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  1. So happy to see my Facebook post make it on here! Should have done it myself, but you're welcome! Can't wait to play a campaign.
  2. I'm thinking about moving to Krakow. They seem to think they're the capital too!
  3. I'm considering moving to Poland from the USA. What city was this held in?
  4. Boba Fett could be a commander in the Scum faction.
  5. Kayn Somos is really fun, and becomes better at higher point value games, when he has more nearby troopers. I won a small Game Night tournament with him right when he came out, but he's obviously not any good now. Kayn Somos would pair perfectly with the E-Web, but that's not a good unit either. Advanced Com System helps, but if a fix assumes taking Somos, that means he can't take another attachment. He needs another Surge ability, or increase his existing Surges to +2 Damage/Pierce 2. A points decrease wouldn't hurt either. He should probably be costed similar to Sorin and Terro at 7-8 points.
  6. Correction, this was Gencon 2016. Still happened though.
  7. Hello, all. I took Davith Elso to the Final 4 of Gencon/North American Championships last year. I ran the following list: Davith Elso Obi-Wan Kenobi Luke Skywalker, Hero of the Rebellion Leia Organa C-3PO R2-D2 Gideon Argus w/ Diplomatic Mission As has been mentioned before, Davith relies on being Hidden and/or Focused to maximize his potential. If you're running him, then his "Vanish" is essential. That card is just amazing when it comes to capturing an objective, or setting Davith up to wreak havoc on your enemy's back line. If I drew this card early, then I would be very aggressive with him, hoping he would draw just enough fire to protect my other figures without dying himself, before I could Vanish when he needed to. I cannot overstate how great that card was, at least in the meta back then. I'm sure it's still really good, especially with so much offensive potential some teams can field. I used Obi-Wan as the vanguard, slow moving, but hard-hitting and hard to kill. Davith would flank whatever the opponent used to counter Obi-Wan, and hopefully I could outmaneuver them while using the Twins to add significant damage from midrange. If anyone has any questions for me, I'd be happy to answer them. Without being cocky, I've maybe taken Davith farther than any other in competitive play? I haven't used him in awhile but he was great back then.
  8. Pay someone to paint your minis for you! This way, the game is more affordable and those who like painting can do it for themselves.
  9. Did you use Photoshop for these? Maybe Strange Eons? And if so, do you still have the templates?
  10. New versions of Luke, Wedge, or several other main characters would not be terrible either.
  11. Has anyone made a font for the symbols in this game? Specifically Diplomacy, Recon, Spec Ops, and Intel symbols?
  12. Ohio. Destiny legendaries. X-Wing Guns for Hire expansion, TIE Strikers, or acrylics.
  13. I have: Alt Art Grand Moff Tarkin Alt Art Mon Mothma Alt Art Darth Vader Alt Art Gloss Victory SD Alt Art NEbulon-B Frigate Gladiator Expansion NIB Imperial Squadrons I NIB Rebel Squadrons I NIB Looking for: Liberty Expansion Spinal Armaments Other FFG Star Wars items
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