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  1. I am Ready only readies Unicorn characters, making it a very poor splash card.
  2. It doss actually. But the tab that closes the token pinches the token when closed. I wouldn’t reccomend it.
  3. I might. If I have a captive audience, definitely will go for it, but not at the expense of taking a military first. Every use of captive audience is a bait to see if they will cancel it. When you have characters such as your couriters, shinjo outrider and border riders, it's worth going for to force them to commit resource to block (thus, making their political attack weaker), or just to snipe a ring effect. That way if they have nasty political cards to throw at them, the effect is minimum since it's not really affecting my heavy military hitters. I definitely wouldn't send Shinjo Altansarnai alone though in fear of court games. The way how I use my move action is just commit a little more than you need for military attacks to break a province, save the rest for defense or for political snipe. If they attempt a block, then use your stronghold and movement tricks to rush in.
  4. Deck Created with CardGameDB.com Legend of the Five Rings Deckbuilder Deck Clan: Unicorn Total Cards: (85) Total Conflict: (40) Total Dynasty: (40) Total Influence: (12/13) Stronghold: 1x Golden Plains Outpost (Core Set #7) Role: 1x Keeper of Fire (Core Set #216A) Province: (5) Air (1/1) Earth (1/1) Fire (1/1) Void (1/1) Water (1/1) 1x Ancestral Lands (Core Set #15) 1x Manicured Garden (Core Set #19) 1x Meditations on the Tao (Core Set #20) 1x Pilgrimage (Core Set #22) 1x Rally to the Cause (Core Set #23) Character [Dynasty]: (38) 3x Aggressive Moto (Core Set #111) 3x Giver of Gifts (Core Set #115) 3x Border Rider (Core Set #112) 3x Ide Trader (Core Set #116) 3x Meishōdō Wielder (Core Set #113) 3x Moto Horde (Core Set #119) 3x Moto Youth (Core Set #109) 3x Shinjo Altansarnai (Core Set #121) 3x Shinjo Outrider (Core Set #114) 2x Shinjo Tatsuo (Core Set #120) 3x Utaku Infantry (Core Set #110) 3x Utaku Yumino (Core Set #118) 3x Warrior Poet (Core Set #117) Character [Conflict]: (0/10) Attachment: (7) 2x Fine Katana (Core Set #200) 2x Favored Mount (Core Set #192) 3x Spyglass (Core Set #193) Event: (33) 3x Assassination (Core Set #203) 3x Banzai! (Core Set #204) 3x Captive Audience (Core Set #196) 3x Cavalry Reserves (Core Set #199) 3x Charge! (Core Set #210) 3x Fallen in Battle (Core Set #211) 3x Good Omen (Core Set #208) 3x I Am Ready (Core Set #197) 3x Let Go (Core Set #155) 3x Mirumoto’s Fury (Core Set #159) 3x Rout (Core Set #213) Holding: (2) 2x Favorable Ground (Core Set #128) ------------------------------------- I just put this together today and played 6 games against my friend's scorpion and crane deck. Came out 4-2. I main scorpion so I tend to have a understanding of what it's like to be playing as scorpion, so I was able to use that knowledge to my advantage. Scorpion and Crane are very weak military wise, so this deck wins by having superior military advantage. As you can see, this deck does not run any cards that helps with political battle with the exception of captive audience. Cards that were effective only in political conflict were dead in their hands. In the entire single 6 games played, I have not lost a single military conflict. I did not always take provinces, but every fight that was fought I have made the player commit far more resource than me, thus it paved way for the next conflicts. I haven't fielded it against non political clans yet, but I would probably play it out in a similar fashion, dominate the military fights and commit little to political. Mirumoto fury, rout, and let go were used primarily to stop political attacks from going through. Against both clans, I kept count of how many cancels they have and when/if they can play it. If I feel I successful baited them out of their hands, then that's when I can play reserved calvary. I don't think this deck is perfect, since it's first draft but I had a lot of fun with it, and it worked really well. I hope that this helps you out. Good luck!
  5. To me (and my playgroup), this is actually.... welcoming news! We are very pleased about this unexpected announcement. The additional investment is of some concern, but we don't need to buy the new set if we don't like the cards in it, although many of us will do so regardless. For those that are unable to initially invest in the new cards, it's not a impossible feat, there's nothing that stops us from not buying the new packs. Getting more cards in a card game is a good thing and a great way to keep the game fresh!
  6. I'm excited for this new launch cycle. I can see why some people are upset, but FFG isn't holding a gun to your head to buy the new dynasty pack. You don't know the power level of the cards to know if they are strong enough to cause a imbalance yet. Since you know exactly what you're getting, you can still pick and choose what pack to get. More cards just gives you more deck building options, hence why I'm a bit pleased with this announcement. I played all the other LCG's. Not every pack had stuff I wanted, I never saw or felt pressured to buy the new stuff.
  7. If you think you're going to win a duel, you can always bid 1 and not lose any honor. If you run contingency plan, you also gain some flexibility in how much you want to bid.
  8. We won't be able to attend due to other events. Good luck!
  9. Old L5R had a multiplayer vs 1 player option. https://www.amazon.com/L5R-Siege-Clan-Card-Game/dp/B010C4OUL8 (relevant to this time period) and https://www.amazon.com/L5R-Siege-Heart-Darkness-Game/dp/B00KHJ1XQE/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1499374637&sr=1-1&keywords=l5r+siege
  10. We were planning to come it will be party of 7
  11. What triggers Murne's solidarity portion that gains movement points? 1. Using a move action to gain movement points. 2. Using surge to gain movement points. 3. Jyn's opportunist ability that allows her to move one space after attacking. I ruled that only the move action triggers it as the wording on solidarity states that performing a move is what triggers it. We stuck to this ruling, however my players want to see other source confirming the timing.
  12. Check boardgamegeek under files for lord of the rings lcg. http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/76256/geckoths-lotr-dividers
  13. I would be interested in trading. I have 1x of each of the dwarrowdelf expansions. I would be interested in getting The Hunt for Gollum Shadows of Mirkwood MEC02 Conflict at the Carrock Shadows of Mirkwood MEC03 The Dead Marshes Shadows of Mirkwood MEC06
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