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  1. Yes it is, seems to be three times longer than it should be. A cube box would have been more appropriate or a better insert to store investigator cards too. What do we do with all the empty space underneath the insert? The box itself is very sturdy & good artwork though which is a plus.
  2. I really could do with more dice i.e. quite often I can get to throw 4+ dice to resolve a task or mission. Any chance of an extra set of dice such as provided for Mansions of Madness? Anyone else have the same experiences or have any suggestions rather than having to throw some dice already thrown?
  3. If you successfully evade a monster can you then chose to fight it (combat check) without having to take a horror check? I am interpreting this from the last sentence on page 14 of the rule book "If the investigator successfully evades the monster in the first place, he never needs to make a Horror check at all." Tactically therefore this would seem to be a good option if the investigator has a high Sneak value (better chance to hopefully evade the monster) and a high Fight value (to hopefully kill the monster).
  4. I played this as described by the first member's post. I had plenty of resources so it seemed too big an advantage to spend as much resources as you wanted to boost a skill. But I was only playing the first scenario so maybe in later ones resources get more scarce.
  5. Does anyone know what the 6 possible chaos token symbols represent (see back Learn to Play)? I'm guessing the first one is an Elder Sign?
  6. There does not appear to be an option to spend 10 trophies at an Entrance Card (Souvenir Shop) for an Elder Sign in this expansion, unless anyone can advise me otherwise? I have always found this very useful in he base game.
  7. When a card enables you to raise or reduce the claim value until the end of a challenge e.g. Winter is Coming event card, does this affect just one of the challenges? i.e. you could opt to increase the claim value for your military challenge but your intrigue & power challenges would remain as per the plot. Basically is the plot value increased for all the challenges of your turn (or could be your opponent's turn if the card enables you to reduce the plot value) or just one of the challenges?
  8. Can this be used twice against the same task? i.e. By placing 2 satelites 2 XCOM dice can be added. Also I assume it can be applied against any task including enemy & mission tasks?
  9. I have just bought the Core Set & am therefore new to the game. My F23 card has a blue outline & is designated to the Agency faction. However is this an error?Should it have a gold background & be designated to the Miskatonic Uni faction as the Agency has 21 cards & the Miskatonic Uni only 19 - I thought each faction should have 20 cards. Also there is nothing in the rules about how to use the one Conspiracy Card. Set up states select a deck of two factions & 4 neutral cards. How would it therefore enter play? Please help / advise.
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