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  1. We do have a side industry of token manufacturers that will undoubtedly make runes in varying sizes and materials once the game comes out. The acrylic ones have already been mentioned, but we'll probably see wooden and metal ones as well...
  2. The games have been designed by the same person, so it is not surprising to see common design choices. However, I would be extremely surprised if it follows identical rules, and not just share the layout.
  3. Thank you BD and Tragic, I know it is not confirmation, but I like how it seems to work. Can't wait to see the rulebook.
  4. I could be wrong (of course), but I had assumed that the small circle icons on the right of the card (bottom right of the picture) were 'shield' icons. From the description page: In addition, attacks can be shielded by discarding a card with shield icons from your hand to reduce the damage dealt to your unit. The skull icons could also be shield icons, I guess. Skulls seem to be attached to more powerful cards, so I do like them as potential conditional costs. Any thoughts on "The Fury of Sicarius" and its different border? It's still an army card, but it has a full blue border around it and three colored markers under its name. Could be nothing, but why make it different from other army cards? Do we have any guesses as to how the 1st planet works after it is won? is it literally claimed by the player and removed from the 5-planet line, to be replaced with another 1st planet from the stack? or does it stay in play, and the next planet in line becomes 1st planet? Moving along makes unit placement about more than resource control, it also sets up future combats, and allows for planning which planets you need to capture in order to win. It also just dawned on me how potentially massive and dangerous the warlord's retinue can become after a few 1st planet battles, and what a tipping point you get if you don't pay attention to those units that win and go back to headquarters. I love this design! Also, not sure if I saw it mentioned, minimum deck size is fifty.
  5. my favorite setting, and my favorite game format. I'm all in. Now I just need to get everybody else around me in as well.
  6. I mentioned this in the other thread, but don't orks love to loot IG tanks as well? Heck, every model that comes out gets a Ork looted variant online within days (ork knights?). By ork logic, any vehicle should be "allied" if you throw enough junk at it, and paint it red for the extra speed boost.
  7. Couldn't the orks just loot the IG vehicles anyway?
  8. Like it has been mentioned, I think the lack of viable alliances keeps these races out of contention as core set factions. I do think they would be perfect as big standalone decks, provided that people are not upset if they don't get more support for those factions right away. In fact, my concern is the large number of factions in the starter, and the level of support each will get in subsequent expansion packs (data packs, chapter packs, whatever they'll be called). I would not want to build a Tau deck out of core, and not see additional Tau support for months because new factions are being introduced. I would rather have a continuous stream of cards allowing for varied deck construction for existing factions.
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