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  1. Never played SFB. I was just really curious cause my normal crew for Geek Night (its been a standing 4+ years for gaming of every kind of Wed Nights) is six people, and the way the combat was looking if they were all on the same ship a couple of them would be left twiddling their thumbs. Its always been a challenge keeping all of them at once occupied. Thanks for the run down though Kao. We just had our first session last week. Haven't gotten to any space combat, or vehicle combat yet. Want to try and get the other things down first, and was trying to learn before getting there.
  2. So, all my players are on one ship. Combat starts. Int has been rolled. How does combat actually play out? Lets say the int order is PC, NPC, NPC, PC, PC, PC. Now I could be reading this wrong but in the rules it almost looks like the "ship" gets the two maneuvers and an action limit that for most of those the pilot or the co-pilot are in charge of (except for shoot a weapon). If those maneuvers are used up as well as the one action. What does the rest of the crew get to do?
  3. Ok this has finally made we weigh in on these forums. So hello to all of ye here. Shadowrun was where I broke my pen and paper RPG cherry. 2nd edition was my fave. It is now into fifth edition, and it is a pretty decent game. As pointed out, yeah the gear buying can be somewhat problematic, if not overwhelming for new players. But the stories, man that game gave up some of the coolest events for an rpg. As to the original topic. I like that you can't raise characteristics pass chargen. One, to me, it makes the game feel like basic stat wise the game levels the playing field that standard "by the level" rpgs don't do. That minion group at the beigning of the game could be just as deadly (not as much as before mind you) as it was back then. Not like I'm wading into a pool of kobolds and hacking away like I am getting paid to de-weed the lawn of the dungeon keeps abode.
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