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  1. I like that. Might even house-rule it in my future campaigns and project.
  2. I'm a bit concerned about Magic/Powers costing Strain to cast. For one that feels a bit like Shadowrun. And it heavily limits characters that want to play pure mages. (DungeonSlayer did a neat job by having Magic nicely balanced with mundane weaponry.) I personally don't like a "Mana Pool" system and rather see Magic/Powers as "weak" as mundane powers. Or comparable to utility equipment.
  3. Not having to roll for a heal makes it, in my opinion, somewhat overpowered. If you then pair it with no limitations then it would be ridiculous. One should always try to apply the Heal in a combat free zone, take some time, and use aids for bonus dice. During combat, if one wants a sure heal, I'd say that costs some Strain, or extra difficulty. But outside in a nice hospital in a neat and clean city, then it sure can be an auto-success. It all comes down to situation and environment, imo.
  4. Aye, from what I read so far about the demo play and seeing the character sheet, it's almost everything I ever wanted in a RP system.
  5. That was like zero info at all. And what they said was sort of to be expected. That's a bit disappointing. (Still hyped, though, to use this for My project.)
  6. Mh, I hope they will release various sheets. You know, for various settings. Other than that: What I read so far really pleases Me.
  7. Nice one. Also possible to get the dice icons this way?
  8. A while back I started creating my own roleplay. And because I absolutely dig the SW mechanics, I created something similar. But now that FFG creates its own framework for homebrew stuff, I can use Genesys and only need to create careers/specialisations, items, NPCs, and ofc the overall universe. Because of that, I'm totally hyped for Genesys. Also, I'll probably use it for other games, maybe even switch to Genesys for my Dark Heresy 2E campaign. (Almost no one likes percentile systems. xD)