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  1. Hello, It doesn't become an objective itself but it does offer other benefits such as: 1) since a lot of the Hoth objectives require you to have more Hoth objectives than your opponent to gain the benefit, this will count towards that total. (i.e. if you have 3 Hoth objectives and so does your opponent then you wouldn't gain the ability of Hoth ops; however, if you have 3 Hoth objectives and Echo base then you would). 2) Wilderness fighters gain a blaster for each Hoth objective (with Echo Base they would gain an additional blaster). Essentially, this enhancement will contribute towards any effect/ability that checks the amount of Hoth objectives you control.
  2. If Mauler Mithel is piloting a tie fighter and my opponent plays Saboteur could he target Mauler Mithel and discard it? Saboteur: reaction - after this unit enters play discard a target enhancement with tprinted cost two or lower. Mauler Mithel has a printed cost of 3 but I did play him as an enhancement and, in doing so, his cost was reduced to 1. Would his pilot cost now replace his printed cost or is the printed cost still 3?
  3. Thank you both for your responses. That's the way I read it as well but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't cheating... Thanks again!
  4. Hello, Just want to make sure that my understanding is correct on this... If Maarek Stele is piloting a Tie Advanced then, if that objective is exhausted, the Tie Advanced can destroy an object all by itself - if it went unopposed. Is that correct? Maarek Stele's card reads: "Enhanced unit deals double damage to exhausted units and objectvies" So the Tie Advanced has one blast damage - which is doubled by Maarek. The Tie Advanced also has a reaction that states "after this unit survives an unopposed engagement deal 1 damage to the engaged objective" - which the effects would be doubled as well (because it's the unit that is still doing the damaging effect). Then you have standard unopposed bonus which brings the total damage being dealt to 5. Am I right on this or does Maarek Stele's effect only play into combat icons? thanks everyone!
  5. Hello everyone, I just want to make sure that we are playing this event correctly... If my opponent plays a unit and exhausts all his objectives to do so (including placing one focus token on Heart of the Empire) and I play rash action - can he go back in and place two more focus tokens on heart of the Empire to cover this? My thinking is that he can't because the event is a reaction and therefore comes into effect after the unit enters play; after it was paid for. Rash action isn't increasing the cost necessarily but rather forcing the opponent to spend two resources to avoid a focus token. Is my thinking correct on this or does my opponent have the right to go in and add any focus tokens to any objectives he used to pay for that unit (if they are a 2 or 3 drop). thanks
  6. I just have a question about this event. We had a situation where Red Five dealt enough damage to destroy a sith objective. My opponent then played Facility Repair to have one damage removed and a shield placed. My question is: because the damage dealt to the objective was enough to destroy it - would my opponent still get to play Facility Repair? If I remember correctly the rules states that when an objective is destroyed it is immediately placed in the opponents victory pile and since the event card is reaction, not an interrupt, the objective would be destroyed before the event could resolve. thank you
  7. I have a questions about Force Storm - the card reads: "deal two damage to each unit that is not committed to the force". That would include units I (the dark side player) control as well right? I only ask because the card doesn't specifically say "deal two damage to each enemy unit not committed to the force" Am I reading to much into this or am I correct? Thanks
  8. unfortunately no - his effect is a reaction so it would trigger after the damage has been dealt. If the damage is enough to kill Chewy, like it would be with the 501st, then Chewy is immediately discarded and cannot execute his reaction.
  9. awesome - thank you for the clarification. I'll try to check that forum as well in the future if I have questions before I post. Thanks for the response.
  10. If this has been asked before I apologize - if a player chooses to bounce the falcon back into their hand do they have to play a character or droid unit or is that part optional? Basically, can a player return the falcon to their hand even if they have no character or droid units to put into play?
  11. I may be wrong here but I don't think you have to spend he recourse to drop backstabber in. Can't you just drop him in the engagement
  12. ok got one question on this, The light side wins the edge battle, I open an action window and spend a resource to give render a blaster, if mu opponent doesn't open an action window can I open a second one for a second blaster before the attack ?
  13. So if I edge the fate card: "target friendly player may place 1 non fate card in the edge stack". I can target myself and place an additional, non fate, card in my edge stack after the edge has been revealed?
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