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  1. I don't allow concussive on a nemesis, I just downgrade it to disorient. I just talked it out with my players and they agreed, they honestly thought it felt cheap. Worked for my group!
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    That's careers within the established template, right? I was wondering about stuff outside of that, that people had come up with for their games. Thanks though! I like the idea of careers informing players about the game world and possibly their place in it. 😀
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    I find the career system to be the weakest area of Genesys in terms of providing flavour to a character. In my last setting, I created four archetypical careers (with 8 career skills) and then a slew of 'sub-careers' (providing four more career skills) in an effort to give characters access to more skills and more definition to their characters. Has anyone else come up with their own way of doing Careers?
  4. Yeah, I've run star wars since it released so the style of game is nothing new to me. I'm going to be running a fantasy campaign soon though and I don't know how well the star wars cinematic feel lends itself to a fantasy setting. So I'm just polling people to see how they do it and to learn different approaches that I could apply to a "grittier" setting. (I hate that word, it's so loaded)
  5. Perhaps my solution is not to use minions as they serve a certain "cinematic" purpose that doesn't conform to realism in the first place. If that's the type of game I want to run... Thanks for your reply!
  6. Ok, that's an interesting way to interpret player actions within rounds, I'll definitely keep it in mind. Unfortunately, I don't agree that it's not breaking narrative. Auto-fire states that it's harder to do but has the advantage of hitting multiple targets. But if you can hit multiple targets with a gun that doesn't have that, simply because MINIONS... Then that breaks a realism narrative for me that minions are people too. I suppose if you just consider minions as not real characters within a narrative, but instead background filler, I could see it... So perhaps I should clarify that I think of minions as equal to rivals and nemeses in personhood if not mechanical power. I also think that it can't be a flurry of blows or quick pulls of the trigger when there are talents and qualities that replicate those exact effects. If a certain type of enemy changes the rules and narrative of abilities... that's the dissonance that has me questioning how to handle minions.
  7. I'm curious as to how other GMs handle this. A minion group has a communal Hp pool. When damage is done and it exceeds an individual minions wounds, a minion dies. My question is.... How do you handle it if enough damage is done to account for the wounds of two or more minions? I feel like there are two approaches. 1. Two minions or more die to the single attack. This has the benefit of being cinematic and speeding up combat, but it creates a narrative dissonance for me. Does the character fire two shots or swing their sword twice? With the presence of Auto-Fire and things like Whirlwind in the game, it would seem this is narratively at odds with those abilities. A single shot firearm would require extensive narrative stretching each time that I feel would quickly become a joke. or; 2. A single minion dies to a single attack and you can't kill multiples with a single attack. This preserves a certain narrative realism and allows things like Auto-Fire and Whirlwind to come to the fore as special qualities/abilities. It does though tend to prolong combat and instead of scything through them, it often comes down to a volume of fire issue. PCs tend to feel less "badass" as well, if that's a concern. So, what do you guys think? How do you handle it?
  8. I don't think it goes against bushido if they are viewed as enemy combatants. From the (rightful) Lord's perspective, they have seized her property and killed samurai in service to the Emperor. I don't see a conflict of interest from that viewpoint. If they get to know them and figure out their actions were reasonable in some way... Well, they'd still probably have to forfeit their lives. I refer to the Steel Chrysanthemum as an example. They did what was right but their actions were still wrong. As Obi-wan would say... from a certain point of view....
  9. I can't find a cost for any of the special arrows in the book. Should players just get some? How have you handled it in your games?
  10. Haha, perhaps. She is reasonable though (she was a Daidoji yojimbo, while her husband was a Doji courtier, so perhaps it's more accurate to say he's reasonable and can talk her down) and will hear other opinions. I plan to have her ask the players for options and allow them to guide the decision making. Perhaps I will even have her resolved to a certain course of action (burn it to the ground, that's a great visual @AtoMaki!!) to see if they will speak up and try and dissuade her.
  11. Their Daimyo is also kind of a hardass, so they may take their mark off that... The introduction to the city is as follows... The city stands in the midst of rice fields, the Itochu River running through it. There is a wall running the circumference of the city, but even at this distance you can see gaps where it has been broken and left unrepaired. As you approach the southeastern gate, you spy two guards slouched to one side of the gate, rolling dice in the dirt. Lady Kuma spurs her horse ahead of the rest of you, towards the two guards. As she nears, they look up from their game and one of them stands and spits to the side, “Who th-” His words are cut off by your daimyo’s spear being embedded in his throat. The other guard stumbles backwards, a look of terror on his face. He turns to run but only gets a dozen paces before Lady Kuma’s thrown spear takes him in the back, pinning him to the ground. His ear splitting screams of agony indicate that while down, he is not dead. Your Daimyo wheels her horse to you and says, “Find out why these peasants aren’t acting properly.”
  12. The imperial ex-governor knows about the tunnel. It and the river wall are basically the options for infiltration (they could just try and go over a wall at night, but it's a lot harder). Once inside, the PCs would open the gate and hold it until their Daimyo's forces can arrive.
  13. It's a good idea but I was planning on him being a "villain" to deal with later. Once they secure the castle, the first snow will fall and start to impede travel. During the winter they will be dealing with criminal elements in the city (and an escaped governor turned to maho).
  14. It certainly would! I will have to see if the players go for something like that... Could present an interesting development in the story.
  15. Thanks! Basically, the guys in the castle got fed up with the inept governance of the province. Before the Imperial governor, the province changed hands several times between the Dragon and Lion with numerous conflicts occurring all over the province. Numerous ronin were often part of these conflicts (helps with deniability) and then those same ronin were recruited by the Imperial Governor (who is also an inept boob who was hoping to make a buck with this quick assignment... they are carrying orders for him to commit seppuku) in the hope they would be impartial. Instead they seized the castle, killed a score of his retainers/guards and then dumped them in the street. They've been partying for the last day and a half and their leader is actually off travelling as I plan this to be indicative of unrest throughout the province. A diplomatic solution was honestly not one I had considered! Perhaps even winning over part of the occupiers and creating dissent could work as well...
  16. They are part of a minor clan, just formed and gifted the province to govern. It is between lion and dragon lands.
  17. It's a 4 story keep with the associated out-buildings (dojo, stables, barracks, shrines, gardens). It has an outer wall (it's in the heart of a city) and a moat. There are three gates, one main and two smaller side gates. The north wall side is dominated by a largish river. My plan right now is to provide several options for the players. 1. The first (and hardest) being a straight out assault, they'd have to procure some kind of siege weapons and possible support from inside the city. 2. The second is a secret tunnel leading from an estate in the city to the biggest shrine in the castle gardens. 3. The wall on the river side is poorly maintained and crumbled in some places, so they could ford the river and gain access that way. 4. See what they can come up with! There are approximately 40 combatants in the castle, a mix of peasant and ronin bandits. The players and their daimyo have half a dozen samurai and 20 ashigaru. The imperial governor in the city (who they are taking over from) is hiding out in a private estate (he never stayed in the castle) and can offer no real support besides a couple of guards. There are possible sources of help from rival clans in the city (Lion and Dragon) but engaging either one will have political and physical consequences.
  18. My samurai have reached the province they are set to govern, only to discover the castle occupied by ronin and peasant bandits! I have some ideas for an assault, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a castle assault or infiltration in previous written adventures? Any example would be helpful. Much appreciated!
  19. Hey guys, a friend and I are looking at the game but we have limited space and time. Is it viable and fun to play the game only on a 3x3?
  20. Moto Ogodei is stated as the Moto Khan... I'll let you know if I see any others.
  21. The shinseist monks are kiho powered. The forunist choose a fortune and then based on the fortune they have chosen they get access to a handful of invocations and gain them in a similar way to the togashi monk.
  22. Yes, the appearance of "pre-order bonuses" means I won't get this. It's really only viable for those in the States due to exorbitant shipping costs... It means FLGS get less business... And it encourages blind buying. It's a sad day.
  23. So, ultimately I don't think I agree. It doesn't seem fair that softheartedness would be applied every time there is a fight or every time an attack is made, and the answer to my player is, sorry bro, disadvantages suck. At which point, he looks across the table to the guy who has Perfectionism, which comes up once a session if that, or to the player next to him, who took ferocity and never uses Air stance... My point is that because he has a decent fire ring and wants to use that because his character is a Moto Conqueror, the answer of /shrug, guess you just get kicked in the balls every fight, is not satisfactory. Not to mention he has tons of void points and everyone else has very few. It seems poorly written. These things are not created equally and frankly a bunch of them are a "free pass." I was looking for ideas to create a more egalitarian approach to the advantage and not have one player singled out mechanically because he wants to pick a certain disadvantage.
  24. When is this applied? Every battle? Every attack? It doesn't seem very clear to me. Can someone help me out?
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