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  1. The DH2ed PDFs I have all run very smoothly, so I think the optimization is fine, at least. As for the delay in releasing the PDF, it certainly seems that based on this thread the decision is losing FFG business and rightly so. There's so much wrong with that statement I don't know where to begin. I really don't mean any offense by that, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but it feels so completely out of touch with reality. I wished we lived in a world where it worked in the idealized way you think it does, but we don't. Not really. Maybe a tiny percentage of businesses out there work like that, but not most. FFG is certainly not one of them. I've given them quite a lot of money over the years and never have I once felt like they have ever genuinely listened to me as a customer or valued my contribution to keeping their company alive. Overall, I feel more abused than anything. And when a company treats you that way you stop buying. That is really the only voice you have. "I wanted to support you. I wanted to help you. I wanted you to succeed. But you wouldn't let me. You didn't value me." Buying doesn't give you a vote. Not buying does. In that context, Piracy is voting and it's also a warning sign for the company from the consumer to check themselves. "Hey, we want this product, but you aren't providing it to us. Don't you think you might be screwing up? Don't you want to succeed? We'd really like to support your game line. No? Maybe the next company will do better." I can actually point you to major companies in the industry where if we were having this discussion on their forum somebody from the company would pop-in, acknowledge the discussion, and give genuine feedback (and not standard corporate drivel) from the company's perspective. That no one from FFG has done so yet, I think, is entirely indicative of the problem. Customers aren't just credit cards and profit margins. They aren't rage-beasts that exist to get upset at every decision made by your company. They are people who would like to be treated as such. I don't think that there's anything wrong with that.
  2. Yes, the would-be Confessor is the PC. He's definitely a socially-based character so gathering allies shouldn't be much of a problem. I definitely intend to put together a small Fraternis Militia as the story develops. Handling it Only War style might be the way to go.
  3. The War Hymns idea is great. Thanks for that. The idea for Frateris Militia doesn't strike me as an talent thing so much as something that develops during gameplay. I do love the idea of Confessors having abilities that benefit their allies, though I do wonder about the actual utility of those abilities when it comes to a solo game, which is primarily the reason I am developing the Advance. Fate points being a PC thing means those types of talents wouldn't be of any use.
  4. I am glad to see this thread pop up because I have been wanting to create a Confessor Edge, but have been at a loss as to how to do so exactly. All I have come up with is: Confessor Prerequisites Influence: 50 Fellowship: 40 XP cost: 750 Instant Changes Gains the Peer (Ecclesiarchy) talent, the Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) skill, the Forbidden Lore (Heresy) skill, and the Leadership Aptitude. Equipment Rosarius and Monotask Servoskull (pick one) Beyond that, I am not too sure. I think a mix of certain Inquisitor and SoB talents might work. For new stuff, a talent that lets you add your fellowship bonus to the degrees of success for Charm, Command, and Intimidate. Another talent that lets you add your WP to opposed scrutiny checks if someone is lying to you. What are you all's thoughts?
  5. I was looking for a GM (which I thought was clear from the tag I used, sorry for any confusion), but I have just recently found one. So I am set for now. Thank you for replying though.
  6. In regards to Weapon Training, did DH do away with the rule that says a character is counted as trained in any weapon mounted on a vehicle if he is part of Vehicle's crew? If that's still in there, then Naval Pilots don't need any proficiencies to represent their vehicle based weaponry. That doesn't extend to when he is not crewing the vehicle. Just because he can fire his ride's lascannon doesn't mean he can shoot one on foot. Counterintuitive, but that's the way it worked in Only War. If the Ace role doesn't have Fieldcraft, that's going to get Errata'd. There's no way that's not a huge oversight. Having not gotten my hands on the book yet, I cannot say for sure, but if feels like Finesse probably was supposed to be Fieldcraft and somebody done goofed.
  7. Here's an idea I'd like to try and I am hoping someone can accommodate me. I'd like to play a solo game of Dark Heresy 2nd Edition with a bit of a twist. I'd like to explore an oft-referenced but rarely looked at portion of the 40k universe--I'd like to play an Adeptus Ministorum Priest tending to his flock. The details can vary of course. Maybe it's a posting on a Fortress world, a humble village on an Agriworld, the teeming masses of pilgrims on a Shrine world, or the constantly changing community of a void-based way station or voidship. Whatever the case the game would revolve around the Priest ministering to the needs of his congregation, but it need not be entirely mundane, this is 40k after all. Maybe the community is remote and has been infiltrated by some sort of heretical cult which needs be rooted out? Maybe the powers that be turn against the Imperium and the priest must look out for those still loyal to His light? Again details can vary. A few ideas: --A preacher tending to his parish on a Hive World. --A Confessor weeding out a particularly insidious cult taking root in the Nobility of a vital Imperial world. --A lone missionary bringing the Emperor's Light to a frontier world. --Assigned to an Imperial Guard Regiment. We could use Only War if necessary and the character would get to know the soldiers under his care, minister to their needs, keep them strong, weed out heresy and corruption, and deal with losing people in service to the Emperor. --Leading a group of pilgrims on a pilgrimage to a Shrine World. The trials and tribulations of reaching their destination. I think 40k is best when it focuses not the wide-scale action, but on a person or persons trying to survive, and maybe even better, a dark and predatory universe. Whether or not they succeed, it can make for some really wonderful stories. I really want to explore the humanity there, even if that humanity isn't very nice. That's not to say that action shouldn't happen. It can and it should. Maybe a cult or other heresy tries to take root? Maybe a rogue psyker targets the priest's parishoners. It doesn't matter what so long as the solution isn't "Space Marines land and kill it" or "The Inquisition issues Exterminatus." I'd really like to keep this a solo game and one with a decent posting rate. A few posts a week at least, but a little faster would be okay too. I'd like to use Dark Heresy 2nd Edition, but I would be okay with Only War if you wanted the character to be assigned to an IG regiment. If this idea sounds interesting to anybody please respond here or PM me. Thanks for reading.
  8. The Star Wars line was something I was hesitant to bring up since this is the DH forum, but even in your situation, FLGS aren't benefiting from a lack of PDF availability. You don't even buy from them. FFG's Star Wars line is something I would get into if PDFs were available to buy at all, but they aren't.
  9. Ah, I see what you're saying. Well, if it is intentional than it's even worse and harmful not only to the industry as a whole, but ultimately to the FLGS itself. In that situation whatever benefit the FLGS sees in the short-term, IF there is a benefit at all, would likely be outweighted by the loss of sales that FFG sees from the PDF service problem. If those sale hurt FFG bad enough they may drop a line of products leaving the FLGS with nothing to sell at all.
  10. Right. That's exactly what I meant. I'm didn't mean to imply that FLGS are intentionally being deceitful. I'm saying that they are likely perpetuating something they believe to be true but actually isn't and using that belief as a basis to strong arm FFG. People inadvertently spread misinformation all the time. So it's likely FLGS owners believe that the practice genuinely does have a benefit. I just think that ultimately the practice hurts FFG more than it helps and it certainly hurts the consumer. So I think they should take a hard look at the process and reassess it.
  11. Oh, I get the rationale and why FLGS and FFG do what they do according to the 'Brick and Mortar' argument--I just think they are quantitatively wrong about it and ultimately all it does it hurt digital sales on FFGs behalf. Nobody I know buys a hardcopy because it's the only version available. They either hold out for the PDF to release or they find the pirated version that is actually available. Maybe somebody out there does actually buy a book instead. Maybe. But people want different types of copies for different reasons as this thread has outlined. Buying a Hardcopy when you really need a PDF isn't going to help you really. So I doubt that this gap in the availablity of the PDF is actually bumping FLGS sales much if at all. Maybe FLGSs say it does and FFG back them out of necessity, but is it really the case? I've certainly never seen anybody attempt to present definitive hard sales data on it. So maybe it's an actual thing and maybe it's not. Since nobody seems to willing to share data on it, all I have to go on is my own experience and the experiences my peers share with me and that leads me to believe that it's just something FLGS perpetuate because they are ignortant of how things work. So, no, based on what I have to go on, limited though it may be, I am not convinced that the PDF delay helps book sales appreciably. What it does do is hurt digital sales by presenting that service problem that you mentioned-- "Well, I want to support FFG, but I'd like to have this new material for use in my game this weekend and since I cannot buy a copy even though I want to I guess I'll just grab this scan of the hardcopy somebody posted." I'm not saying that is right at all, but it does happen. People are impatient even if they are often well intentioned. Maybe some of those people go buy the book later. But what percen tage don't? It'd be difficult to get data here but not impossible. FFG could release the PDF copy of a book simultaneously and see if they see an appreciable increase in the number of PDF copies sold and/or a proportional drop in number of hard copies sold. If they did that then released their data and the 'Brick and Mortal' argument was proven correct then I wouldn't be mad about a delay at all. I'd be absolutely fine with it. I'd encourage it. But until that point, I'm going to continue to feel that the practice is ultimately more harmful to the sales of their various lines than it is helpful and that they are treating me ultimately as an unwanted customer which really does eventually affect their bottom line. If there are a few products coming out that I want, but I can't afford all of them then I will always purchase the product of the company that has treated me better in the past. Maybe that's just me? If not then that money must add up eventually. It's why business practices matter.
  12. I prefer PDFs for many of the same reasons. That, and storage space. You run out of bookshelves pretty quickly as an RPG hobbyist. It's just more convenient to have a library of books on a device of some sort. I think you're absolutely right that service is the main problem, Bilateralrope. Why make it harder for people to support your company than not? That seems like an awful idea from the perspective of a business. Like I mentioned, I think the PDF problem comes from FLGS owners putting pressure on FFG and distributors because they think the delay helps their sales when it doesn't. I wish FFG had enough respect for us as customers to just state their reasons for doing it the way they do, because as it is, it doesn't make me feel very respected as a supporter of their business.
  13. Congratulations on 1000! Has anybody tried running this App in Windows 10? I recently upgraded and I'm curious as to whether the app is usuable in Windows or not. Is it?
  14. I don't know for sure, but in general it's 3-4 weeks between the hardcopy release and the PDF release. I really don't know why companies still do this. I've heard two main reasons. One is that it helps FLGS owners. The other, like you mentioned, is piracy. I find the rationale bogus in both cases. FLGS: I think the premise here is that Hardcopies and PDFs are competing products and that having a hardcopy available earlier is going to mean people buy them, This is not the case. I'm going to buy a hardcopy if I want a Hardcopy or the PDF if I want that. They don't compete. You want the two for different reasons. It doesn't hurt to make a PDF available alongside a hardcopy because I (and most people I know these days) won't buy a hardcopy regardless. If a book does not have a PDF available, well that company isn't getting my money. Even if If I want to support FLGS I'm going to do so regardless of what product is available when. I have waited longer for product to become available and paid more than I would have had I ordered a product from the internet explicitly because I wanted to support my FLGS. Let's face it, FLGS will never compete with Amazon or other online sources when it comes to price and convenience. It's not going to happen. FLGS stay in business (or not) based on the services they provide and how well they generate loyalty in their customer base. People with choose to support their FLGS on its merits and not on a three week excusivity period. Releasing PDFs on time for those who do not want hard copies is not taking food from anybody's mouth. Piracy: The assumption is that everybody is going to run out and pirate the new product immediately. If somebody is intent on pirating the product three weeks isn't going to stop them. The vast majority of people want to pay for products that are of good quality so that the company keeps making them. I want to give you my money if your product is good. I think you deserve it. But restricting my access to that product because you're treating me like a potential criminal when all I want to do is buy your products is a very good way to alienate me. Alienate enough people and your business is going to fail. There's also the argument that piracy absolutely sells books, but that's a topic for another thread. So, yeah, I really wish FFG would stop this bogus 'You have to wait for the PDF' garbage. All it does is frustrate me and make me feel like a second-class customer. Don't they want my hard earned money? I can always just spend it elsewhere.
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