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  1. Hello everyone, On a lots of forum, from various countries, i see people willing to improve their game with new pieces, new boards, … I think the best solution is to show to FFG that a Deluxe version of the game with new pieces ( inspired by the show) , pieces for House Arryn and maybe Targaryen would be a great idea. So feel free to add coments, answer to the pool to the thread ( which have photos) about this idea on BBG http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/991303/gauging-interest-for-an-ffg-deluxe-edition-of-the
  2. A player can ALWAYS support both the attacker and the defender. Even if he only got one army on the adjacent area of the battle, he can sell his support to one or the other.
  3. I think he can, but i don't really understand why he would do that. Most of the time, a player who have the possibility to support a battle of 2 other player will pick a side.
  4. Well this "extension" is not hugely popular, so this explains that. But as you can see here : http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/987229/would-you-buy-blue-units-and-tokens A lot of people are on your side, and that is what should be showned to FFG. In my opinion, I think FFG should sell a Premium Pieces Pack with all new pieces from all houses ( including Aryn, and maybe Targaryen for the PoD ADWD). And the new pieces should be inspired by the show : http://imgur.com/B86e2t2 It would be awesome, and a lot of people would be ready to put a lot of money in it.
  5. Hello, First of all, sorry for my english, i am from France. Here is my idea, and how i came to it. As a "Game Of Thrones" Tv show addict, i saw recently the last season 3, ans i was really impressed by the war markers used by Robb. http://imgur.com/B86e2t2 I immediatly thought they would be awesome for my favorite board game. Unfortunatly, i searched on the web, and they are not on sale. I tryed to find chess pieces wich could look the same, but i didn't. So the only solution now is to ask a modelizer to modelize those pieces, and use a 3D printer to create them. I made some requests on 3D modelization forum, and the cost is quite big ( 100-500 $). So the only solution is to find a lots of GoT fan who would fund this project ( only the modelization, not the printing). So, do you think it is a realistic project ? I am open to any advice and comment. Thanks
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