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  1. FuriousGreg

    Extra limbs/ Quadruple wield?

    People need to remember that this is a narrative combat system not a D&D style one where you get automatic extra attacks with weapons in each hand. When you make an Attack Roll you aren't rolling for individual strikes but the result of many strikes and their affect on the scene which includes any damage you may do. Just follow the RAW and describe the results to fit your character there is no need to change the rules.
  2. FuriousGreg

    Another Character Generator

    On the Compact sheet, can we have a two page version? A double-sided sheet with space to expand the number of skills, Talents, Force Powers, and equipment shown, kind of halfway between the current truncated Compact and the full version?
  3. Don't worry about changing anything yet just run combat RAW. Get used to how the system is supposed to work then if something stands out as being off for you explore House Ruling. The truth is if you're coming from a D&D background, like most of us did , a lot of this combat system is going to feel off until you get used to it. The biggest thing is remembering that unlike D&D this is a narrative system where each combat "attack" roll isn't actually a single attack but the result of the Character's action within the scene, which is why the dice results can be more than just damage (see spending Advantages/Triumphs etc. and how they can affect other things within in the environment). The combat system once you grok it can be really fun but first you have to "Unlearn what you have learned..." I really recommend that you listen to Skill Monkey's FFG Star Wars podcast, they are invaluable on how to build and read dice pools, plus their kind of fun... https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/skill-monkey/id735255014?mt=2
  4. FuriousGreg

    Stealing Armor

    Well nothing except that Imperial armor and weapons are distinctive even if you paint over the armor. So pretty much anywhere your characters go in the galaxy, especially anywhere within the Empire or the Outer Rim they are going to at the very least raise some eyebrows but more likely get them arrested. Even selling Stormtrooper armor is a dangerous proposition, weapons and vehicles less so because it's likely there is a surplus market but I wouldn't even risk trying to sell that armor, and wearing it is basically an invitation to get targeted by any Imperial.
  5. FuriousGreg

    Another Character Generator

    Has anyone done the Adversaries and Encounter data for Ghosts of Dathomir?
  6. FuriousGreg

    Questions About Starting Money

    That is correct, you choose one of the options provided.
  7. FuriousGreg

    Questions About Starting Money

    You don't get Obligation in F&D it uses Morality and these beginning choices don't cost anything so it's not a strait comparison with EotE. Talk to your GM, if you are all using F&D then I suggest sticking to the choices in F&D, at least in Character creation, because there are some subtle differences put in so F&D characters and those from EotE and AoR start balanced. If your GM still wants to use Obligation then they can always add that in post creation.
  8. The biggest issue in my opinion isn't necessarily between Realism and Creativity but consistency within the setting and the game you run. Essentially whatever you choose to do it has to work the same way every time it comes up and whatever you choose should work the same as has already been seen to work within the setting. When you encounter a conflict such as how something works in the newer films as opposed to the originals or prequels, animated series, books etc. then you should choose one and and ignore the others. I personally default to the original three films on how most things work in FFGSW because the game is written for that era but not exclusively, especially if something is explained better in any of the other parts of the series. The key though is to remain consistent in your game and to not get carried away with the Rule of Cool to change how things work as that will break the suspension of disbelief that all RPGs need to function well. So if, for example, you prefer that a character's strength in the the Force is based on their mediclorian count rather than then how it was described by Yoda in ESB then after you finish running yourself into a brick wall repeatedly until you knock yourself unconscious, you continue to use them as an indicator of a character's power and connection to the Force for the rest of your campaign.
  9. FuriousGreg

    Attacking with two weapons

    Not trying to be pedantic but for newer folks to the system it's Two-Weapon Combat not Dual Wielding. From some of the questions here in this thread it's obvious that there is some confusion because Dual Wielding works pretty different in other systems and you kinda have to unlearn what you have learned from games like D&D to really get it. It's not a criticism I just find it's easier to explain how it works to new players used to games like D&D to grasp the rule quicker when you drop the term Dual Wielding.
  10. FuriousGreg

    Combining Armor

    You don't actually combine armor but you can modify it or use it for parts when making it from scratch. However your take on Mods is correct, the Cresh armor has 1 Hard Point and if you add the Superior Quality, call it adding plates or something like that, can increase it's Soak by 1 or add other qualities. Just a side note, Armor values don't stack so you wont get any benefit putting Laminate and Cresh armor together anyway because both have Soak 2 and they don't stack because they are both from the same source (Armor). So the only way to increase it it through mods or building the Armor from the ground up. PS. The important thing to remember is not to get caught up in the name of a Mod but instead focus on what it does and call it whatever you want. So if your player doesn't like the name Superior because it doesn't evoke the feel they want, call it something else. The important thing is what the Mod does not what it's called.
  11. FuriousGreg

    Ongoing Effects and being Incapacitated

    On pg 222 F&D in the bottom bar Incapacitated means the character is unconscious and may no longer act. This strongly implies that they are no longer able to do anything let alone maintain a Force Power or Talent. However, NPCs are not the same as PCs so the GM can if they choose have a Force Power work on a plot level that is unavailable to a Player. What I suggest is asking the Devs because this isn't a minor issue and could cause conflict at the table.
  12. FuriousGreg

    Improved reflect vs autofire

    Sorry but immediately means immediately, not after the shot or after the first shot or whatever. Despair = sucky thing happens. And yes you can reload the weapon with a Maneuver if you have Extra Reloads (F&D pg189) or the right Talent.
  13. I think you read in to my comment more than I intended.
  14. As others have said the ENC remains the same unless otherwise noted, the "otherwise noted" part is the RAW for all the rules. Unfortunately I'm AFB right now but I'm sure someone else can find an example in the CRB somewhere. As for knocking off ENC there are Mods available for some items to do that but an armor mount isn't one of them. This game is not written as a simulation and it's not always going to make perfect sense so trying to rationalize how something "should" work is a waste of time.
  15. I would suggest reading Dark Disciple by Christie Golden, first of all it's one of the better new cannon books and it's not long, as it covers both a character falling to the Dark Side and another coming back too if not the Light at least Grey. As others have pointed out the Dark Side is a range of behavior from ruthlessly driven sociopath to cackling psychopath so you have a lot of potential for RP. As a side note and somewhat inexpensive observation I'd point out that if a Player let their PC's Morality fall below 30 it's no accident especially considering how easy it is to gain Morality in this system. So yes they earned it and in a way they could just continue as they are currently playing but instead of lamenting choosing to spend those Dark Side pips accept it, relish it in fact... The Dark Side character is about is about acting without restriction, giving in to emotion and our base instinct to achieve their goal. For a Vader type that goal is order through power so as to not be a victim of chance and instead have complete control over their destiny not mindless destruction or chaos as those things are actually counter to their goal. A Vader will destroy a whole world if it get's him closer to his goal but is also capable of showing mercy if that will also help him achieve his goal. A Vader doesn't necessarily enjoy murder, he likely doesn't even think of the death and destruction he causes as anything more than a tool and step along their path. They may enjoy the rush of combat and the power of the Force but the killing is of no moral consequence. A Palpatine type unlike the Vader type already believe they control their own destiny and see the Force not just as a tool but as a source of ecstatic joy. Power, chaos, destruction, murder etc. aren't just byproducts caused by their ruthless need to reach their goal but often the goal itself. I digress... A PC slipping into the Dark Side by flipping DP and using DS pips is actually a pretty accurate way to represent it in most cases. Each time that PC uses those representations (DS pips) of Fear or Hate (fear of failing that Attack or hate to increase an effect) or whatever, they are choosing expedience over principal. A Light Side PC would accept and instead trust in the Force to redouble their effort in their next Attack (try again and hope for more LS Pips). So no there is no need to have an specific event to cross the threshold on their decent. As for coming back, that's a different story. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Disciple