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  1. Ver 2.2 out added new port rules , new minor victory rules , fixed some siege combat , added ways to kick other players out of your land etc and more word fixing to make things more clear
  2. ver2.11 IM SO SORRY guys , but i somehow mixed the wording on influence token with power token , and sorry so much with the confusion >< now fixed
  3. Ver 2.1 quick fixes on some wordings to avoid confusion also made castles a bit tougher
  4. Ver 2.0 out From this version onwards the product is a complete rule set to play with the game (as one can tell the previous ver are work in progresses and are in no way complete) sorry i had to constantly update this in the past few days as i only have little time everyday to work on this.
  5. FIRD said: Hi guys! I'm new here and I'm also new with the "game of thrones" board game. I've just played it a couple of times and my friends and I have faced a situation which is not clear in the rules (at least not for me) :S, so here's the situation Let's say that the Lannister places a march order to attack an adjacent land area controlled by the Stark, but the Stark also places a march order to attack the adjacent area controlled by the Lannister. So Lannister goes first and attack the Stark but looses the battle (so they have to retreat). The question is What happens to the march order of the Stark? Can they use it to attack the Lannister in their turn? Or it has to be removed due to the fact that they have already fought? Sorry if my English is not that good, but I really hope you understand what I'm trying to say here! Thanks anyway in this case the starks can now use thier march order and march into other connected places OR he can attack the lannisters from where they launched thier previous attacks , and since the lannister army there is now routed , the lannisters have 0 combat strength (though normal combat using house cards are still happens and tides of battle cards (if you use them) )
  6. major update for V 1.05 Fixed and refined a lot of the ally rules as well as rules interaction within other peoples lands / sea zones. And fixed some combat rules regarding the above. as well as a few extra rules here and there , also added "House Rules for the Lolz" , its only meant to be funny , so no need to really follow them at all XD
  7. last update of the day v1.04 fixed all interactions with allies while in thier land
  8. Please download the actualy file and open instead of doing online veiw , for some reason the veiwing format is all messed up and things are missing everywhere
  9. ver 1.03 updated too many chances and fine tuning , after 3 days of writing im gonna take a rest now till i write anything new. again any suggestions / comments are welcome , i will respond in good time for any questions as well.
  10. added rules for v1.02 Famine: (optional) Add 1 Westeros card named "Famine" to deck 1 (if you have the feast for crows expansion just add that card in the normal game), it has the following effect . "All houses move 1 down at its supply track immediately and reconcile their armies accordingly."
  11. Hi , my first contribution to the forums here. since i cant find a game Varient sub forum for AGOT here , im just going have to post it here , admin if you find any place better to put it , feel free to do so The following House rules are meant to be played with "A Game of Thrones : the board game" (second edition) published by Fantasy Flight Games , and are not considered official rules , agree with other players with the use of these house rules before setting up a game. The objective with these set of rules are to add Realism (And sometimes balance) to the game representing real world "logic" to the game (which in some cases are sacrificed for various reasons in the original game) as well as adding "flavor" to the game where situations in the novel can be played out in the board game. And also in some case even adds new strategy and freedom to players choices in game, I really hope you guys / girls will enjoy the game in ways i would too XD . Any constructive comments or suggestions are very welcomed at on this thread. Any comments / suggestions / FAQ needed , please post it on this thread or go to http://boardgamegeek.com/article/12621838#12621838 (that thread gets the most current update the fastest) WARNING: game may take longer than normal and you might having way more fun than you think. Download link 26/06/2013 v2.2 : http://www.mediafire.com/download/i94qeexn2ovxp6r/whitewolfmxc_A_Game_Of_Thrones_board_game_House_rules_collection_(Hardcore_Realism_edition)_V2.2.docx PS: Please download the actually file and open instead of doing online view , for some reason the viewing format is all messed up and things are missing everywhere
  12. Id want what the OP wants as well lol come on FF , step it up !
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