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  1. I really do enjoy this game, but the friends I play with locally are starting to get very Magic: The Gathering like with the game. Is this normal for most of you, or do most of you feel like this should just be a competition all the time or can it just be a casual game. On the flip side I am truly looking forward to the multiplayer but no one around me is, it lacks the competition and you have to rely on other players. Do I quit playing or keep spending my money on a game I am losing interest with?
  2. Muad Dib said: You really thought this was authentic? You can tell it was written by a fanboy that had his dreams crushed after watching episodes 1-3. The people that do the most complaining about these movies are some of the least creative people on this planet. They are good at criticizing and complaining, but how how many movies have they directed? how many screenplays have they wrote? how many movies have they acted in? These people will go through their whole complaining about what others have created. If you can create something better- than go out there and do it. Like- Very true
  3. Very much a serious comment, I am one of the few loyal fans of Jar jar Binks.
  4. I like the idea of more ewoks, especially with their objective being so awesome. I would personally like to see more of Dagobah and Tatooine (but I expect we will in Edge of Darkness). I would also like to see some Alderaan objectives (like Rescue the Killik Twilight)- A moss painting that had appeared pretty regularly in several Star Wars novels and was a favorite of Leia. Oh and Jar Jar would be nice. But to answer an earlier post, Lord of the Rings is on their third cycle- and not to mention 3 sub-collections. We will see something in regards to a new cycle for Star Wars in the next few days- Previews from Diamond distributers always has a section for games and Star Wars is among them.
  5. Looking forward to adding that objective set into my Jedi deck.
  6. I don't care about the hate that I will get for this, but I would like to see an actual playable Jar Jar Binks.
  7. Alright so that is how Soresu Training works, that makes more sense now. Thank you.
  8. Personally would both a Jar Jar Binks card and a Captain Tarpuls card.
  9. Everybody talks about the fact that it is impossible for certain battle to occur- it doesn't matter. Star Wars: The Card Game is an ultimate What If? of possibilities, and one that I enjoy immensely. I love playing the game and watching as my friend pulls out Devastator and the only defender is an Ewok Scout. I was put on the floor laughing when the Ewok Scout stole Vader's lightsaber. All things are possible in a game like this. I personaly would like to see the inclusion of the Prequil Trilogy into the game, I may not enjoy the dialog in those films, but there are characters (Jar Jar Binks, Kit Fisto, Plo Koon) to name a few that I have come to love and cherish. Even the Thrawn Trilogy is quintisential to what is Star Wars and I doubt Disney would disrupt such a beloved set of books. Thrawn's Trilogy paved the way for the reemergance of Star Wars in this day and age. Yes there had been an RPG by West End Games and a few Video Games. But Star Wars had been for the most part such a niche, and when the prequels arrived, Star Wars as we know it changed all the rules. I read earlier taht there was an issue with Vader fighting Anakin. This is a non-issue, just use your imagination and imagine PROXY from the Force Unleashed in all those disguises. Regardless of what happens, I still want my Jar Jar Binks card. Also, some mentioned the idea of Sticking with the current sick affiliations (I agree) all you need is flavor text to reference New Republic or Old Republic, or even Separatists. But we need Thrawn, Jar Jar (he can be one heck of menace), Palleaon, Mara Jade, Tallon Karrde, The Secret Apprenctice, Revan, Asoka. They are characters that fuel fanboys and girls alike.
  10. I am in need of some understanding regarding the Shield ability. I am pretty clear on the fact that when you use someone's ability to add Shield to a Unit, it will get removed at your next refresh stage. Does this same precedure apply when the Shield bonus is added to the Unit from an enhancement and then get removed during the Refresh stage. Is it a one time event? or is it permanent, or does it get reapplied. I have been playing it as it is a perminent, but I want to be sure.
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