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  1. Boarding Actions -- What Are They Like? https://youtu.be/dbn-Ox1XawI?t=85
  2. The only things I might disallow in terms of a ship is a teleportarium or a nova cannon.
  3. 1: Who's to say there isn't already people dealing with and exploiting these places? Zayeth for sure. The PC's might decide to make a deal with what, one of the ships? I mean there's dozens of land ships, and if I recall some sort of space station for ships to dock and repair above the world. Sounds like the sort of place that does some trade now and again. Vaporius is a little more meh. I could see it going poorly for people that try to make a long term go of it Run afoul of the inquisition, get screwed over by the kings of Vaporius, or just any of the other of many potential problems dealing with trade in the Expanse. 2: Dunno. Don't remember that one off the top of my head. Page 270 of the core book does give you a list of what the various profit factors mean, so nothing's stopping you from assigning one that looks appropriate. 40 Lesser rogue trader. 70 Wealthy rogue trader. 3: The math is for the PC's, for the NPC's they've assigned an arbitrary number that looks right. Loke's a better captain in a war campaign, more dedicated to the cause, and so on, so I can see her ship being worth more, while Blitz is worth less for being an opportunist and more of a rogue adventurer than a seasoned naval captain. Seems reasonable to me. 4: That's for the players to figure out and get creative. The only thing you “have” to get is something that your average lighter can haul, and they even give you a method to get it to the surface. Want to take more? Call down a few more lighters or even a halo barge, just be ready to protect your booty while you wait for the second ride to arrive. 5: I go with “Costs double what it costs for people that get it at that level.” If you want early access, either for your own career or for something other careers get later on, then it's going to cost more. If you set up the ground work and training I'll reduce the extra cost by half (resulting in a 150 or 200% cost depending). 6: It's going to depend on the wording of the talent in question. Void tactician is a little vague on the wording, but it seems to say that it is granting the bonus to the one with the talent. So if your voidmaster is the one shooting the guns (use his ballistics skill and any actions required) then he gets the bonus. If it's someone else shooting the guns and he's concentrating on something else, then no. But it's a case by case thing depending on the talent or ability. 7: The acquisition/profit factor system is left vague on purpose. It's up to the GM and Players to decide what combination of money, influence, contacts, and negotiation result in an acquisition. Take a look at the particular item and the market the purchase is being made in, and you'll probably be able to figure out a reasonable source for it. In the case of say a Best Craftsmanship Plasma pistol, you're looking at something incredibly bespoke and valuable, most likely ancient as well. Anything best craftsmanship almost certainly isn't made in bulk. That's for common, or sometimes good, craftsmanship. Doesn't seem the sort of thing you'd find in Crazy Al's Gun-o-ramma. I'd say you're more likely to buy it from a planetary noble house's collection or some Magos with the keys to the AdMech armory, than anything resembling a weapons shop. Maybe the noble house is down on their luck and need money, maybe you can get them on a preferred client list for some high end rejuvinant treatments, or maybe you offer them a % stake in an off world shipping concern. Maybe the Magos desires a piece of archaic data you've got squirreled away in your core cogitator stacks, or perhaps you can get a manufacturing contract switched from the Magos' rival to his manufactorum. Or maybe the purchase is being made on some backwater (and the PC's made the roll despite the penalties). The plasma pistol originally belonged to a founding family of the colony, and they're selling it off so they can fund the finishing of a space pier so there's a place for ships to dock in system. Etc etc.
  4. Once I get home I'll see if I can find the brief writeup I did for my newer players when I was running my Voided Warranty game.
  5. Tabletop simulator has all the tokens you'd need for ship combat (there's a BF Gothic set), same with minis (tabletop 40k plus I'm sure you could find plenty of cyberpunk/modern minis). Maps are there too.
  6. Since you kind folks are in the questions answerin mode. I vaguely remember there being a rule that near unique or unique items do not get a scale bonus and must be bought individually, and someone else in a game I'm in has also mentioned this. The thing is, I can't for the life of me find it in the book or errata. Does anyone know where this is, what page, or are we remembering a common house rule?
  7. I think you might be overestimating the ship's weight a little. 1 megatonne is 1 million tonnes. I doubt a 90m ship would weigh 420,000 tonnes. A quick eyeball would put it at about 4-6000 tons displacement if it were a modern sea-going vessel (although it'd be quite wide for one). You've also got both 3 and 1 void shield listed. I'm assuming 1 is the correct number. As for what it's worth. Assuming you're not saying that a bunch more of these ships are floating around there is no alternative or equivalent, so there really is no equivalent or alternative to price it against. At that point it becomes a question of what your characters can negotiate. All the components, especially the warp engine and apparently plasma drive, are literally invaluable (due to being irreplaceable). It would be like trying to put a price tag on the Colosseum of Rome or the Lunar Lander. You can't really calculate it's market value (no blue book value on this one), because most of it has nothing to do with it's material value. I'd say the same thing in terms of ship points, since that's supposed to be an estimation of it's value. You could say it's worth 200SP, you could say it's worth 15. You could have the AdMech get in a bidding war over it just to study the plasma drives, you could have them decide to try and murder the PC's and take it. I'd say you decide what you want to give the players from a story perspective and offer a little less than that (allowing them to bargain up). Are you willing to let them tool around in a raider? Offer them one. If they want to bargain up, add a few higher craftsmanship components.
  8. I try to keep things simple. Pick someone to do the navigating. Use their navigation roll. Use the travel time modifier of the slowest ship. The group travels more or less together, meaning within sensor range of each other but not in one big gellar bubble. I've established in my games that merging (or extending to large enough to cover multiple ships) ship's gellar fields is a risky maneuver that can and often does cause problems. Anyone who has "Tempermental Warp Engines" as a Past History can't be part of a warp travel group as the engine fluctuations cause them to shoot off ahead or lag way behind the pack unanticipated.
  9. British comedy about Ciaphas Cain in the style of Blackaddar (if any of you whipper snappers are old enough to remember that one). Cain would be played by David Tennant.
  10. As an eyeball on how many total tech priests per ship, I'd say about 2-5% (about 1 in 50 to 1 in 20) of the crew pop (meaning about 280 to 700 total). https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/78289-how-many-naves-astropaths-and-priests-are-on-your-ships/?p=867241
  11. So is he repairing the entire voidship himself, or is he simply leading the repair crew? If the latter, does the majority of the workforce have combi-tools as well? If not I'd probably say that it doesn't make much sense for the combi-tool to provide it's bonus (an entire voidship is probably a little outside the scope of a single combi-tool) I'd suggest that you look to acquiring a skilled NPC who specializes in that sort of stuff.
  12. Psychic question: No. Check page 158 near the bottom under Cumulative Effects Weapons question: No. The bonuses by that weapon are only for use by that weapon. Pick which one you're defending with and use that one's bonuses and penalties for Parry's Weapon skill test. You also don't get a best craftsmanship's +10 to weapon skill and +1 to damage to weapons that aren't that one. Combi/MIU: That one's a little more up in the air, and I'd say it depends on what exactly you're trying to do. My reading is that the MIU is more of a computer thing, while the combi-tool is more of a mechanical thing. If it's a situation where both can help, then yes, if not then no. I'd allow them to stack Tech Use for repairs, since the MIU might help you get a better idea of what's wrong and what needs to be done and the combitool helps you do them. If you're trying to use Tech Use to interface with a ship's Core Cogitator and download some information then the Combi-tool isn't going to be of much use. As for which objects or ships have MIU plugins and which don't, that's never really explicitly stated. On a voidship, I'd say they definitely have MIU plugins, but only in the places you'd expect them to be, like the bridge, engineering, core cogitator, etc.
  13. Looks pretty good to me. Some utility out the gate, and room to grow. If you wanted to absolutely maximize your time "at sea" you could also add an arbouretum, but in general terms the hold and extended supply vaults should be plenty. I might suggest some more stuff to add to your endeavor bonuses (maybe an auto-temple now and a trophy room later). To add to what Javcs said. In terms of firepower specifically Light cruisers have a fair advantage over Frigates and Raiders. They can mount lances in their Dorsal slots, meaning they can fire the lances in 3 directions, where Frigates and Raiders who are able to mount lances can only do so in a forward firing prow slot. They can also mount broadsides, which frigates and raiders can't. Being able to get more hits (higher strength) is very important via vanilla rules set. It's only in a head on facing that the light cruiser will not be superior. EDIT: Side note, I think your detection should be 25, since the base for an endeavor is 20 and you have the 201.b Auger, and the manoeuvrability 20 due to the bridge
  14. So is the topic of conversation something other than "what is the quintessential Rogue Trader ship?" If it is I'll stick with the Dauntless as an excellent jack of all Traders. Or are you asking what we think St. Drusus would give out to a newly minted Rogue Trader? St. Drusus is a relatively recent thing. Less than 3000 years ago being practically yesterday in the setting's ridiculously massive scope of everything from buildings and time to pauldrons and hats. As such, I'd expect that the Conquest would already be out of production by then. With St. Drusus being in charge of a crusade he'd more or less have his pick of ships from within his forces (within reason, the navy might object to him trying to hand out a battleship). A Turbulent might be a good choice from that pack, being both a favored "lucky" ship, and being a bit sturdier and bigger than most frigates (wonder if there's a connection there ). Many dedicated navy ships don't have the excess hull space and power to make good Rogue Trader ships (as EK alluded to). Nobody would expect a Rogue Trader to tool around in a Gothic. My view on the Conquest is this: The Conquest is more than a glorified treasure ship. Obviously it's going to be worse in a scrap than a pure warship, but it's certainly more than just a transport. It's able to carry cruiser sized broadsides, has better armor and shields than a transport, and the excess space and power to mount more facilities than most transports (universe excepted of course). It's a big multi-purpose ship. Not 100% warship, and not 100% transport. The only thing it has going against it in terms of being a multi-purpose ship is that it's slow and ungainly, making it difficult to escape a fight or get around a system quickly. I think conceptually it would make a good flagship for an exploratory fleet. Use it's double cargo holds to bring supplies outwards and treasure back while acting as a mothership for perhaps a couple of frigates or raiders, while still being able to fend for itself in a fight if need be. In modern times it's probably still good for that, while perhaps being a little too fragile and rare to risk in a major engagement (which the majority of Rogue Traders would probably try to avoid unless well prepared anyways). What would the emprah and high lords give out way back in M30-31? Probably stuff that doesn't really exist these days. Maybe an Exorcist, or the good ole Sword Frigate, depending on the job. I do agree in the more orderly and prosperous days of yore they'd take more care in outfitting a Rogue Trader at the presenting of his Warrant, rather than just grabbing whatever mothballed surplus ship they can get their hands on.
  15. Well there's the Ambition class cruiser, also from BFK. The thing is, an entire model of ship specifically for Rogue Traders doesn't really make sense. For one, a Rogue Trader capable of commissioning a ship specifically for him/herself is going to want something bespoke and unique (check the text for the Ambition). And if the Rogue Trader can't, then there's no point in creating a class of ship for someone who can't afford it. Then again, there's nothing stopping you from creating a unique ship for a Rogue Trader. If I were to myself create a “quintessential” Rogue Trader ship, it would probably be something similar to a dauntless light cruiser. While it does have the same problem that all light cruisers have (that is cruiser sized essential components without cruiser space and power), it does have good base stats (detection, speed, armor, agility), and can make a good ship for someone who doesn't know what tomorrow might bring. I'd probably reduce the detection by 5 and put in a free main cargo hold (giving it a bit of extra space and making it a hybrid ship), but otherwise leave it more or less the same.
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