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  1. Just checking but what version are we up to as of today?
  2. The thing to keep in mind is Combat should be exciting for everyone and for it to be exciting there must be a sense of danger along with some survivability. It hasn't been an issue in my recent games because I've been lucky to not have any Min-Maxer's so Soak hasn't really gotten out of control. In any case I use a house rule of a minimum 1 Damage or Strain on a successful hit regardless of Soak unless a PC uses an active defense you pay for during combat (Dodge, Parry, Reflect etc.). This keeps combat a risk for all the PCs because no one is effectively immune to being hurt by their static defense. I find this works really well considering that most PCs have a static Soak of 3-4 so the minimum will almost always be reached anyway, as a result it's really only going to affect very high Soak PCs. PC's with some sort of active defense through a Talent can avoid this minimum by activating that Talent so it's fair in the sense that it doesn't nerf Talents like Parry, Reflect, and Dodge. But most of all it keeps a sense of danger in combat even for those super tanked out PCs because there is always the chance that if a battle goes on too long they can get worn down and overwhelmed, plus there is still the danger of getting hit by a Critical (remember Criticals require that you take at least one point of Damage). As a GM this House Rule also allows me to keep my player's adversaries from having to carry weapons specifically aimed at the highest Soak PCs in the party because we all know that when you do that it disproportionately affects the lower Soak PCs making it harder for them to survive combat. The point is I want my tanking players to kick ***** but also not be invincible at the expense of the lower Soak PCs. In any case my player's understand it and like it. I hope this helps.
  3. I think it's because the OP asked about suppressing the user not the target.
  4. Although there are no canon drugs that directly affect the Force being super 'high' probably would make it hard if not impossible to tap into it. You could use a drug that affects Willpower dropping it to 0 or it could be represented as a number of Setback dice depending on it's dosage/strength. Either way you would have the PC roll a Discipline check modified by the drug before attempting to use their Force abilities while under the influence, other Willpower Skills would be affected as well because it's not an anti-Force drug but and anti-Willpower one. Here is an example of how I would do it: Anti-Willpower drug Gas/Injection - Hard Resilience check (Gas +2 Setback, Injection +4 Setback) duration 24 hours. Characters exposed to the drug make a Hard Resilience plus the number of Setback dice based on delivery check to resist. On Failure the target becomes unable to concentrate and is susceptible to all kinds of influence. All attempts at using any Willpower based Skills have their Difficulty upgraded once and at +3 Setback dice for the duration. Character's attempting to use a Force ability roll a Hard Difficulty upgraded once and at +3 Setback Discipline check first. PCs may attempt to overcome the drug's effects once per Encounter with a Hard Difficulty upgraded once and at +3 Setback Resilience check, if they roll a Despair no further attempts can be made that session.
  5. We play every other week for around 3 hours. At the start I gave 25-30 a session for the first couple of sessions to give the players a chance to react to the type of campaign I'm running and build their PC up quickly. After getting up to about 100EXP I bring it down to 10 per session with a boost to 20-25 for sessions at the end of chapters. I chose this because though we play relatively often we don't generally get a lot done during a session and experience really needs to feel earned to be valued.
  6. Also talk to your GM about making some "Attacks" Stealth checks instead of weapon skill checks when attacking Minions in certain situations. For example I run Stealth based attack like this: If the PC hasn't already been seen (ie. can reasonably have a way to sneak up behind their target without being seen) I allow them to use their Stealth Skill as an Opposed roll in place of their Melee or Brawl Attack. If the target is a Minion and if they are successful they Kill or render unconscious a single individual in the Minion group and remain hidden. If the target is a Rival or Nemesis and they are successful they do no damage that Round but add +1 Damage for each Success and +1 Bonus die for every 2 Advantages to their next Attack against that target, additionally they remain hidden until that attack (ie. their target can't target them that round). It sounds complicated but it's actually pretty simple when you run it, here is an example from one of our sessions: There was a fire fight between the party and four groups of Stormtrooper Minions lead by a ST Sargent (Rival) in a wooded area. The sneaky PC wanted to sneak around and get the Sargent, I ruled that she'd have to take out a trooper first to get around the RAW for Squads (mechanically the Sargent was part of a Squad and squad rules call for all the squad members to get hit first before you can damage the leader). Since the Sargent was part of the Minion group I ruled that the Opposed Stealth Check would be against the Sargent's Perception not the troopers, she rolled well and got several Successes and a few Advantages, also because of her success she immediately killed one of the troopers and ended the Round hidden and poised to attack the Sargent the next Round. Since the Sargent was unaware of her neither he or his that Minion group could Attack her. On her next turn she added a number of Bonus dice (I don't remember how many) to her Melee Attack on the Sargent and several extra Damage when she hit, she hit and damaged him but he didn't go down (not a great roll) so she was no longer hidden but if she had she would have remained hidden and been able to target another trooper with a Stealth based attack next round. Now keep in mind that mechanically Minions are pretty easy to take down, they usually only have 5-10 HP and low Soak so with her Melee Skill she probably could have killed a couple of them with a regular attack rather than just one when using her Stealth skill but the advantage of not being targeted was worth not doing more damage.
  7. Oh, I wasn't suggesting removing self healing just not that whole Ironman suit/Alita level, see it spreading, nano healing. I recommend this because in both those examples the nanotech not only can "heal" it can also reconfigure and that is most definitely not Star Wars-y.
  8. Yeah, nanotech wasn't part of the general science fiction lexicon back when Star Wars was made, there were some novels and stories written before but it didn't really hit until the 90's. It's not really part of the Star Wars setting so I'd ignore that aspect and just keep it as if the PC is a robot/droid without that level of self healing.
  9. I don't disagree, in my previous post I suggested just making a Droid and narrate as a cyborg. If you want it to be a meat brain drop the Force immunity and allow them to use the Force and if you play it as a full machine brain you keep it as is.
  10. I think you should watch it again because I'm pretty sure Dr. Ito says she has a living, human brain. There is also a scene near the end where Alita slices whatshisname in half and we see his brain goo...
  11. Mechanically I would go with having her build a Droid with a minimum of 2 for Intellect (because that's the normal Human INT). She'll have all the same benefits and disadvantages of a Droid but you narrate her as having a meat brain. Because she'd have a meat brain she would not have Force immunity but she'd also be able to use the Force. Now this could be a sticking point if you are worried if the PC could become OP but as long as she doesn't have Immunity and the ability to use the Force, and you think the player can handle not going all Munchkin, you should be fine. PS. Just as a note, I don't actually remember if it is illegal to build Droids that can pass as organics (I think it may be) but we have never seen one in the setting so I'd suggest you discuss this with the player and make it something she has to hide, like a Force user hiding from the Empire. Maybe add setbacks when interacting with both Droids and Organics if her true nature is discovered, or maybe even being hunted as a danger to society. Considering how Droids are treated and the rarity of Cyborgs I think making this a role playing hook would really add to the player experience and would fit well in the setting.
  12. Not really. There is more than one data point: there is the one you've laid out and there is the rest of the RAW. There are several examples of increasing difficulty for multiple targets that follow a similar pattern to Auto Fire that to increase the number of affected targets you increase additively not exponentially, and no examples in the RAW of the kind of doubling you mentioned earlier, that's a data point. It's not a direct comparison but an example of how the system deals with additional targets. As I mentioned earlier because there are no direct comparisons so you have to look at the RAW for patterns. Unless you have the Talent Spitfire (FC pg33) I do see your point but it's too myopic, you have to look at the system as a whole not just individual rules otherwise you'll miss something important. Regardless there is a rule for using multiple weapons, it's Two Weapon Combat: you are limited to two one-handed weapons. So sure, if you're going to House Rule you can rule it any way you want but if you want it to be consistent within the rest of the RAW you should look to the closest similar rule as a guide.
  13. Actually we do. There is no instance within the RAW where you double in the way you've mentioned for any reason but there are examples of adding difficulty as people have suggested here, one of those rules being Auto Fire. So if presented with these two options you go with the one that changes the least within the RAW, sort of an Occam's Razor of House Rules...
  14. If the objective is killing each other I'm going to go with Jerserra. The Pirate Queen is the leader of what is essentially a smash & grab operation, yes the Vield Society has some aspects of a cartel and she has access to a lot of ships and personnel but her operation is still a blunt tool more suited for piracy than assassination. She just doesn't have the right tools to take on Jerserra. Her secret identity is helpful but a determined and experienced hunter with a team of agents like Jerserra has isn't going to take very long to either figure out who is who or just find the whole counsel. Jesarra's syndicate would easily find and infiltrate the PQ's fleet because that's what they do. Then it's just a matter of working their way up the ladder of command until they identified the right ship, location etc. and create an opening for her to get in. Remember Jerserra is a trained and powerful Dark Side Force user supported by well trained, experienced, and dedicated agents, once she finds the Pirate Queen it's basically all over.
  15. I think too many people get caught up in this idea that it's a contest of damage potential and not an role playing game, but to each their own The RAW is clear you can hold two two handed weapons and narrate it as if you're blazing away with both, an awesome scene for sure, but mechanically you only roll for one because Two Weapon Combat only allows one handed weapons, so nothing to worry about. As a GM I House Rule as little as possible partly because I don't want to have to remember too many, but especially I avoid changing rules that will increase a PC's damage potential. It's hard enough to keep combat challenging and dangerous, as well as keeping my well crafted and badass BBGs alive very long with reasonably experienced and outfitted PCs as it is, why should I make it harder for me?
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