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  1. It just looks like a modded T-65 to me. If Kaz is the pilot, it would make sense as something they put together from scraps on the Colossus like all their other ships.
  2. What IS that Lovecraftian nightmare in the background? And if you say pottery, or a jar, I'll know you've been mind-slaved by the Great Race of Yith. Clearly some abyssal horror dripping with foetid ichor from hoary ages eons past, sleeping in mindless oblivion since time immemorial.
  3. It's the same dice from the article back in September. Whoa, I actually like those.
  4. VCX or YT-series, crewed by self-repairing droids. Outside this game I would opt for a Fury-class "interceptor" or Dynamic-class freighter (Ebon Hawk), again with droids. The ideal would be the ability to more or less go anywhere and be alone without the need for any external support or infrastructure (except resupply).
  5. 2: Are you sure you read the book? Like, everything you write in this paragraph is wrong. The bounty hunter's only motivation isn't money. Mom struggling to reconcile her duty to the rebellion with her duty to her son is kind of the point. It's frankly astonishing that you missed this, it wasn't subtle at all and was the source of all the son's teenage angst; she left to go fight a war. If you didn't pick up that dude wasn't straight prior to that exchange, you simply weren't reading very carefully (well, or you live in a culture in which it's normal for straight guys to talk about how beautiful other guys are). 3: sort of legit. The two fake-out deaths were bull, no question. But then you wildly exaggerate your complaint and it stops being legit. And all that stuff about the book making the Imperials look good? Uh, no. No, it really​ doesn't. It humanizes a few of them, sure, but that's as far as it goes. Beyond that, if you guys didn't see any reviews that complained about "the gay thing," I dunno what to tell you. I certainly saw some. "It's not about adding diversity for the sake of diversity, it's about subtracting homogeneity for the sake of realism." as for 2: Yes I read the book. I'm aware of the mom and son's issues. NONE of their issues force them to storm the palace on a mission to kill imperial officers and other civillians. Their motivation is to stay safe, yet they BOTH defy their entire reasoning to tag along with the bounty hunter for a "share" of the credits. It's weaksauce. So is Sinjir's motivation. He "Saw" Jas back on Endor, so naturally he has to risk his life to save her? Because he Saw her look at him? It's too far fetched even for fiction. 3: I can think of 3 fake deaths right away, and I'm pretty sure there were more than 3. 1-Wedge dead on the floor, 2 Temmin dead after being thrown, and 3 Nora dead in a TIE Fighter at the end. They were all written with finality - like this person is honestly dead. It got old, real quick. Norra "died" in a TIE fighter twice, actually. That makes it 200% more annoying.
  6. Why in the world would they do this and not have a black or smoke option? I am totally mystified. Oh well, I guess I could use some more clear pieces.
  7. I could say the same regarding religous beliefs and perspectives on homosexuality. There were actually three gay characters in the book. Objectively, they weren't written poorly and there was not much emphasis on any kind of sexual activity other than the bounty hunter's proposition (which was fairly PG in itself). None of that bothered me. It is my opinion that the author's inclusion of multiple gay characters was pretty forced and is more of a real-life social commentary than a workable sci-fi narrative. But still this is not a book that I would caution my religious peers against on merit of those characters' sexual identity. If anything, I just thought it was poorly-written. The book has some merit (I will admit that I enjoyed some of the interludes) and I tend to be very forgiving; I am a prequel fan, an OT fan, and a sequel fan. But still I believe this book proves that not-EU can be just as awful as old-EU. Edit: brevity
  8. I hated it. It's paced like he wrote it in a chat window. Approximately half of the book is incomplete sentences that read like this: The TIE jukes left. And right. And left again. Then out of nowhere: an explosion. And stuff. It also did nothing to separate itself from the super-cheese of the EU or the most cartoony bits of Clone Wars and Rebels. Edit: Half-ninja'd
  9. Pfft, give me Tri-fighters, Nantex, and the Sith Infiltrator and I'll gladly fly seps. Porax-38, Belbullab-22, and Hyena bomber, while you're at it. I'm holding out for the V-wing being in the standalone-but-compatible Clone Wars-era game that deep down in my heart I know is still going to happen.
  10. I'm still convinced there will be an eventual Smugglers and Spies faction.
  11. My life is missing something when this thread is dormant.
  12. My guess is September at the earliest. No joke.
  13. The Aggressor's really grown on me, I hope it makes it into an official wave soon. Excellent work, by the way.
  14. Great work! Really inspiring. I especially love the star detail.
  15. Mad Max was awesome. One of the most visually engaging films I've ever seen. Miller deliberately slowed the framerate down or sped it up to make sure each scene was understandable; this was a huge benefit to me, as I have trouble visually tracking most action movies. I am almost as burned out on shakycam as I am with prequel trilogy bashing. It's all so... pointless and fifteen years ago.
  16. "Official" probably wasn't the best choice, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was incorrect. We can't treat newt's second-hand word as official, obviously (although the track record does merit some consideration). However, the info that newt has seen may very well be official [the word literally means "from the office" and even its accepted modern definition would apply here], in which case, the claim would not be wrong. It's a technicality, but I don't think it warranted quite that level of criticism.
  17. Just wanted to say thanks, if I haven't already. I've really appreciated these.
  18. That isn't necessarily true for everyone, though. Not everyone buys into this game just to play 100 point squads at a FLGS. I will buy at least four just because it looks cool. And fit it into a list... maybe? I don't even play against anyone; exclusively solo. And I know I'm not the only one to buy multiples with no regard to points/cost.
  19. I like W7. I'll get multiples of each ship. Nothing mind-numbing awesome, but I'm glad with what they went with and how they realized the designs. That's only half true, since structural integrity has to be taken into account, and star wars ships are always finding their way into the skies. You'd have to consider that with the forces these ships are subjected to, structural integrity should in no way depend simply on the physical structure. It would have to be handled with the same or similar fields as inertial dampeners. Think about the hyperspace-capable fighters. A jump to lightspeed in a however-well-structured metal ship would render it and its occupants into component atoms. There has to be an energy field maintaining the craft's integrity; not a stretch to imagine it being always-on. I've also assumed if you have SIF, inertial dampeners, artificial gravity, repulsors, and deflector shields, it would be easy enough to project an aerodynamic shell around any craft for atmospheric flight. That's made any SW ship's atmospheric presence easier for me to accept, and removes the need for the ships themselves to be especially aerodynamic.
  20. What are you using for showcases?
  21. I would, without exaggeration, buy that. As it is, I'm planning 4 Punishers minimum.
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