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  1. New Campaign!! Requires Lair of the Wyrm and Labyrinth of Ruin
  2. Terrinoth isnt in good health. Today, Terrinoth is the Test Field where FFG tests their systems. We all are the FFG´ s balloon probe.
  3. From Nathan Hajek: "I’ve been mulling this one over a bit. Rules as written, they do continue to block line of sight. However, this is absurd. I’ll make a note to modify this rule in the next errata. For now, play that a figure in a pit space (or entirely in pit spaces for large monsters) does not block line of sight for other figures. Thanks for playing"
  4. Hey FFG! It would be great to add some dice stickers replacements in these expansions.
  5. PCs are not on the way out. Not in any way, shape, or form. Can you imagine doing excel spreadsheets on a tablet or phone without a physical keyboard and mouse? Sure, games and apps like this are more accessible by tablet, but a desktop will (for the foreseeable future) be around for other games or work software. Anyways - they already announced that it will be released on Steam, so just wait for it. So glad you said it. "PCs are pretty much in the way out." Is almost as inaccurate as a statement can be. I think it's quite accurate that the classical and typical Desktop PC is in decline for the last ~5 years. Yet labtops have pretty much taken it's spot and they count as PCs (plattform wise) as well, so imo the PC plattform is indeed growing. Seeing how much text is displayed on the app and how much stuff is going on that adds to the theme of the game, I think I will wait for the release for PC plattforms. Try to play Witcher 3 on a tablet or mobile.
  6. Wrong thread man (also, I thought only one corrupt citizen at a time was allowed?) There are only one changeling leader. So one corrupted Citizen per quest.
  7. Hi asked FFG too. This is the answer: After attack dice are rolled, the hero using the Rusted Handaxe may suffer multiple fatigue to reroll multiple power dice. A rerolled die could not be rerolled again using this ability. Thanks for playing, Kara Centell-Dunk Thanks you guys for ur thoughts
  8. Oh but you already play the Interlude?. If so you cant play rumor cards. You go straight to the Act II.
  9. "After you roll attack dice, you may suffer 1 fatigue token to reroll 1 power die" Can the Hero suffer multiple fatigue tokens to reroll diferent power dice or the same one?
  10. The Overlord card Diverse Means are not available to purchase with 2 experience points... Thanks for your awesome work.
  11. I would like see a Expanion about a new Advance Campaign System, making map more useful and interactive. And some strategic options in travels. Not like current system. The map is only a picture that only serves to see the travel icons, which could appear directly in the quest guide.
  12. maybe with liutenant´s deck mechanic, the OL will be stronger
  13. The image note says: A&B in 6. Have neither LoS or Adjacency. I can understand why in 6 you can not do a melee attack (because are not adjacency). But if 6 have not LoS, then either in 7&8. I interpret that´s the only corner without LoS Sorry for my english.
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