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  1. Thanks for a very good answer! We have done errors while playing it seems.
  2. Geldris said: 1. No. Only units can be supported, not power or garrison tokens 2. Uncertain, never really used tides of battle. 3. No, support and defence may be played as many times as desired per turn 4. I'm not sure I understand your question, but I believe the answer is no. You can only support adjacent areas, you cannot support across seas. Similarly, a land unit cannot support a sea unit. Hope that helps! Thansk for the clarifying answers I´ll try to clarify question 4 by breaking it into several questions: For example, Player A has one boat in each of the right side sea areas(quite extrem, I know). He has a march order in Storms End and a Support order in Sunspear. 4 a: Player A can attack Winterfell from Storms End, correct? b: Can Sunspear units support the attack?
  3. Hi! We had after yesterday game several questions related to "Support". 1. Player A have an area in which he has establiched control and have no units there. Can this area be supported if an enemy attacks it? 2. Player A attacks player B in a sea attack. Player B supports with one ship from an adjuctant sea area. Blayer B wins the battle but suffers a tides of battle scull. I think only defending units can be destroyed but the rule text is not very clear. 3. A support order is only valid for one battle, correct? Is it the same with a defence order? 4. A supporting unit can support all oversea areas that could be target of a march order, correct? Thanks! /Tryvenyal
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