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  1. Yo, Space Ballz (love the name dude). Like Tony said man, sign up to run/play some games at NivCon. I will say that who I have on the show is pulled from a group of friends. So best I can say for now is join up the the NI MeWe group, get to know just how bad we really are and we can get to know you and we can take it from there. Very glad to hear you enjoy the actual plays on the show!

  2. Hey everyone. I'm wondering if there's anywhere out there that shows the breakdown of how point cost is calculated. The biggest reason I want to do this is to be able to make my own unit cards for Runewars Miniatures Game using Legion rules. Thanks all!

  3. 30 minutes ago, buckero0 said:

    The courage is 1 if that's what is printed on the card.  Unless you gave that unit an officer upgrade or you are in your commander's courage bubble

    They are not necessarily panicked by getting 2 suppression tokens, They have to activate first, and rally, and then, if they still have 2 tokens, they would panic. 

    It just adds to the realism of the game, when under fire, you don't just stand there and until you're all dead, you'll move and try to get away, and you might even take yourself out of the fight.

    As far as it sucking, you've got to avoid unnecessary shots, stay behind cover and keep units within command range. It's also a viable tactic against your opponents, even if you don't kill all of the figures, if you can force enough suppression, they might run out of position. 

    Good points. I hadn't considered that there are many chances to get rid of suppression and I have to up my game by keeping my forces together so they can use the commanders courage rating. Thank you!

  4. So I just quickly want to know something about courage value. If it is one in a squad and there is 5 models in that squad, does that mean it is 5? So when the squad drops to 4 models, it becomes 4 and so on? It just seems like it sucks that if they get 2 suppression tokens, they are panicked. Thanks everyone!

  5. Hey all. So I am ready to play Road to Legend and I have a question-

    If I add all my expansions to the "my collection" portion of the app, will this mean that on any given quest, can it pull from any of the sets? I ask because I keep all my expansions separate from each other and don't want to have to dig through 8 boxes to find one tile. If the answer is no, does the app prompt you beforehand that you will be using <x> expansion to play this scenario? 

    Thanks everyone!

  6. So I am just getting back into X-Wing (and will continue to just play 1.0) and I am considering getting the C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack and my question is this- if I get that expansion, will that change the play area to 6x3 as opposed to the standard 3x3?

  7. I apologize if this has been asked, I've tried doing searches and I keep getting errors.

    Anyhow, I am just getting back into playing X-Wing after a few years (getting out the old 1.0 ships) and just also saw on the player resources area of this site that there is "campaign tracking sheets". Where do I find these campaigns at? I would love to see what they are about. Thank you!

  8. On 1/24/2019 at 2:53 PM, rebellightworks said:

    First major issue you'd run into is that in Star Wars 99% of figures carry a ranged weapon. Not the case in Terrinoth. That alone influenced many of the design decisions in the legion ruleset.

    This is actually a great point I hadn't considered. It just sucks because I REALLY like the lore of Runewars and want to keep to them for my "go-to" fantasy battles, but I'm just looking for a bit more rules complexity like Legion. 

  9. I figured it would be that wound answer for Rivals, but it just seems a little crappy to me. That means that a typical rival could only get off a couple of spells at best because of suffered wounds otherwise. But, I suppose that's why their rivals and not nemesis. Thanks all

  10. So, I will start by saying that I have really enjoyed Runewars so far. But, after playing Star Wars Legion, I like those rules MUCH more. I really enjoy the openness of the battlefield, the unlimited variety of terrain and unit cohesion. So, my question is this- has anyone worked on rules for Runewars that mirrors Legion yet? 

  11. Hey all. So I am getting the Scout Troopers in this weekend sometime and I saw the charges that come with them. I don't understand how Detonate works. I read the rules on it but somethings not clicking. When do they go off? Does it take an action to place them, then an action to set them off?

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