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  1. But the card says "just revealed from the encounter deck". Shadow cards are delt face down from the encounter deck at the very beginning of Combat Phase, and revealed later when the enemy makes it's actual attack.
  2. In the Ally and Villain pack announcement they write about Hondo: "Hondo can be a dear friend or a frightful enemy, depending on the size of your pockets." I wouldn't describe someone as "a dear friend", if my options is either getting attacked with +2 threat or getting attacked with +2 dmg. Maybe he has some more neutral special rules during campaign missions.
  3. MrHangman

    Leveling speed

    Rising this thread like a Necron... Only yesterday we actually got our first three player game of this, with me being the Nemesis. The good guys won, but barely. AFTER SIX HOURS. Heroes started out with the Ultramarine and Rogue Trader, me with the Khorne Berserker. The Rogue Trader bit the corruption after a bit over an hour to the game and was replaced with the Comissar. And boy did the Commissar level up quickly. In about 20 minutes he was higher than the Rogue Trader ever was. The Nemesis works as a great doomtrack mechanic. They halved my Infamy once, so that basically saved them. But the Inner Tier was hard on them. Comissar was vanquished after few rounds against Corruptis and the player didn't pick a new character anymore. In the end I would've won in a few rounds, but the Ultramarine beat Corruptis with the Webgun. The Nemesis just keeps on getting better, because they don't loose any assets or levels. I actually hurt myself because the nemesis deck gave me couple of Berseker Rages, and I lost turn for not being able to charge players in the Inner tier. And the Imperial deck gave me way too many events when nearing the bottom of it, instead of enemies. So I couldn't gain Infamy via leveling when already maxed out. So if the players don't hurry to the end, the Nemesis will wear them out. They vanguish beat the Nemesis a few times to lower the Infamy, but they will succumb to the corruption at some point and be weak before the Nemesis. Still, SIX HOURS. Talisman usually takes around eight...
  4. Looks great and thanks for the 4 heroes advice! I think I'll force them to use Mak and Diala for Twin Shadows, because those two are the ones that my friends didn't pick for the core campaign. And on Hoth they just have to re-use one hero. For the Twin campaign you did not include red side missions (besides the story ones for Saska and Biv) from the core set? Kiitos!
  5. So there's four players playing through the core campaign at the moment: me as the Imperial and three of my friends as four rebels. Each of them have their own character and then they share control of Gideon. The rebel characters goes as such in the campaign sets: Core - 6 Twin Shadows - 2 Hoth - 3 Besbin - 2 Jabba's - 3 If we want to have four new characters for every campaign, we'd run out of them by the time we reach Hoth (Twin Shadows would use the two "extras" from the core set). If we played the expansions using only three per campaign, we'd be fine all the way thru Jabba's in the sense of having fresh heroes fo each campaign. But what I've been reading from this forum, is that the game balance suffers if there are less than four rebel characters. Is this really so bad if we had just three? Experiences? Also, I'd really like to have side missions in between the Twin Shadows mini campaign story missions. Has anyone tried to reconfigure the campaign reward- and threat-wise to achieve this?
  6. So lets say you are on a space in the middle tier next to the Guardian of the Rift space. You have a relic. For movement you throw a 2 or bigger. You can just waltz in to the inner tier through the Guardian of the Rift space? No stopping? No takin care of some yellow threat tokens? Where's the challenge? In fact the whole inner tier was a letdown. We played for the first time last night and it was the beginner scenario without any boss, but still there's no real challenge in the inner tier if your character is level capped and has a few nice relics.
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