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  1. Not really. There are ferries that go there on a regular basis. ... (Did I kill the magic? I killed the magic.)
  2. Is... is that an artist credit on the card?
  3. Yes! But be warned: I am exceptionally lazy. The ideal solution, in my mind, is for Cryodex to support XWS imports. (It's what XWS was made for!)
  4. Sozin put some fixes in; hopefully it works now. Let us know if you're still experiencing problems!
  5. The assumption I'm going with (and I'm happy to have this be challenged) is that in a balanced meta, the proportion of a given list archetype (and of factions) should be roughly the same throughout the tournament. So if tournament has, say, 20% Rebels, 35% Imperial, and 45% Scum, then we should expect to see roughly similar numbers in the cut. Similarly, if 15% of Imperial lists have Howlrunner, then we should expect to see Howlrunner in 15% of the Imperial lists that made the cut. Edit: Oh, I see -- I mistyped in my earlier post. What I said: What I meant to type: That is: the Inquisitor appears in Imperial lists at roughly the same percentage both in tournament entry (~38%) and top cuts (~39%). (Man, am I having a hard time wording things. I should eat lunch.)
  6. That's true for the Inquisitor. I've taken available List Juggler data for this year's Regionals and plugged them into this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IdXry8J0tRhMNT251fhmaKRgIZtg6BaWtt7fs0ck7kY/edit#gid=1529626295 You can see the Inquisitor's representation in the cut (of Imperial lists) is about the same as the proportion of Imperial lists fielded (about 38%). The JumpMaster, however, has a higher proportion of lists making the cut than lists fielding it (58% of Scum lists field it, but 69% of Scum lists making the cut have a JM5k). The effect is even more pronounced with Palpatine (fielded in 45% of Imperial lists, but 57% of Imperials making the cut have Palpy!).
  7. Portland breakdown: - 15 Rebel lists - 24 Imperial lists - 20 Scum lists - 12 Inquisitors - 12 Palpatines - 11 lists with at least one JumpMaster And yes, zero YT-1300s.
  8. I'll look into this later tonight.
  9. I think you're the only one who's actually worked up about this. 1. Who's actually using cluster mines 2. There's usually someone who's got unused cardboard cluster mines who'll let you borrow them if the TO says your acrylic clusters are bad and should feel bad 3. But seriously, who's actually using cluster mines* [*] Edit: I checked Store Champs this year in List Juggler. 20 out of 4036 lists, or less than 0.5% of lists
  10. So you're saying it should be okay to field physically modified templates?
  11. You'd also need to disambiguate common names, and handle misspellings.
  12. I remember it like it was yesterday. Because I played X-Wing yesterday.
  13. Whoops. I somehow ignored my quote was embedded in WickedGrey's quote. I mean, who listens to that guy anyway?
  14. Showing total number of lists / top 8 / top 4 / top 2 / winner: Poe: 373 / 58 / 40 / 18 / 9 Soontir: 248 / 44 / 35 / 14 / 8 At least one Aggressor: 177 / 44 / 35 / 20 / 10
  15. Um... yes? That was literally the point of my post, as a response to the original post: (Emphasis mine) There was discussion about the Phantom appearing at Worlds Top 16 and other reports of it appearing in the cut for Store Champs, and the counterargument (from Princezilla) was that he had been to four tournaments and didn't see Phantoms do well there. So I provided data on the Store Championship scene as a whole using available resources.
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