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  1. Thank both for your responces ! eioleg said: .the only way that you can do portlanding in an unactivated area is if you execute one from the vengful spirit and bring horus down.otherwise you cant I think you wanted to say something else here. Forgive me if i understand wrong but you are saying that the only way to do port landing is from VS?
  2. Greetings! Is it possible to execute a Drop Pod in an area that is allready activated?If so ,can i execute 2 Drop Pods continuously in the same area?I guess that the same rules apply to Port Landings too. My opinion is : Rule says : "…..units from an unactivated area may move into a previously activated area." I wonder if my stockpile is consider an "area" cause i cant interact with it? I would really appreciate an answer from a moderator cause we need a "legit" answer and get over it. It is really pity to argue with my friend about this and ruin the fun. Thank you in advance for your time and im looking forward your reply.
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