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  1. It had a patrol region and a defense region for each card. Every card is eligible for attack and can be defended if a patrol mech could match or exceed the attacker's speed. Otherwise, it hit for full damage.
  2. There's a wealth of gaming out there. To try and come up with another sort of co-op game like LOTR is difficult. The other problem is it needs a wealth of backstory... True evil and... Epic heroes. Here's reach that'll be intriguing: What about a Harry Potter LCG? You've got numerous schools, obvious evil elements at all times. Numerous types of activities (The Gryffindor Quidditch deck with the Slitherin Defense of the Dark Arts) along with plenty of problems to make into scenarios. The content is a lot like LOTR, but I could see it working.
  3. This has been resolved. From FFG customer support: Michael, That (language) is there only for legal reasons and will not affect your sons ability of participating October Fellowship event! I hope that helps and as always, please contact us directly if you have any further questions or concerns. Regards, Kalar Komarec Fantasy Flight Games Customer Service Team customerservice@fantasyflightgames.com
  4. Thank you for your responses folks! I've already sent a message to FFG on CJMatos suggestion, and will be contacting the group holding the Fellowship event soon. I think it's safe to say that there's really not a problem, but I'll definitely update when I get a response. It'll be interesting to see the response when it arrives. Thanks once again!
  5. What's that? My alarm is going off! It's not an engine shutdown, it's... A Battletech LCG discussion! I remember being a kid when Battletech TCG was released. I remember pouring over the books (I still have all eight Twilight of the Clans series), sucking down as much information as I could. I remember cracking my first power mech. I remember trading away Magic cards for thematic and powerful cards that built upon my massive Davion deck. Those were the days, and the grand game always left you wondering what was next as the turns blew by. In an eight player game (We had lots of BT nuts) you never felt safe when someone declared an attack. Because at it's heart, BT instilled that fear in you. Nothing on your side is safe. Period. I thought very deeply about if FFG could make a sequel that would pull off this same feeling. I don't just think they can, but they would excel at it. Battletech certainly has enough sides to make this game hum. Catalyst Studios currently holds the Classic BT license, and I could see FFG getting the rights at some point. I may be old nut who loves the BT license, but I would love to see this happen. There's plenty to go on as Count Bradric pointed out. There's also many options for what you could do for packs. You could divide it up by conflicts and sides for instance. The Davion and Kurita sides for the Third Succession War, for instance. I'll keep checking back on this thread. I hope the folks at FFG can deliver this beauty.
  6. I feel like I'm wasting my time on this, but I can't find an explanation on the Internet or otherwise. I hate to bug the forum over a trivial matter, but I figure I'd ask. I'm guessing I know the answer. I'm a father of a very smart 8-year old. He's such a smartie, when he heard about October's Fellowship event, he signed up to show everyone how to play Tactics the right way. I didn't think much of it until I was reading my Over Hill and Under Hill box I use for the counters. In the lower right hand corner, with all the legalese was the following in bold letters: 'This product is not a toy. Not intended for use of persons 13 years of age or younger.' My assumption, which I assume is correct, is that this is there to scare away people who believe they're buying toys. My son loves this game, and is constantly wanting to challenge every scenario we get. I can hardly think FFG would not want him to play if he understands the game so well. Any responses, negative or not, are appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. Because I didn't realize you could. It was a looooooooong time ago and I wasn't as well versed as I am now.
  8. During a solo Passage of Mirkwood game, I decided to give Aragorn the Steward of Gondor to buy anything that came into my hand.The idea worked well, and I felt I had the game in hand. I steamrolled Ungoliant's Spawn and had amassed an army going into the second stage. On the random draw, I drew the path that required me to kill Ungoliant's Spawn. According to the rules, killing him before didn't count. I spent the next few turns forcing a reshuffle of the encounter deck. I never saw Ungoliant's Spawn again, and had to resort to using dice to keep track of all the resources. I ran out of counters a few turns before hitting 50 threat. Aragorn was rich beyond belief, but those riches didn't bring Ungoliant back fast enough. Sigh.
  9. For myself, I tend to play Leadership. I enjoyed the Gandalf-Sneak Attack combo. That brought me deeper into the sphere. It wasn't until I realized that resource management cards like the Steward of Gondor allowed for mighty, powerful armies. When I play, I usually find myself amassing a large group of allies while the other player I usually play with is struggling to just pay for a Citadel Plate. They're also the best at being ready to drop Gandalf in the Core Set un-Sneak style. Leadership seems like it is the best of most worlds. I admit it lacks when it comes to threat management, but what sphere is perfect?
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