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  1. sorry if i was misunderstood.i mean PL in an already activated airport
  2. yes that's my point also.the rules say that you can move units from an unactivated area to an already activated area.your stockpile iss not an unactivated area as far as i am concerned.otherwise is there any possibility that you can activate it after your move?areas can be both activated or unactivated.stockpile cant be either.the only way that you can do portlanding in an unactivated area is if you execute one from the vengful spirit and bring horus down.otherwise you cant
  3. well this is a common question for starters and possibly from the emperor fans.you cant do port landing/droppods in an already activated area, so also 2-3 times in the same iteration.that's why you have to be very careful when u execute these cards (especially the droppods).but this doesnt mean that you cant do port landing and activate an area an then do a droppods in an adjacent area so to reinforce your spaceport in the next refresh.it is not very common to lose an airport in just one battle or even with no losses from the emperor so no need to worry about that so much (i mean that you cant do douple port/pods in an activated area).so as far as i am concerned according to the movement rules you can only move units fron an unactivated area to an already activated area (ignoring the marker that you have to place) and your stockpile isnt conciidered to be such an area.hope to be helpful
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