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  1. Yes I have that. It does not explain what it is.
  2. Can anyone find a description for Encumbrance Capacity? Not value, not threshold. It appears on vehicles and on mounts. It existed in Star Wars, although I can't find a description for it there either. I have always taken it to mean, in addition to passengers. Cargo space essentially. If you take it to mean the literal amount something can carry... A horse has a capacity of 12. A warrior with 4 Brawn has a value of 9. If they are wearing chainmail (3), they are at max capacity and can't carry a weapon or anything else for that matter. My conclusion is that it is in addition to a rider and their immediate equipment (armour, primary weapon). It is used for extra things that are carrying or wish to laod the horse with. To conclude anything else seems unwieldy at best. I'm hoping I've missed the definition somewhere but I can't find it in the core, expanded player's guide or in star wars. How have you guys handled it?
  3. Sorry, having some issues with my dropbox.
  4. I don't own any of the art, so I'd have to remove it all. Beyond that, not much. First setting I've ever written though, didn't think it would be good enough.
  5. My main goal was to provide a setting that made sense and sidestepped the 'exuberance' of settings like FR, so your comments mean a lot! Thank you.
  6. TheBoulder


    My reason for converting it wasn't really due to a comparison of systems. I had been GMing star wars for a few years and really enjoyed the system. My players didn't want to learn a new system and one of them had bought the genesys book and I wanted to encourage his interest, so I made the conversion based on those factors. I'd hesitate to ever do an objective comparison of rpg rules systems, simply because I don't think it can be objective. What your group enjoys is the best system for you. Maybe that's not super helpful, so I can tell you why I love the genesys system... It strikes a great balance between crunch and narrative play, and the mechanics help to inform roleplaying and encourage imagination. The narrative dice roll encourages my players to be active participants in a story versus a mechanical encounter. I also find everyone at the table is interested in everyone else's rolls in a way I haven't experienced in other systems. For combat, I love the initiative system and the encounters are fast and emphasize the action. Areas of weakness... there aren't many, but I don't love how the magic system leaves so much up to player initiative, some of the skills are perhaps a little too specific at times (to the point where they don't get used) and character creation doesn't always tie the players to the setting (this is mitigated somewhat by things like the favour mechanic and is always going to be a problem in a generic system).
  7. TheBoulder


    I did it in the past... Let me sort out a pdf... So, it's not exhaustive, but it was everything my group needed. I may have missed a couple things, and I spent a lot of time thinking about it, so feel free to ask me any questions! Hope it helps. 😁 Coriolis Master Document.pdf
  8. I made a low fantasy setting for my group just to mess around in. Thought I'd put it up in case anyone would like to use it or parts of it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jxly6nialkfk0wo/The Worlds Above and Below.pdf?dl=0
  9. I don't allow concussive on a nemesis, I just downgrade it to disorient. I just talked it out with my players and they agreed, they honestly thought it felt cheap. Worked for my group!
  10. TheBoulder


    That's careers within the established template, right? I was wondering about stuff outside of that, that people had come up with for their games. Thanks though! I like the idea of careers informing players about the game world and possibly their place in it. 😀
  11. TheBoulder


    I find the career system to be the weakest area of Genesys in terms of providing flavour to a character. In my last setting, I created four archetypical careers (with 8 career skills) and then a slew of 'sub-careers' (providing four more career skills) in an effort to give characters access to more skills and more definition to their characters. Has anyone else come up with their own way of doing Careers?
  12. Yeah, I've run star wars since it released so the style of game is nothing new to me. I'm going to be running a fantasy campaign soon though and I don't know how well the star wars cinematic feel lends itself to a fantasy setting. So I'm just polling people to see how they do it and to learn different approaches that I could apply to a "grittier" setting. (I hate that word, it's so loaded)
  13. Perhaps my solution is not to use minions as they serve a certain "cinematic" purpose that doesn't conform to realism in the first place. If that's the type of game I want to run... Thanks for your reply!
  14. Ok, that's an interesting way to interpret player actions within rounds, I'll definitely keep it in mind. Unfortunately, I don't agree that it's not breaking narrative. Auto-fire states that it's harder to do but has the advantage of hitting multiple targets. But if you can hit multiple targets with a gun that doesn't have that, simply because MINIONS... Then that breaks a realism narrative for me that minions are people too. I suppose if you just consider minions as not real characters within a narrative, but instead background filler, I could see it... So perhaps I should clarify that I think of minions as equal to rivals and nemeses in personhood if not mechanical power. I also think that it can't be a flurry of blows or quick pulls of the trigger when there are talents and qualities that replicate those exact effects. If a certain type of enemy changes the rules and narrative of abilities... that's the dissonance that has me questioning how to handle minions.
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