. 


    That was my interpretation, anyway. 


    The subversion in question does not even serve a comedic purpose. It's nothing but off-putting and immature. If there were only one or two instances I wouldn't bother, but right now all 8 woman character cards I've seen in there have fallen victim to it. If the characters are "awesome" in the first place, why the need to make it all about gender and sexuality?

  7. This is definitely an archetype in progress. We don't know the whole story yet. I feel like Lore and Spirit will be the cornerstones here - if you have e.g, 2 Spirit heroes and 1 Lore, you can play the Harp and PoL from your first hand - and hopefully an Elven Jeweller as well. The Tactics cards are not worth it so far, I think. I really want to make Watcher of the Bruinen to work, with Cloak of Lorien and maybe Elven Mail (does it go on allies?), but I agree even 4 cards per round seem too few to power all effects - even with the Harp. If you get two harps in play and we get some more cards that mess with the discard pile and boost allies, then it could get really good. Will be interesting to see if some kind of cost reduction will play into it as well. I hope the Dread Realm spirit hero is Noldor - but I guess now we have TGH/Dreamchaser to look forward to as well.

  8. Off-topic rant:



    While I see what you're saying, "unthematic" is obviously a very vague term here. I can't bring myself to enjoy playing decks that may be powerful but make little sense with regard to how the characters relate to each other and the world. Take this example concerning attachments:


    - Nothing could bring me to put Steward of Gondor on Elrohir, even though it would make him a more reliable defender. He knew Aragorn and the other Dúnedain, sure, but he has nothing to do with the authority or resources of the Steward.


    - I could, however, put Horn of Gondor on e.g. Eomer - because he hears horns cry from Minas Tirith and quickens his speed. That I would even call thematic.


    Middle-Earth is a vast place, with different cultures, norms and flavour; there is a difference between what could happen and what really makes no sense -


    - If things had gone differently, Thorin, Fili and Kili could have survived until the War of the Ring and gone to hang out with Hirluin and Mablung, or Cirdan decided to take a break from boats and go chill in Lothlorien. That's fine.


    - But even with Elf-Friend, I can't fathom why someone would put Light of Valinor on Eowyn. She has never been there; her people is not in any way related to Aman. Get another readying effect for her - Theoden could've traded with elves in Eriador and received some Miruvor. That's fine.


    Do you see the difference? The nitpicking you describe does sound tedious, but there is a very broad spectrum. If it makes little sense I'm not going to enjoy playing it.



    As for the on-topic question: A fixed opening hand would make everyone play Noldor at this point just for the headstart.

  9. Speaking of which, I would love to see a modern Gimli deck.

    My girlfriend runs Gimli, Bifur and Galadriel in an Ent deck. It works wonders. Gimli defends in early rounds to cover for the ents, Bifur claims resources if she only draws Lore cards, and Galadriel helps with card draw and keeping threat low. I've wanted to build a Gimli/Galadriel deck for a long time, Bifur was a good addition and then Ents fit the spheres. We do not run Dain with this.

  10. Elrond is one of my favourite characters in the books and I love playing him for the theme - my last few tweaks have indeed omitted Vilya, and focused more on questing and healing than putting powerful cards into play. With Cloak of Lorien and Burning Brand, he's an excellent defender. Lembas is just icing on the cake.

  11. May I ask, how come you have 3x Gildor but only 1 Arwen in the second version? I ran Vilya decks similar to this all through the first two cycles, and Arwen is such an amazing ally for her cost. I realise having 3 Gildor increases the chance of playing him with Vilya, but now that I look at your deck list - how do you know what's at the top of the deck without the Stargazer? I don't think Gildor's so good I'd risk including 3 uniques and ending up with dead cards.


    I'd definitely remove 1 Gildor and add 1 Arwen again, but I'd love to hear your take on it.

  12. Elrond has been one of my favourite heroes since his release (approximately the time I started playing). Vilya is obviously enormously powerful with hero Gandalf, though I've barely tried this line-up myself. A Vilya-focused deck got me through every quest until Heirs of Numenor. As of late, I have actually been using Vilya less and less as I'm a bit tired of the deck control archetype. I enjoy playing healing-heavy decks but also want in on the action a bit more - so Elrond will probably retire within the next few months (at least temporarily), to make room for Cirdan and Erestor.

  13. I just took a deck very similar to this through Mirkwood in 5 rounds, but used Spirfindel instead of Eowyn for the theme - and I didn't proxy the new Rhudaur cards, so obviously it's less powerful. It performs quite well already, though. Didn't draw any Protector of Lorien early, but put two Jewellers into play for free and Legolas contributed by placing some extra progress. Putting Cloak of Lorien, Elven Mail and Rivendell Blade on allies is fun. Wrapped up by questing for 12 on the last round and then one-hitted a Beastmaster with Glorfindel + Fair & Perilous just for the sake of it. I usually don't like tri-sphere, but fun cards are so scattered.

  14. It would be cool to see the elf brothers in Saga Expansion 5, but then again there are so many heroes that will probably take precedence - Spirit Aragorn is my bet there. New Elladan and Elrohir could tie in nicely with the discard mechanic. If they're Spirit and Lore they could focus on questing/cancellation and healing or scrying. Maybe the Lore one could have: "Action: Discard a card from your hand to heal 1 damage from a character. (limit once per round.)" Not sure if it's balanced, but it would encourage having their father in play for the bonus.

  15. Its pretty funny that the picture on Silver Harp is meant to be Elrond and the flavour text implies it is him also yet he can only use the Silver Harp if he has Vilya attached  :P


    Spirit Elrond hero incoming to jive with the discard mechanic? :)

    That would be so cool. I was hoping for the Leadership hero in Carn Dum to be Elrond, until it was confirmed it was a Dunadan.

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