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  1. I casually reward super risky behaviour and good describing with some boost dice. If they they only attempt the super risky without describing their stunts, then they will feel the red rolling.
  2. Haven't been here a while. Our sessions are going very well, and your updates are nice and well-received. I absolutely love the progressive Trauma rules. Keep it up!
  3. I have both. The Genesys dice app is, imo, much cleaner and its UI more convenient to use. GNS app > SWRP app. By far.
  4. @Tom Cruise I get why you did things like you did. Just pointed out what my team didn't like, and why. Heh, we're different a lot. I personally think, having those Background and Role traits make the careers feel more different/unique from each other. So do my people. And the lore thing: One of my players explained it to me with the words: "You also don't spend experience on credits/thrones or contacts. That's stuff you earn ingame." Was convincing for me to houserule the lores. Of course I'm not demanding you'd change that. It's just how my players prefer it. And as long as everyone is having fun, then the mission is accomplished. I get the psyker distribution. I personally don't mind it and actually like it. Can't please everyone. The skill is where we're different again. While I, of course, don't like skill bloating, there should still be some balance. And Genesys' social aspect demands many skills. Next session is in a few weeks.
  5. We finally had our first play last saturday. In general people liked it, and gameplay was fluent. Minus occasionally checking what people can do with Advantages and Threats (some were new to the GNS/SWRP system.) We houseruled a few things. For example I gave everyone the background and role traits (cut to fit GNS) they had in WH40k 2E. (They really loved that.) Our Psykers weren't happy with the Characteristic distribution. Because Willpower was so important, and now it's not that important, anymore. One pointed out that a Biomancy psyker could be easily "op" due to the fact that Brawn is used for many combat-related skills. And people were disappointed with how Lores are managed. We decided to houserule that by the following: Each Lore topic is its own skill again. Characters gained (INT+CUN)x5 Lore Experience during character creation to level up lore skills independently. And we decided that further gains (after creation) of Lore skill ranks can only be gained via ingame plays. Like spending time in libraries or with people to profit from their knowledge. Also, more General Skills are needed. A social character has to get many skills if he tries to not be entirely useless during combats (or other situations). Because a social character also has to get the skills to defend against other social skills. Balance is a bit off. Maybe re-implent skills like Demolition, Logics, and a few others. Aside from those, and some minor things, people had fun, it felt 40k, and we're keeping it.
  6. Ahoy. I think, Unnatural Senses is too weak. In DH2 it was WPb x15 with a talent to double the range, making it anything between 15 and (usually) around 90 meters. For NPCs it doesn't matter because I can simply add more ranks as I wish. But a player at the beginning runs around blind beyond ~12m for a long time. An Astropath should be more powerful than that. I'm suggesting Rank 3 (ranked), 10m per Willpower per Rank, making it 150m when having Rank 3, 4, 5, and WP:5. I see why you want to use the Rangebands, but they're too limiting for this, imo. Other than that: Great work again. Next week we'll finally run our first session, and I can give better feedback.
  7. Waah, your work is really awesome and appreciated. I now started converting my team's PCs. So far, the reception is that it really all feels Dark Heresy-ish. Later this month we have our first run with your rules.
  8. @Tom Cruise Those are great. Not sure if 100 Influence needed to gain Renown +1 is a bit too much. I'll probably lower this to fit my campaign.
  9. Great job, great design. My team will have loads of fun with that.
  10. Have you considered this? Btw, current release requires permission.
  11. Stats look fine to me. But Eldar now officially are called Eldarii. I know many don't like that change (like myself), but maybe consider to change that in your book to be "up2date".
  12. Noooo, don't give him any ideas! Requisition rolls are bad!
  13. Nay, please let Requisition rolls rest. It may sound good in theory, but it's awful in practice. In my previous (and current) campaign, we scrapped Influence and implemented Trading. We also used the Peer talent (stackable) to buy favours and gears from factions. Players earned Peer levels and could spend them on acquiring gear, resources, or even NPCs from factions. Felt more roleplaying-ly to my team than those arbitrary requisition rolls.
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