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  1. I am seeing something in version not sure whether it's a bug or a misunderstanding on my part how something works. No matter how much obligation I add to a character, the +10 options are not becoming enabled.
  2. Speculating here, but I would guess the same people are working on the beginner box as the book. (I'm talking in-house resources here, like editors, layout folks and so on.) Ergo the releases would have to be staggered, unless you wanted both to get released later!
  3. Forgive the thread necromancy, but I just got the book, and this was the first thing that jumped out at me as "Wow, that seems very harsh and/or broken." I don't know about how well it balances against non-Force talents (my EotE book is WAY out of reach presently), but it clearly doesn't balance well against the Consular/Healer's Surgeon talent, right next to it in the tree. Surgeon gives the same benefit immediately at a cost of 2 extra difficulty dice. Those costs would be pretty close, but I think Surgeon leapfrogs it because it can benefit other characters AND it scales per rank in the talent. Personally, I wouldn't have a problem if it just said "provided the Healer is conscious, for every day of natural healing, they recover 1 extra wound."
  4. Yeah afraid so...this is what happens when you don't say no to your players. Slight correction: technically, his name should be "2B|N2B". Or even "2B|!2B". ...said the professional programmer.
  5. All this, plus if they roll over on you in their sleep, you are screwed.
  6. If you had ever thrown one off a roof, you would understand :-)
  7. Heh, sorry themench! I actually looked into building this against mono, but there is no WPF support in mono so it was not possible. You could try building it under silverlight, which runs (in a browser) on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  8. Order 66 did half an AP during beta. Though they promised to post the other half of the game, they never did. Hint hint. Edit: I will say this -- that bit of AP more or less sold me on the system. I think the exact moment was when the crane smashed through the wall. Really illustrated the narrative possibilities inherent in the system.
  9. I like what Burning Wheel has to say on this matter -- if you can't make failure interesting, don't make a roll.
  10. Yes, I was thinking that it would be nice to have a version of the overview map of the crash sites without the insets showing where all the crashes were.
  11. Yes, sorry, I wasn't trying to assert ownership of that site, just linking to it. Should have been more clear there!
  12. I have been noodling using the dice for a superhero game system. So far, I have managed to keep it at arms' length, because it seems like the sort of thing that could turn into a monstrous time suck, but if people were interested in this, I could collate these various thoughts and make them publicly available.
  13. The Survivalist trait "Swift" does more or less the same thing.
  14. As it happens, I *do*: http://donjon.bin.sh/scifi/name/#star_wars
  15. Then why not just say "you can't have that" rather than trying to penalize them for wanting to wear it? One could certainly make the case that for some archetypes (bounty hunters in particular), heavy armor is pretty canonical.
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