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  1. Ahh ok, I get it now. I didn't even think about that. So for all units, if it doesn't say "forward arc", they can shoot at 360 degrees?
  2. Before I get lynched, please understand I am new to Legion. While playing yesterday for the first time, I was looking at the speeder bikes and seen the 2 separate weapons for the Scout Troopers on there. Seeing the Hold Out Blaster had 2 black dice, while the bike has 1 red, white and black, it made me wonder why would you ever use the hold out blasters? Less dice and less range. The speeder bikes are already range 1-3. Just trying to understand if there is something that I am missing. Thanks!
  3. Hey all. So I just got my copy of Star Wars Legion and it did not come with the ranger ruler. Awesome. Can anyone tell me how many inches it is and how many inches each range is? Thank you
  4. I can see that and considered that as well. I'm just trying to find a way to be a little more experimental with my terrain. Thanks!
  5. I'm just wondering if there is a way to play without the trays in this game. I know Star Wars Legion doesn't use them and I like the idea of doing custom terrain that has different elevations and all of that. I was thinking I could just do a "squad leader" sort of like Legion and just use the range rulers that way. Are there alternate rules anywhere for playing without trays? Thanks all!
  6. Added mine. Looking for folks in the Stockton/Modesto area in California
  7. Ahh, ok. So then I have a version that newer folks won't get at all. I thought for some reason that new versions came with both. And I really hope that they do reprints for a lot of Descent stuff. It is SUCH A GOOD GAME!
  8. I had considered that as well. And thank you all for the responses. It does make sense that it would take longer to get the armies to a point of engagement and considering there is only 8 rounds, that would make a huge difference. Thanks all!
  9. So, I was reading the instructions I downloaded from the site to refresh myself and saw that it said "heirs of blood" was included with the game and was pulling out my hair looking for that book. I was very certain that I didn't have it. Once I dug out my actual instructions from the game, it showed different print showing it includes the quest "the shadow rune" and I said "Ok, that's what I actually have. So, does that mean that anyone who buys a newer version of this game (I bought mine like 4 years ago) gets that adventure for free and the rest of us chumps that bought it a while ago have to buy the campaign book that is no longer in print?
  10. Hey all. So I am fairly new to Runewars Miniatures (3 games in) and am wondering if the 6x3 play area is crucial? I ask because I am thinking of getting a Frontline Gaming battle mat and it is 6x4. Will that make a huge difference mechanically if we played at the 4' instead of the 3' space?
  11. So where does a guy gotta go to tell the folks at FFG that we want an Arkham Horror setting book for Genesys?
  12. Hey everyone I will be interviewing Andrew Fischer about the End of the World RPG series on November 14th at 7pm PST. This is a live video stream on Twitch where you are invited to come, watch and take part in the conversation through the chat! Please be sure to join me as we talk about this awesome game! www.twitch.tv/therpgbrewery
  13. Hey all. So I have this complete set just sitting here in my collection doing nothing and has done nothing since I've had it and I REALLY want to get a **** game going. If you happen to live in the area (see topic title), hit me up and we can chat more. Thanks all!
  14. Oh! Insight please! I've only ran it once so if there are sections that you can recommend to speed up or leave out, please let me know
  15. Ouch! Well, hopefully I can get a group nearly halfway in a 5 hour session at the con then and give them a taste of the awesome system! Thank you!
  16. Hey all. So, I am thinking about running Journey Through Blackfire Pass for an upcoming con and I wanted to get some feedback on what an "average" running time it takes to get through it with 4 players. I have run it once before with 2 players and after 4 hours, we still weren't done. Granted, I had to teach them from the ground up how to play WFRP, but it still took a while. Any feedback would be great before I sign up to run this thing!
  17. Ok, I'm sure this has been asked before (hell, maybe even by me!) but how do I give players tokens? I haven't been able to figure it out (again?) Thanks
  18. I ran the installer, which file do I choose to upgrade? My WFRP v3.pak file doesnt show up
  19. AHH!!!! Now that makes sense! Thank you!
  20. Ok, so I came across something that I have no idea what I need to do about this. We have a player that took the skill specialization "dodge" but I can't find anything that describes how to use this. There is already the action "dodge" so how is the "dodge" specialization skill used? Thanks everyone!
  21. My portraits aren't showing up in the game. I even made a "portraits" folder in the campaign folder and nothing.
  22. Not sure if it's already been mentioned but can you add a token to a player sheet? I've tried and can't make it work. Thanks!
  23. ok cool, I will read into those particular adventures. Thanks much valvorik!
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