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  1. I really like your list, sounds like lots of fun. I have flown Nymranda alot and ill will 100% try your list. Gratz on the win
  2. I have good results using this list: IG-B with HLC, FCS, AT, Tractor, and VI Mux with TLT Thug with TLT and Agromech thats a good list
  3. Awesome post Maxgingold, i really dig the statistic and diagrams. The videosis top notch too. great work mate.
  4. Try to check this site out, its brand new but have some really good articels http://academy-pilot.com
  5. I got 2xImp aces and before that a A-wing, yeah i like fast ships..
  6. I would ditch the BH and AP and take kath with Expert handling, ion canon, rebel captive and seismic, that barrel roll will kick ass and give her lots of mobility. just play it slow and get the doom shuttle in front.
  7. Kimo-san

    Rebel Aces

    With this rebel upgrade, one of the named A-wings can barrel roll....its awesome, i have always dreamed of this.... The rebels get all the love from FFG. that said, they really need to give the Tie-A some loving too....come on guys
  8. Thanks Globe. i will look into it. Maybe i will Niko
  9. Has any1 tried a 4 x Lambda build with engine, and if u have, how was it??
  10. In the tournament rules it is said that a BYE gets 5 points but ofc. gets a lesser SoS.
  11. Thats the beauty of the x-wing game. there no sure win list. love it
  12. Looking forward to the shuttle, "tell captain Cagi, to make my ship ready" the Emperor. There is so much history and childhood memories in the Tie-bomber for me and the B-wing, well i think its enough for me to just hold the models in my hand and gently caress em all. Thats what im looking for....just to droll.
  13. Awesome battle report dude. Thanks for showing that 8 Tie's actually can kick ass.
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