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  1. this is awesome! but i think I found a bug Attack Dice: 3 Attack Gunner: TRUE All other Attack = 0 Defense Dice: 3 All other Defense = 0 or False Mean Error and Mean Crit = #ERROR
  2. Devon watches are a joke. They're great for people who like changing the battery in their watch every 2-3 weeks. Those belts and gears destroy batteries!
  3. This tool is so fantastic. Thank you so much for keeping up with all the maintenance!
  4. Topic. Anyone have this link? I came across it, thought I saved it, but didn't, and wanted to share with some friends. For reference, the sequence below is what I'm talking about, but someone cleverly showed X-Wing die results for each of the hits following sequences in the film! So clever
  5. haha took a break from X-Wing for almost a year to play a backlog of boardgames that's just plain embarrassing. But now that S&V is out, time to dust off the camera (and yoga mat!)
  6. It's simply amazing how well these minis hold up when photographed!
  7. Well, the game is no longer listed under the catalog of available games. RIP GoW
  8. So I've been wanting this game for a long time and picked it up for $25 when mini market was selling it as a Deal-of-the-Day on Jan 1st, but it has since been on clearance for $35 afterwards. FFG had also included this game as part of their Holiday sale to close out 2014. Seems to be out of stock at my favorite e-tailers (CSI, etc.) along with the mission pack which is hard to find except on eBay. Are these signs of the game soon to be out of print? I can't wait to play this, and it would seem all hope of any additional POD expansions are out of the question.
  9. It's not necessarily a "Plug and Play" solution since the box is designed for art supplies, so a little work needs to be done to accommodate cards. But the dimensions are perfect for card storage once a little modification is done! Details on how to make it below: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/14088560#14088560
  10. If you're in the US and don't mind using a wooden box, Hobby Lobby makes a swell option. I use a pair of them myself to hold everything http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/wooden-artist-case-125005/
  11. What AP is this card part of? nevermind ... Road Darkens!
  12. Congrats! You're gonna need to make him one of these:
  13. I don't own a tablet or smart phone either. But I just convinced my friend to preorder it cause he's a casual fan of the vgame and I'm a great salesman. Problem solved!
  14. While very situational, Maarek and Rexler are simply amazing against the huge ships. Dare I say they have found a home in my epic games
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