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  1. Meh.
  2. That's the point, though. We don't care about making profit with our project. We just want to properly distribute it and want to use the official terms. And an OGL would dramatically support us. I can see why they would fear to lose control, but if they would announce/release plenty of their own IPs (Android, Arkham, etc), I personally don't believe, they'd lose much. In fact, an OGL would (*imo*) help spread the word of GNS.
  3. I believe that "delivery in december" is because they're either not allowed to post or don't know any release date. And I'm guessing that fantasy-in doesn't care. And if the release date of fantasy-in is real, then FantasyWelt states "delivery in a few days after release". So yea, take your pick. I'll just wait until my local store has it delivered. It has one for me reserved already, anyway.
  4. Checked out some websites to pre-order GNS in Germany and found a release date on one of the online shops. 2017-11-25 So, in a week. Not sure if I'm allowed to post it, I just do. If it's not allowed, then someone will edit it out. xD Clicking the link oddly brings me right back to this thread. Copy-paste it. ô.O'
  5. That's a great idea. Might even have it depend on the remaining Story Points to create an ever-changing environment/weather. I'll steal that.
  6. Me, myself, and I. xD
  7. Didn't read all suggestions. No idea how much work it requires, but, as a QoL feature... Try to prevent drop-down menus for values. Especially if you plan to use that sheet to play with. It's so tedious to scroll through them to reach your new health value after being shot. Plus and Minus fields are nice, or simply double-tap and input the new value directly. Just my two creds.
  8. I'm sure glad they removed the Force Die. Didn't like its mechanic (and the whole force using mechanics in gneral). It was just so random and, imo, not really well worked through. For story points, I'll just add 1 positive per player, and 1 negative per GM. No need to arbitrarily roll some dice.
  9. Because it wouldn't work. There should be something similar as in ME:1-3 for Tech Users, or "Muggles".
  10. True enough. Yea, this is needed. I love WH40k's Corruption and Insanity, and similar mechanics.
  11. Well, we're still not sure how classes and specialities are integrated in GN. Though, I personally think, they will be pretty much be as in the SWRP. We can build our world/systems/universes now, but we can't create any detailled rule-based stuff yet. Not that we aren't drafting anything already, aye. xD
  12. OGL would be sweet. I have quite the big project running with a few people. First we created our own mechanics, similar to SW's, but when we heard from Genesys, we entirely dropped ours and went to preparing for GN. An OGL would help us to easier distribute our (in a year, or so) finished project.
  13. Gives casting poisonous gas a whole new touch.
  14. tl;dr all three pages. I can see them just have various disciplines you unlock with exp like specialties, but without the talent tree. With descriptions what the discipline contains and eventually is able to do. For example (values randomly chosen): On creation choose one discipline, let's take Fire, and another discipline for +10 obligation. Let that be Telepathy. And later ingame, our psyker buys Lightning for 20exp. Skills aside, our Psyker now has three Disciplines which are explained in the CRB. And now, whenever she uses a spell/power, she decides the components of the spell/power. Extra Range, Blast, more Boom, whatever else there will be. And thanks to the implements (talismans, fetishes, staffs, robes, etc) some components are a given without difficulty. Ofc this is wild speculation, but I'd like to see that. Just unlocking Disciplines. I also believe, the spellcasters at GenCon have their fixed spells because the GMs weren't given all info. ie: preventing spoilers. And a Signature spell (maybe a Discipline of your choosing, or actually a really pre-built fixed spell) might be with less difficulty. The demo at GenCon was just a "this is how it could maybe eventually possibly look like. Wouldn't put too much in demos, as things are always subject to change with those.
  15. Lost my faith in german translations long ago. Besides, in this age of globalisation, it makes more sense, imo, to get stuff in english. You simply find more support, forums, etc. in english than in german, or any other translated products. Also, you won't have to wait.